Around film and television, making more money than the box office

As the Star Wars spin-off “Mandalu Ren” hits the streaming platform “Disney +”, the proficient Disney company has begun to be adept at movie derivatives-US media “Variety” 4 According to Japan, the cutest and most mysterious baby Yoda in the play was made into a toy doll. Customers can pre-order it on the Disney Store official website, but they still have to wait until next year to get it. At present, the periphery of film and television has become an industry in foreign countries. Sometimes the income of peripheral products can even surpass the film and television works themselves, while the domestic is still weak in this regard.

Surrounding pre-sale harvest fan feelings

At present, there are many Yoda baby toys on Disney’s official website. Among them, the 11-inch toy doll made by toy maker Mattel Co., Ltd. costs $ 24.99 and is expected to be shipped in April next year. The manufactured dolls will not be shipped until May or June next year. The toy doll wears a baby sweater and stretches out a finger to exert force, almost the same as the character in the play.

“This 50-year-old Yoda creature looks like a child,” wrote Disney’s official website. “This Star Wars perimeter will add a force to your collection!” As Baby Yoda debuted, it became Popular characters in “Mandalorian”, Disney also plans to launch more than 20 kinds of peripheral products for it, including T-shirts, mobile phone cases and mugs, to fully tap its commercial value. “Variety” said that Disney began pre-sale of peripheral products immediately after the episode was broadcast for a month, which was completely harvesting the feelings of fans. This alien creature “is both a pet and a friend. Groot in “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” also belongs to the “selling cute characters”, and launching them as a peripheral product is the result of careful consideration by the film maker. The production of such characters is also mainly for the purpose of developing the follow-up story structure and creating commercial selling points.

Derivative profit is no less than box office

This is not the first time Disney has been so eager to develop peripheral products, and the animated film Frozen series is another success story. Frozen 1 brought in more than $ 5 billion in peripheral revenue, of which the protagonist’s and sister’s skirts sold 3 million in North America. In the sequel, Aisha puts on a new Snow Queen skirt, and the surroundings have already been on sale in Disney stores.

Among the major Hollywood filmmakers, Disney is particularly good at tapping the value of peripherals, from Mickey Mouse to Iron Man to Snow Queen, as well as Universal’s “Transformers” and Warner’s “Harry Potter” series. These IP rely on peripheral products The profit was no less than that of the movie box office. According to the “Hollywood Reporter” statistics, in the first week of the release of “Captain America 3” in 2016, peripheral product revenue reached 200 million US dollars, and “Star Wars” peripheral product revenue totaled more than 30 billion US dollars. By cooperating with more than 100 brands around the world, Disney has printed the images of Captain America and other superheroes on various products. While expanding movie promotion, it has also obtained a lot of brand commissions from product sales.

China’s surrounding markets to be developed

In Japan, where the film and television industry is developed, there is also a wide variety of Japanese TV dramas and peripheral products. There are also many shops and websites that specialize in selling peripheral products. Taking Japan’s long-lived anime “Crayon Shinchan” as an example, the official online store will regularly sell peripheral products, including dolls, accessories, clothing, stationery and toiletries, etc., to fully meet the needs of fans.

At present, the peripheral products are still a gold mine to be developed for Chinese movies. At present, the main income of the filmmakers still comes from the box office, and most of the peripheral products are just gifts for the promotion period. A series of Chinese animation and sci-fi movies has been formed. It is also necessary to increase investment in the development of peripheral products on the basis of protecting copyright awareness. After investigation, some Japanese netizens found that the peripheral products welcomed by the market should first match the tone of the original film and television works, and have certain practicality. In addition, the product characteristics also need to conform to the “worldview” in the work. For example, if the background of the original work is set to ancient, the modernization of the surrounding products should not be too strong. Only in this way can fans turn into consumers and pay for their feelings.