In Austin

  The Chinese treat guests, and pay more attention to the variety of dishes and the modest and enthusiastic attitude. When I visited the United States in the spring, I lived in a farmer’s house near Chicago. The owner, Mr. Hales, runs a small ranch and raises beef cattle and horses. The Hales are over 70 years old. They volunteered to host me as a writer from China. Mrs. Hale personally took care of my three meals a day. Although each meal had only one main course, each main course was unique. She told me that the beef patties she grilled were made from the tenderest parts of the beef cattle they raised, and the sweet and crispy shallots from the table were shipped from Georgia. People there ate them like apples.

  Every morning, I can eat Maple syrup and apple juice, which are made by Mrs. Hale’s own hands. These two things are sweet and fragrant. Mrs. Hales told me that their ingredients come from the maple and Apple tree behind the house. This old couple is not very kind words, they explain the language of these things, just like the dishes I eat at each meal, beautiful, fresh, simple and practical. They never said that their dishes were bad, nor did they persuade me to “make it up.” Their simplicity and sincerity made me naturally cherish the food in front of me. With a good mood and a good appetite, I ate Chinese dishes every time.
  In Austin, Texas, I encountered a similar situation at the home of Mr. Rabbi (Pastor) Fairstein in the synagogue in this city. When I stayed at Mr. Felstin’s house as an invited guest, I was treated kindly by the Felstein and their son David. Here, not only was Mrs. Fairstein working for me in the kitchen, one morning, Mr. Fairstein got up very early, stood in front of the stove, guarded the frying pan, and made me a soft and delicious cookie.
  David told me that if you put some honey on the cookies and sprinkle some cinnamon powder while eating, the taste will be even more unusual. I do think Mr. Fairstein’s cookies are different, and what I value is his mind and labor.
  I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Felstin’s family in a hospitality way. I expressed my thoughts and told them that I was not familiar with the city and asked them to help me choose a restaurant. The Felsteins were very happy to accept my invitation, and the whole family sat down to choose a restaurant for me. They have discussed this matter for a long time, and I think that the long time and the solemnity of their expression is no less than the decision-making meetings of some important departments in China. At last they made a decision.
  At noon, we came to a flavored barbecue restaurant called “Bert”. Mr. Fairstein explained to me that although this barbecue restaurant is not large in scale and does not have many varieties, it has a good reputation in Austin. Its Texas-style grilled meat is particularly popular. We went into the shop and stood at the counter to choose their favorite things. “Belter” is a semi-buffet style, fast food restaurant like McDonald’s, so I don’t even have to pay tips. The result was that my “banquet” cost only seventeen dollars. When I sat down with the Felstings to taste the rich, tender meat, I suddenly understood why the Felstings spent so much time discussing restaurants. How polite they are-they didn’t choose a fast food restaurant for me; how kind they were-they didn’t have the heart to let me spend more; how thoughtful they were-they repeatedly told me that “Belter” is a good family shop. “Belter”, it may be really good. Choosing it as the place for my hospitality contains all the wishes of the Felstings for me.
  At the end of the lunch, the family of Fairestine thanked me solemnly. Mr. Fairestine said, “Do you know that we will think of you whenever we pass by Belt and we will say to people: This is Tie Ning A place to treat guests. “Mr. Fairstein was moved by this kind and humorous gratitude. I was moved because today’s human emotions are getting rougher and rougher, the Fairstein family can appreciate others’ meticulous and focused attention kindness.
  Although I paid only $ 17 for a hospitality in Austin, my gain was far from money. The Hales and the Festing family let me appreciate the true solemn attitude towards eating. It is a solemnity that cannot be replaced by money and pomps and excessive self-esteem. It is a fusion of emotions between people. A wonderful way.