Mobile grocery store

  My mother was violent by nature, and when she saw that she had to be calm, her eyes glared, and the street lights were going to be dim; When my grandfather met everybody, he said: This girl has had the wrong baby. It would be just a baby boy!
  My home is in a small county in southern Guizhou. Ten years ago, my sister went to work in Shenyang. At that time, her family was poor, and taking a train was a huge expense. It was not easy for parents to see her daughter. Generally, they can only be reunited during the Spring Festival. Later, my sister became a leader in the company and the income went up. I wanted my parents to fly directly from Guiyang to Shenyang. My dad was very sick in motion. I did n’t know how to stun the plane. Pathfinder Pioneer.
  My mother loves women so much that she started to worry about one month before departure. How can you move so many good things in the house. Bacon, chili noodles, dried shiitake mushrooms, millesole shoes, hydrochloric acid dishes, and flower peppers are all our specialty products.
  My mother has a good cooking skills, and never dismissive of eating outside. Going to see her daughter will definitely want to bring as much homemade food as possible, which is very in line with my mother’s yak temper. My sister also has a strong sense of rivers and lakes. Good things can never be hidden, and they will always be confused. When asked, they will immediately say that it was grown by my mother and made by my mother. Use this to show off your careful thinking.
  Flying to see my daughter is a big deal. Relatives and friends heard the wind, and each of them asked my mother to take some gifts and talk about her. One or two will be fine, but the “mind” of the twenty or thirty families is very spectacular, which makes my mother worry even more. Dad proposed, “Then just bring the things that matter.” My mother scolded my dad, telling her daughter the sadness of leaving home with a snot and a tear. My mother grabbed this and asked: “Is there in Shenyang?” Then I grabbed that and asked: “Is there in Shenyang?” My father thought about it and said, “Maybe not.” My mother stared at him, and said more and more firmly. Insight: “There is nothing there.
  My daughter has suffered in these years! Good things must be brought to her so that she can enjoy it!” “No matter how tired you are!” This is what my mother said. There are not enough bags at home, and even plastic shopping baskets for groceries are used, which is still not enough. My dad still has a broad mind. I think of a magic weapon—bed sheets. The capacity of this thing is quite considerable. The soil cloth, big bamboo shoots, and dried river fish sent by relatives in my hometown are all included in the bag, and the four corners are closed. Hey, get it!
  After packing, I was dumbfounded that the big bags and small bags were piled up in the house.
  Later, I asked my parents how to bring these things onto the train, and they only said lightly: “How many times to push the bicycle.” I can’t imagine, but it is definitely a huge project. In Guiyang, Dasao and his friends came to help, and transported half-room luggage to the airport. I thought how spectacular the scene was when I checked in.
  There was an accident when I boarded the plane, because Dasao had never been on a plane. I did n’t know that meals were served on the plane. I also forgot that the plane was much faster than the train. As soon as he thought of the long road, he prepared a big bag for my mother to eat and drink, but he was stopped and thrown away after passing the security check. Speaking of this matter, my mother is still distressed. My aunt died a few years ago, and this has become a permanent regret. My mother began to cry as soon as she remembered it.
  In addition to a few large bags, there are many odds and ends that can’t be checked in, so many people can’t handle it. But my mother is a Chinese woman with a good body and a particularly hardworking woman. She tied several grocery shopping baskets with a twine and carried them on the plane.
  My sister contacted two cars to pick up. She said that at that time, mom was like a moving grocery store, carrying various baskets and bags on her hands, carrying boxes on her shoulders, and dangling leather bags hanging on her left and right arms. Mumble came out. My mom’s hair was wet with sweat, and she was sticking to her face, she couldn’t even care about it, she just looked around to find my sister. People throughout the airport were watching … My sister rushed to help, and two of them couldn’t hold up anybody, and no one could think of what was loaded-it was glutinous rice dumplings, two big bags! I do n’t know how my mother got on the plane and got it down. My sister burst into tears and fell down to the airport floor and cried. My mother was inexplicable and asked if she hurt her hand with something. My sister cried louder when she heard it.
  A few colleagues who came with my sister were stunned, and after a while, they took the luggage in a hurry and helped my sister. When they stumbled to the parking lot, they found that the two cars could not be jammed at all, and they had to call another taxi … Later, this matter was passed to my sister company as a beauty talk. When it came to my mother, people People are thumbs up.
  Now when my sister talks about the scene, she laughs back and forth. When I think about the character of my mother, the man fills up the scene, it feels funny and sad.