Glory and sometimes

  That day, it was very cold outside and my cousin and I were walking in the rice fields near my grandmother’s house. Grandpa and grandma are long gone, and our children and grandchildren are now scattered all over China, doing something irrelevant.
  When I was young, I played and played together under the tree, and many memories have disappeared without a trace. After many years, I even saw two trees in the field by accident. I think they are both camphor trees. Since it was winter, the leaves of one of the trees had fallen out and died. As I wrote in the poem: “Who doesn’t have two hearts / one withered heart and one with honor.”
  Xiao Yan still lives in the grandmother’s village. He told me that the dead tree looks like a camphor tree. It is the same hackberry tree that was dug out in our village. It just leaves the leaves now, but it hasn’t died. Every spring, it will regain its vitality, and in the late spring it will be leafy again.
  Xiaoyi’s life has been overwhelming, and now his children have finally grown up. I am very grateful that Xiaoxian once lent me a lot of villain books as a child and made me a wooden pistol.
  Later, I went to college and met another uncle in the book. It was Gottfried in the novel John Christophe. Gottfried was a trader, travelling south to north, with little culture, but he was Christopher’s life guide. Not only did he tell Christopher to have a sincere attitude when composing, but also to exercise restraint and patience in life.
  Once, the two were chatting outdoors in snow and ice. Christopher said hurriedly: “Oh, what should I do? I have the will, I struggle! But after a year, it’s still the same as before. No! I can’t even keep it in place! I step back. I Nothing is happening, nothing is happening! I have killed my life, and I have not fulfilled my wish … ”
  Gottfred said:” You have to be reverent for this new day. Don’t think about it What happened one year or ten years later? You have to think of today … now it is winter, everything is asleep, and the earth will wake up in the future. You just need to be patient with it like the earth. You have to Religion, you have to wait … why are you hoping for more hope? Why grieve for what you can’t do? One should do what he can … do your best. ”
  Do your best and calmly face the glory of all things sometimes. I read these words during the darkest part of my life. Christopher’s puppet became my other puppet.