“mental nutrition” package

With the improvement of our living standards, many people are not only satisfied with the coarse tea and light rice, but have begun to pay attention to diet and nutrition for health and longevity. However, we must not forget that there is another kind of healthy life that people are pursuing. Missing important nutrition-mental nutrition.

The so-called mental nutrition is to maintain a healthy psychological state in order to achieve the goal of prolonging life. Dialectical materialism’s theory of the relationship between material and spiritual effects and counteractions profoundly reveals this truth. When a person is in a good mood, the physiological function of the human body is in the best state, and when the person is upset, the function will be reduced, which will cause disease. When the mood is good, the coarse tea and light rice also feel sweet; when the mood is depressed and sad, the mountains and sea and various kinds of medicines can’t cure the disease. I believe many people have this kind of experience. Today, people are in a rapidly changing society, with increasing pressure from all aspects, intense work and study, frequent interpersonal communication, accelerated life rhythm, and external factors such as noise, congestion, and environmental pollution. Heavy, physically and mentally exhausted, easy to lose confidence, and even mental breakdown. Therefore, it is particularly important to pay attention to mental nutrition.

Spirit is a manifestation of human body’s functional activities. Motherland medicine has long known about mental nutrition and attaches great importance to people’s research on mental nutrition. The “Inner Canon” said: “Tranquility and nothingness, true energy from it, inner spirit protection, never being ill, always restless with less will, restless without fear, hard work without tire.” He also said, “Anger hurts the liver, hurts the heart, fears the kidneys, hurts the spleen, and hurts the lungs.” The strong and lasting emotional stimulation of the seven emotions will become a cause of mental illness. If you are mentally strong, you are strong, and mentally weak is weak. The “big package” of mental nutrition includes: a peaceful mindset, a good environment, beautiful words, optimistic emotions, strong beliefs, and good virtues.

Mindset is the first secret of longevity. According to the World Health Organization, among the factors that affect health, genetics account for 15%, social factors account for 10%, medical conditions improve for 8%, climate conditions account for 7%, and the remaining 60% depend on themselves. The only common cause of longevity for many centenarians is not diet, exercise, but mentality! Modern medicine has also found that 65% to 90% of human diseases are related to mentality.

A good environment can give people a good mental state. The fresh air and fragrant floral fragrance can make people feel happy; the bad and poisonous odor, people will naturally cover their noses, shut their mouths and hold their breath. Those horrible, dirty, and sad scenes will hurt people’s spirit; beautiful scenery and appreciation of art can make people feel refreshed. Beautiful living environment, harmonious working atmosphere, traveling in the great country of the motherland, admiring the beauty of nature and elegant art are good for health.

Beautiful words, whether heard or spoken by you, are very good for health. Good words are warm in the winter, and bad words hurt the cold in June. After intense mental work or physical fatigue, listening to music and chatting will make people quickly recover from fatigue. Humor can make people live longer, and humor therapy can treat depression and manic psychosis. Rude language, noise, and extravagant voices can make people’s emotions worse and affect their health.

Good mood can help people overcome disease. There have been many such cases around us. Two people with similar conditions have been alleviating their optimistic conditions, while their pessimistic conditions have continued to worsen. It can be said that when people are angry, they will have pulse, heartbeat, and rapid breathing symptoms; when they are sad, they will reduce the digestive fluid secreted by the digestive glands, and their appetite will decrease; fear and lying will make the central nervous tension, which will cause blood pressure to rise at any time. Anxiety causes stress and hormone levels to remain high for a long time, and the body’s immune system will be suppressed and destroyed. A good-minded person has no worries in his heart and a smile in his eyes. The brain will secrete dopamine, which will relax your mind, coordinate and balance the functions of the human body, and promote health. Many cancer patients use methods such as “reading motivation”, “love therapy”, and “music regulation” other than moderate medication to regulate their emotions. As a result, a magical anti-cancer healing effect appears, which fully demonstrates the good The role of emotions.

Do not forget the beautiful convictions and ideals of the original heart, spiritual encouragement and support, will produce amazing perseverance, so that people can overcome the incurable disease. However, when a person’s mind is filled with evil selfishness and injustice, he will form a vicious stimulus due to mental stress. This kind of mental torture can easily damage health and affect life.

Be good to others and good for your health. Scientific research found. Good deeds are good for your immune system. Helping others can be appreciated and loved by others; the resulting warmth can help relieve you of stress. When one person does more good deeds and helps others, his heart will be filled with relief, which will make him feel relaxed and happy, improve immunity, strengthen disease resistance, and achieve healthy and long life.