Forgotten Mr. Sea

  Jihad said that the splendor of the first half of his life was given by horses, and now it was time to do something for them.
  The first time I saw Mr. Dahai was at a military racecourse in the Syrian capital, Damascus. Due to the war, there have been few visitors to the racecourse for more than two years. A rare foreigner visited, and the trainer Gihad invited Mr. Hai to accompany me on a lap. Mr. Hai held me very gentlely, and walked around the racetrack twice without any trouble. Arabian horses are famous, and not only that, they are very smart. They often shake their heads to test you, and once they are told that they are novices, they will be mischievous, either making them unmovable or speeding up. If they like you, they will make trouble; if they happen to dislike you, then you must be careful. So taming Arab horses has always been a fascination for Middle Eastern men.
  In the two years in Syria, Mr. Dahai had not played any small temper, I gently reed, it can understand my intentions, so that I once thought that my equestrian skills have improved a lot, until I returned to Dubai, in When riding a wild horse in the desert, he was tossed down by a little foal, only to feel the quality of Mr. Sea more and more. Therefore, visiting Mr. Dahai became a little fun for me while working in Syria.
  Mr. Hai’s hair is shiny, his body is strong, and he runs as fast as an arrow off the string, speeding “seck” most horses in the racecourse; and when I lie on it, grabbing his neck to rest, it again It will become particularly mild, and the atmosphere will slowly walk without panting. Mr. Hai had won numerous championships when he was young, but unfortunately now that Syria is fighting, it has no place to play. Let a champion horse accompany me to practice, I am afraid this is no treatment anywhere in the world. If you go to the peach field, every time I go to the racecourse, I will bring two apples and feed them in small pieces.
  The status of Arabian horses in Syria is no less than that of cultural relics and monuments with thousands of years of history. At the same time that Palmyra was blown up by extreme armed forces, the survival of Arab horses known as “living fossils” was also greatly threatened.
  Jihad originally had a horse farm on a hill not far from the Bashir horse farm, and he had nearly a hundred pure-bred Arabian horses. Four years ago, the place was occupied by the opposition and most of the horses were sold to other countries or killed. He ran back and snatched more than a dozen horses and transferred to the Bashir Army Racecourse.
  The Arabian horse has the most elegant body and the most powerful genes in the world. More than 95% of the pedigrees of purebred horses in the world are derived from Dali Arabia (Syrian-born Arabian horse).
  Syrians have special feelings for horses. “We all think of horses as our own children. In the past, people kept horses at home.” Jihad compared to me with interest while he was holding the horse. “If my bedroom is here, the horse’s The room is next door, and I can hear any noise. It is a member of the family. “The
  Bashir Army Racecourse now accepts three or four hundred Arabian horses. Although the horses have reached a relatively safe place, they are raised. They are not easy. “The price of horse feed has increased by 20 times,” Jihad complained. “Most of the farmland is on the outskirts of Damascus and was occupied by the armed forces of the opposition. The production has basically stopped, so you may not be able to buy suitable horse feed if you have money.” To make matters worse, the military horse farm is located in the outskirts. From time to time, the sound of artillery fire can be heard. Pregnant horses also have various conditions before the war. Fetal malformations and miscarriages occur.
  ”The situation in Syria is so bad now, why don’t you go elsewhere to continue your career?” Jihad patted Mr. Hai’s neck and said, “When I was young, Mr. Hai accompanied me to take one after another Champion, went to one place after another. My experience of traveling the world is almost related to horses. Now, it ’s time for me to report them back. You do n’t know, every time I see the sea fluttering and looking at me, I just Can’t move. ”
  Without the days of applause and attention, Mr. Hai was at ease. Jihad said that Ma can remember the faces of more than 400 people in his lifetime. I don’t know if he can remember me, a Chinese girl who bathed it and fed apples in the war years.