Midwestern hotel accused of condoning sexual exploitation

According to the US “Huffington Post” reported on the 11th, 12 large U.S. hotel chains such as Hilton were accused of facilitating sexual trafficking and profiting from it.

It is reported that an Ohio court accepted the lawsuit and merged 13 lawsuits previously filed in Ohio, Massachusetts, Georgia, Texas, and New York. The indictment alleges that the twelve hotel chains chose to ignore the apparent crime of women and children being sold into rooms and becoming sex slaves. The hotel chains involved include Hilton Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels, Red Roof Inns, Best Western International Hotels, Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, and more. Reuters said that the US hotel industry has long been accused of being a “hotbed” for sexual exploitation of women and children, but it is the first time that so many hotels in the industry have been prosecuted at the same time, which can be said to be a landmark event.

A victim woman told Reuters that when she was 26 years old in 2012, she was forced to be a sex slave at a Wyndham hotel for six weeks, during which she was repeatedly beaten, the bridge of her nose was broken twice, and her lips remained permanent Scars and infections on the face. “I just want people to realize how real this type of crime is in the U.S., whether it’s a hotel or not, it’s happening,” she said. Many of the 13 women said they were still underage when they were sexually trafficked. people.

The indictment alleges that the hotel’s economic gain by providing a place for sexual exploitation was an “industry failure.” About 80% of human trafficking cases were cracked in and around hotels. In 2014, 92% of U.S. anti-trafficking hotlines reported hotel sex trafficking. Although some hotel chains have taken steps in recent years to respond, such as training employees to identify potential victims and increasing customer awareness of this crime. But the indictment states that these measures came too late and “interests continue to dominate the hotel’s decision.”

The Huffington Post said that improper corporate behavior has led to more and more sex transactions in hotels, spreading across the United States. The Global Slave Index released by Australia’s Free Walking Foundation shows that in 2018 about 400,000 people in the United States were subject to modern slavery, including forced labor and sexual trafficking. “This is not a problem that a bad apple needs to deal with, but a whole basket of apples,” said Lewis Debaka, a former head of the Office of Monitoring and Anti-Human Trafficking in the U.S. State Department. For several years, the hotel industry has been aware of sexual trafficking. Especially child sex trafficking occurs at their establishments, but it is not stopped. “