Five major leagues win the Champions League 16

“For the first time in history! The five major leagues have won the top 16 of the Champions League. With the new Champions League-Serie A defeated Donetsk miners, Atletico Madrid blocked Lokomotiv Moscow. On the 12th, this year’s evaluation of the Champions League top 16 list. Four teams from the Premier League and La Liga each entered the list, and three teams from Serie A and Bundesliga each advanced, with the last two places occupied by Ligue 1.

The Associated Press said that unlike Bayern, who has won in the group stage, Atlanta’s promotion path is very difficult. The team lost in the first three games of the group stage, and the final away victory allowed them to complete the fourth to the group stage. The second counterattack. Atlanta captain Gomez said in an interview with British Sky Sports after the game that “this moment will always be included in the history of the club and football. Atlanta does not have a superstar or even a top star, but we have achieved good results through hard work and hard work.” .

The Champions League knockout draw will take place on the evening of the 16th of this month. According to ESPN, according to the draw principle established by UEFA, on the premise of avoidance by group opponents and national teams, the team that won the first group will draw the opponent from the team that won the second group, so all teams Potential opponents have surfaced. Spurs coach Mourinho said that Tottenham are the strongest team in the second place in the group, and the first teams in the group do not want to meet them in the knockout. The National Broadcasting Corporation said that all the top 16 teams from the five major leagues will make the knockout matches more exciting, and the appeal of the Champions League will also increase. So for the fans, the big match in the knockout can bring a lot of highlights, 5 of which are highly anticipated-Tottenham and Barcelona, ​​Juventus and Real Madrid, Manchester City and Real Madrid, Liverpool and Dortmund, Juventus and Chelsea .

In the UEFA Champions League final round of last season, the Portuguese Super League team Porto and the Dutch team Ajax became the “contractors” of the five major leagues “contracting” the Champions League. Among them, Ajax once set off a youth storm in the European Championship. The Dutch “Telegraph” said that the outstanding performance of Ajax players has increased their worth, but this situation cannot be staged in this year’s Champions League knockout. “” said that promotion to the Champions League knockout can give the team real economic benefits. For teams such as Inter Milan and Ajax, failure to break out of the group stage will cause the club to lose more than 10 million euros. If a small league team misses the Champions League promotion round all year round, the gap between rich and poor in continental football will be further widened.

Ajax club marketing director and former Dutch goalkeeper Van der Sar said in June this year that “the gap between the rich and the poor is destroying the competitive balance of European football clubs, and the game broadcast income of other teams is much lower than the five major league clubs, which makes both The financial gap between the two countries is getting wider. Because the wealth is concentrated in the five major leagues, the relevant clubs can have the ability to dominate the two European intercontinental club events. For example, the highest income in the five major leagues is the Premier League. Champions League and UEFA Champions League trophies. “