Russia’s only aircraft carrier fire accident

A fire occurred during the maintenance of the Russian “Admiral Kuznetsov” on the 12th at the shipyard (pictured). Russia’s only aircraft carrier can be said to be ill-fated. Last year, the floating dock sank during the maintenance process, and the crane collapsed and hit the aircraft carrier deck, causing damage.

Russia’s “Newspaper” reported on the 12th that that morning, the aircraft carrier in the Murmansk shipyard repairs occurred in a fire, the fire area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 600 square meters. It was reported that 10 people were injured in the fire, and 6 of them were sent to the intensive care unit. The damage caused by the fire has not yet been estimated.

Alexei Rachmanov, the head of the Russian United Shipbuilding Corporation, said that the fire was caused by human factors in the welding operation that caused the aircraft carrier to catch fire. Sparks fell into the cabin with residual fuel during the welding process, which caused a fire. “The fire should not affect the repair time of the aircraft carrier. We will conduct an internal investigation and all those responsible will be punished.”

The representative of the Russian Northern Fleet said that new engine automation systems and ship power supply systems were being installed at the time, new components were being welded and old components were being removed. The work was carried out by workers and carrier personnel at the 35th shipyard. The carrier was not equipped with weapons and ammunition, so no explosion would occur.

Former Russian Navy Chief of General Gen. Valentin Shelivanov stated that the ship’s boiler room and engine room are equipped with special fire extinguishing systems. After the personnel evacuated the fire-fighting compartment, a special liquid was injected into the compartment, which liquid could immediately extinguish the flame. After the fire, Russia formed a special committee composed of representatives of the Northern Fleet and United Shipbuilding Company to determine the cause of the accident, assess the losses and estimate the follow-up costs.

“Moscow Echo Radio” reported on the 12th that Vyacheslav Popov, former commander of the Russian Northern Fleet, said that it was too early to assess the damage caused by the fire to aircraft carriers. In theory, any fire or any emergency situation may affect the aircraft carrier maintenance time. It is hoped that the factory will concentrate on repairs afterwards to ensure that the carrier delivery schedule does not change. In June of this year, Admiral Nikola Evmenov, commander-in-chief of the Russian Navy, stated that the carrier is expected to return to the Northern Fleet in 2021 after modernization and upgrading.

Russian military analyst Ilya Kramnik said: “The serious accident happened because the aircraft carrier is currently performing repairs at one of the most problematic companies in our shipbuilding industry. The 35th shipyard is in very poor condition. If you have studied the The orders executed by the factory can be found. They are characterized by slow pace, serious delays, and continued delays. It is clear that our navy leadership now lacks understanding of the prospects and current status of using this aircraft carrier. “