Luck generation difference and probability nightmare

  The college entrance examination is over, but the next few months, the enthusiasm of things remains undiminished. Because every year, a large number of high-score candidates emerge and become popular.
  Applauders said: Ten years of cold weather, cast a sword. Young people’s scores are getting higher and higher, and one generation is smarter than the next generation.
  There are also some different voices, they are quite “disgusting”: the high score candidates finally ushered in the peak of their lives, and the college entrance examination is the most glorious moment in their lives. Because, the next downhill road has already begun.
  Neither view is necessary. A person’s success has many dimensions. In a mature society, judging people’s success should be tolerant and diverse, and it is not necessary to be a senior official and a chaebol to succeed. After all, the probability of them happening is too low.
  Probability, this is really a big problem. I have always believed that, from a purely physiological point of view, the level of human intelligence is constantly evolving, but this evolution is in small steps. In other words, each generation of young talents actually has little difference in their excellence, but the difference in success probability may be much larger.
  Imagine if you were an American student Jack, born in the first few years of the 20th century, a “after 00”. When you graduated from college, it happened to be 1929, so what about your life?
  The global economic depression hit, which is a real “graduation is unemployment.” What’s more terrible is that the road of serving as a soldier is also estimated to be impossible. Because the United States and Japan went to war in the 1940s. In other words, Jack, a talented young student, must survive this depression for more than 10 years.
  During this period, he will have to travel around, and even if he finds an errand, his work will definitely be unstable. Not to mention promotion, the company may close in minutes. By the time the nation and Japan fought, and the economy was boosted by the munitions, Jack had already entered middle age, and his youth was worn away. In the end, nothing can be achieved, even loneliness and old age.
  But another group of people who were born before World War II was extremely lucky, such as someone named Tom. Tom is more than 10 years younger than Jack and was born around the 1920s. We call him “post-20s.” When the Great Depression broke out, it was childhood. The United States is a rich and powerful country, and it is also a decentralized country. Therefore, no matter how depressed the economy is and how severe natural disasters are, there will be no widespread famine, so Tom will not starve to death and should grow up healthy.
  By the age of 20, when he was the most prosperous hormone, Tom was not used as a traitor. He would probably shoot a rifle, fight the Pacific Ocean bloody, beat Japanese soldiers on tropical islands, and then march into Japan and conquer the country. In short, as a “post-20” Tom, his youth may come to an abrupt end on the battlefield, but it is definitely not insignificant or repressive. In contrast, Jack “after 00” is a bad luck.
  The young generation of Tom really became the backbone of the postwar period. In this generation of veterans, many people have the opportunity to attend top universities and eventually become leaders in politics and business. There was a data that said that the 1949 graduates of some top universities and the companies controlled by a classmate would easily exceed the GDP of a middle-sized western country by adding sales together-this is the real thing.
  This generation is indeed a legend. In contrast, those who are more than 10 years old have become the opposite and foil of the legend. In fact, among the Americans who were born in the early 20th century, “success” is indeed much smaller, and there are no big people at all. In other words, they suffered a probability nightmare.
  This generation’s most aggressive young years, encountered the Great Depression, the bloody youth was exhausted by the decaying economy. Obviously, it’s not because Tom in the “after 20” is smarter than Jack in “after 00”, but because of the “generation difference” between them.
  Every generation is great. The college entrance examination is not the only way to success, and there are many factors that determine success. Therefore, every young man must be blessed regardless of his score.
  The college entrance examination is a “small test”, and the era is the “big test.”