Home taste

  At that time, my family lived in Jindian Road, and I was studying in Chengbao Elementary School. I had to go a long way to school every day. In the evening after school, the street lights were not on, but the sky curtain was poked like a hole, and the muddy twilight tumbled out. I was carrying a schoolbag, like a snail, walking slowly home, and the road in front of me suddenly became very long and endless. I lowered my head, dragged my legs on my feet, and walked. Suddenly, I smelled a scent floating in the air. At the place where the eyes are raised, the street light is on, and the soup is fragrant. Ah, the door was close at hand, and my mood immediately became excited.
  My father is from Canton. Cantonese people especially like to drink soup because they believe that soup that has been boiled for a long time and boiled enough can moisturize throat, lungs, heart, and intestines. Therefore, boiling soup has become my daily work. Even if a person is struggling in life, once they return home, as long as they can drink a good bowl of soup, all the overdrawn energy is compensated, and the internal organs are also beautifully nourished.
  Once, my mother cooked soup in a charcoal stove. The jujube-shaped round-bellied earthenware pot sits steadily on a small charcoal stove, burning red charcoal blocks, like the eyes of a patron saint, faithfully guarding the pot of “water essence”. Mother sitting on a small stool, holding a fan palm fan, fan it patiently. The charcoal, the more burning and the redder, the more red and the more prosperous, and sometimes the soot flew out, and it touched the mother’s face. However, a neat mother was not too dirty at all. All her thoughts were entangled in that good pot of soup. The fragrance of the soup slowly overflowed little by little. At first, it was hazy and hazy, like the intermittent flute sound coming from far away, the flute sound became clearer and more melodious, but with a little vague mystery. Gradually, the sound of the flute disappeared, replaced by a loud noise like gongs and drums, loud and loud. That scent, rich and thick, very treacherous, arrogant, and very aggressive.

  The mother carefully took the crockery pot on the table, and when the roof was lifted, a burst of smoke, like a long-awaited loved one, rushed over with enthusiasm. Mother often said, “Water was originally inanimate. After cooking the soup, it has vitality and soul.” Therefore, we hold the bowl of our hands with a bite with a near pious heart. Soup. We believe that the soup can grow up quickly like magic peas after drinking the soup. Maybe, one day, when I encounter the troubles of “cutting, rationality and chaos” in the adult world, I will regret that I drank too much soup in my childhood and grew too fast.
  The soup the mother boils has a completely different “content”.
  Green and faint like a liquid forest, is a broccoli and jujube pork lung soup; red and yan is like a liquid gem, is lotus root chicken claw peanut soup; red and white is clearly like a palette, tomato, radish and beef soup; mixed flavor is sour and salty Fresh and spicy, is pickled tofu fish head pepper soup; gentle and warm heart and lungs is old cucumber and red date octopus soup; unique flavor and taste are shared by the mustard mushroom soup; hanging pot to save all living beings, is the party ginseng wolfberry Longan stewed chicken soup; charming and fragrant fragrant and seductive, is melon ham and scallop soup … our brothers and sisters are slowly grown up under the moisturization of a good pot of soup. After we each set up a family, we rejoice to cook soup for our dear children.
  The culture of Tang has been passed on from generation to generation.
  Risheng is a soup from Qiongzhou, mother-in-law. Compared with my home, Risheng has a completely different flavor. For example, my mother-in-law will place the minced meat in the fish maw and cook it with sea cucumber and winter mushrooms. In my opinion, this kind of soup is really luxurious. However, sometimes, it was incredible that she would cook the crispy and delicious cucumber with shrimp, and the cooked soup had a good taste, but the cucumber had become soft and had lost chewing power. I didn’t like it very much. Mother-in-law’s best is cooking soup. A few old hens, peeled and degreased, add a few big onions, and let them float in the earthenware pot for three to four hours on a low heat. After that, filter out all the impurities, and the pot of clear soup Luscious and sweet, reaching the extreme, is the best in the world. Mother-in-law left the broth in the refrigerator and used it for cooking porridge and cooking. My children often say, “Mom, I want to eat the kind of white porridge that my grandmother boiled.” They didn’t know that the pot of white porridge was actually made with a thousand broths. On the surface, the clouds are light and light, but in fact, the world is hard. I think this is the highest state of life!
  There was a time when the newly introduced slow cooker became the new favorite of housewives. Throwing everything you want to cook into it, no matter what three or seventy-one, cook it upside down one after another, there is no need to wait and watch the fire at all, very easy. For women in the workplace, the slow cooker is of course the “grace of the times.” Think about it. Before you go to work, the meat in the pot is meat, vegetables are vegetables. It has already been melted into the soup with “you and me”. Isn’t this “just waiting for the rabbit and getting it for nothing”? The thought of not having to be unkempt in order to cook a good pot of soup like my mother, I was filled with gratitude, thanks to modern technology for facilitating my life.
  However, I was wrong.
  In the slow cooker, the soup and water, which are “self-sustaining and self-destructing”, are not fused together. “On the contrary, the two are like a gentleman, keeping a distance.”
  When the machine stands up, discard the slow cooker.
  However, frankly, I did not have the patience to grind the ashes of the charcoal stove, so I switched to a modest gas stove.
  Put the soup in a clay bowl and boil it on the gas stove for three or four hours. During that time, go to see and stir from time to time. The bowl of soup fully feels the sincerity of the person who cooks the soup. Afterwards, the soup will always show the taste and taste of a soup.
  My child is always tired of shark fin melon soup. The shark fin melon looks like a prototype of a winter melon, but what is amazing is that after the melon is cooked in the soup, pressing it with a spoon, it is scattered into thousands of thin strips, like a pole. With shark fin, it has the sweetness that shark fin does not have, which is very delicious. I often cook old hens, scallops, red dates, wolfberry, dried cuttlefish and shark fin melon together, and boil the soup. That kind of umami will turn into ten million maggots and go straight to your heart!
  After her daughter lost Ying Ying, she had a dream of shark fin melon soup. Once, in the snowy winter, she called a long-distance phone and begged me to send her a bowl of soup. I responded: “Okay, okay, I will send it by express mail tomorrow.” Months later, she wrote in an email: “Mom, spring has come, and I waited for a season, why haven’t your soup delivered yet?”
  I used the taste of the soup to decorate the children’s growth years, When the child grows up, thousands of miles away from home, the thick fragrance of soup is still a thin, long, and tough line, which affects you’s heart all his life.
  The taste of soup is the taste of home.