Indian rapist killed at crime scene

The four suspects in the Hyderabad gang rape case that touched the eyes of India attempted to escape when they identified the crime scene on the 6th. They were all killed by the police and caused a lot of speculation. On Wednesday, a 26-year-old Hyderabad female veterinarian was suspected of being raped and killed first, and her body was burned. The case sparked outrage across India. Thousands of people took to the streets to protest and demand severe punishment for the killer and protection of women . Police immediately acted and arrested four suspected men.

According to the “India Express” reported on the 6th, a local deputy sheriff disclosed to the media that at 6 am Friday morning, four suspects were taken back to the scene of the crime scene to reconstruct the incident. Because they needed help to find the dead relics, The suspect was not handcuffed at the time. In the meantime, four people wandered around to mislead the police. Subsequently, a suspect suddenly threw stones at the police, and another even snatched a police officer with a gun and exchanged fire with the police, but all the suspects were eventually shot by the police. During the process, two police officers were injured.

However, many people still feel strange. Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal said the deaths of the four suspects set a worrying precedent that people no longer trust the criminal justice system. The Progressive Women’s Association of India also expressed dissatisfaction over the death of four suspects, calling such justice “false justice.” According to the British “Guardian”, lynching is quite common in India, so it is suspected that the police abused the lynching of the four suspects.

Many people in Indian society are very happy about the death of the four suspects. The father of the killed female veterinarian said: “I thank the police and the government. My daughter’s soul can rest now.” As police officers who shot and killed four suspects appeared in the crowd, local residents of Hyderabad sprayed petals on them. To show support and respect. More Indians are clamoring on social media.

Reuters says Indian police are often accused of abusing lynching, especially in the disputed areas of Mumbai, Punjab and Kashmir. Some police officers concocted “incidents” that allowed them to use their forces reasonably and legally for lynching. These police officers were called “professionals” by Indians, and some well-known lynching cases were even adapted into movies.