Real opponent

  Who is my toughest opponent on the ring? You must not think of it.
  I have been boxing for more than 20 years. From Olympic boxing to professional boxing, in the team, the province, the country, and the world, I have played formal games, big and small, I do n’t remember how many. In each game, the opponents I face come from all corners of the world, all of them have great skills.

  Fighting with opponents often reminds me of the old and stubborn old Cuban fisherman Santiago in the movie “The Old Man and the Sea”. He did not catch fish for 84 consecutive days, and finally caught a big fish on the 85th day. Two days and nights of desperate fighting, the exhausted Santiago finally surrendered the big fish with his fleshy palms. At this point, he defeated his opponent and became a victor in the ocean. However, shortly after the crown of the victor was crowned, the bloody smell of the big fish attracted a group of marine killers, a large group of sharks.
  On one side was an old man, a broken ship, and a harpoon; on the other side was a huge group of sharks, opening their mouths with blood. In this battle, San Diego won the Big Fish and lost to the Sharks; lost to the Sharks and won the readers. Opponents often look like this, giving us too many surprises, thrills, and even shocks.
  Fist collision, emotional rapids. Great joy, great sadness, rejoicing, grievance, pride of the winner, and sadness of the loser. Which opponent makes me most struggling?
  I still remember the time when Ali fought against Fu Lisha.
  Before the game started, the two men warmed up on the fist. Ali seemed to approach the opponent intentionally or unintentionally, holding his shoulder. Suddenly, Ali and his opponent looked at each other.
  ”I suddenly developed a sense of fear. After the bell rang, I actually had to deal with two enemies at the same time: one was my inner panic, and the other was a strong enemy. The autobiography uses the pen of God to express the aspirations of all boxers.
  My biggest opponent is my inner fear.
  Before the battle, my team always took some time to analyze the opponents and develop tactics. When we designate a person as our core opponent, the opponent is all of me. I may know him better than my opponent, whether it is his strengths or weaknesses.
  The boxing champion is often someone who is regarded as the core opponent. After playing for so many years, my strategy, tactics, footwork, strengths and weaknesses, and even every game, big or small, may be clearly studied by the opponent. There is only one golden belt, but countless people want to challenge. In boxing arena, I don’t know where the boxer is hiding. Zai Zai studied me carefully and made plans step by step to challenge me.
  In this undercover battle, I know very little about opponents who don’t know where they are. In this case, it does n’t matter what country my opponent comes from, or who is the first name. The most important and my biggest opponent is my inner fear—the fear of losing, the fear of letting my side Of people are worried and afraid of letting down those who support them. The fears about the game are like a huge net. As long as I’m a little weak, I will be eaten to death.
  Regarding fear, time gave me the answer.
  Facing the fear directly is my winning formula.
  Bustling, coming and going, walking one opponent after another, coming one after another. Fight against others, fight against yourself. A great thing in life is that when I am the strongest, I meet the strongest you, the great boxer. The more you face the fierce battle, the more you will enjoy the thrill of a rare boxing encounter with an opponent.
  Opponents are the other hands that make us. Sometimes even in the time of dying, the hands of life and death support.
  Thanks to the opponent, who defeated me and who defeated me.
  Because of the opponent, the boxer’s stage will have the excitement of the opponent’s play.