The wisdom of the wolves

As a field biologist, Stanford University professor Gregory Bash visited 10 wolf dens in Yellowstone Park for 10 years to explore the truth about the cohesion of the wolf pack and the wisdom of the team.

According to Professor Bash, wolves are considered one of the best hunting pros in nature, but they have a high failure rate. Generally, only one of the ten hunts of the wolf pack is successful, and this hunt is extremely important for the survival of the wolf pack. For this reason, the wolves often endure hunger and turn failure into wisdom of cooperation: they never stop doing trivial little things, and even if they travel thousands of miles to find prey, they will not let go of any clues.

According to Professor Bash, the most instinctive wisdom of the wolf pack is centripetal force. Their response to each failure is not listlessness, abandonment of effort, or self-confidence, but mutual attraction to the team’s potential. They will continue to use time-tested skills coupled with newly learned knowledge from setbacks for their next success.

The smartest wisdom for wolves is the change in group strategy to achieve their goals. For example, six seemingly lazy wolves quickly formed a cooperating and well-targeted powerful team to start their actions. Each wolf clearly understood the whole strategy and its role in it: 4 wolves suddenly began to jointly attack a group of musk deer. Cattle, drive them up a gentle slope. When the musk ox climbed to the top of the slope, they faced two long-awaited wolves. The two wolves blocked the path of the musk ox, expressionless, and stood there motionless. The musk oxes panicked and fled around, so the musk ox lost the advantage of group protection. The old, somewhat frail musk ox was quickly targeted. One wolf bit his prey, and the other wolf bit his forehead and turned it over. At this time, the other 4 wolves will tear 4 legs. The battle soon ended.

Professor Bash pointed out that, looking at us humans-does each team have instinct and consistent teamwork and cohesion? “When I first met a newly formed management collective, it was an almost embarrassing fact that very few of them knew their wisdom, mission and goals in the collective. Without knowing this, it is impossible to have penetration Consistent group wisdom and success strategies. When I ask if they can state their personal goals and missions throughout their lives, they often get negative. “Bash gave an example.