At work, do you choose to be a duck or an eagle

 In appearance, the duck is a bit like an eagle. In reality, however, they are fundamentally different animals. You should know how to recognize a duck at a glance. For example, both can fly, but the eagle hovered high in the air, and the ducks flew as low as possible near the water.
  The biggest feature of ducks is howling, howling all day long, when they wake up in the morning, they will yell, they will yell for other ducks to grab their food, and they will yell for no purpose. It will be called, and in the end there is nothing, this is a bad habit.
  Let’s look at a few situations to see the characteristics of ducks.
  Have you ever been to the hotel’s breakfast restaurant for breakfast after 15 minutes of regular breakfast? If you meet a duck, it will tell you: “Sorry, you’re too late. Didn’t you see the sign outside the door? Breakfast is served until 10 o’clock. Alas, alas …” In this case of Eagle Would say: “Sorry, the buffet breakfast is gone, but I can let the kitchen quickly prepare something for you. What do you want to eat?”
  Are you familiar with the building materials market? The 5,000-square-meter business area has only one salesperson, who is often busy with a customer who is often the one who builds a tall building. If you interrupt them politely at this time: “I’m sorry, but I have only one question, can you tell me where the brown wood lacquer is?” What would happen then?
  At this time, a duck will say: “Can not you see I’m A customer service is it I can only A customer service please wait, come back when you turn to quack, quack ……?..”
  A few A few months ago, I checked in at a hotel in Atlanta. I have booked and get confirmation from the hotel. When I got there, the hotel was fully booked. The lady at the front desk told me that because the hotel was overbooked and the room was fully booked, my booking was invalid. Having said that, he held me there.
  I asked for my own interests, but the only response from the front desk lady was: “The hotel is full, it’s full. I can’t change the room like a magic.” She didn’t want to continue to talk to me .
  ”Oh,” I thought, “this is a duck.” So I asked to see her boss. She reluctantly answered, “He won’t say anything else to you.” After that, she wanted to slip into the door. I asked her to bring an eagle to see me. “A what?” She asked puzzledly. I explained, “Please feel free to ask someone who knows that this is not the way to go.”
  This time she understood. The manager who arrived later was indeed an eagle. He said the following: “Our hotel is indeed fully booked. It must be a mistake for us to happen to you, but I can only apologize to you. I will find a solution for you as soon as possible. I will call immediately Call you to book a suite in a hotel of the same type, and you will enjoy the ‘upgrade’ service, which will be borne by us. May I ask you to go to our restaurant for dinner first, and then I will find a room for you What? ”
  Now you know Eagle? The eagle was in action, and the duck screamed. Their wailing stands for excuses, excuses, meaningless grumbles, and fault-finding.