Abe’s confidant was blasted at “public expense” with female officials

Following the successive resignations of two ministers in October, the prime minister’s assistant to the Japanese Prime Minister Abe’s cabinet, the Prime Minister and the Izumi Izumi, were reported by the Japanese media as having “paid at public expense” with female officials. According to the Japanese “Weekly Magazine” magazine reported on the 12th, Izumi Yang played at a public expense during a business trip to Kyoto with a female colleague in August this year, and the two behaved in a close and suspected relationship. This incident soon shocked the opposition and opposition parties, members of the opposition party have asked for thorough investigation.

It is reported that 66-year-old Izumi and 52-year-old high-level official of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Daping Hiroko traveled to Kyoto on August 9 to visit Kyoto University professor and Nobel Prize winner in physiology or medicine. After the visit, Izumi and Daping rent a car to the popular spot Kawaramachi. The two behaved intimately throughout the process, and He Quan was also photographed feeding Daping with shaving ice using his spoon. Later, they also visited the Kifune Shrine in northern Kyoto, known for “wishing for love.” After tossing a coin, Daping also walked inside the shrine with Izumi (pictured). “Weekly Wenchun” said that Hequan had been photographed for renting a car to take Daping home many times before. The two had also been photographed holding hands to date in Tokyo and hugging intimately on an escalator. The simple “subordinate relationship”.

Hequan Yangren responded in an interview on the 12th. He explained that when visiting Nobuya medicine award winner Nobuya Yamanaka, because he did not understand the medical terminology, he asked Daping Kanko to help himself with the translation. His position is special, there is no specific working time, and Daping Hiroko also applied for vacation after visiting Yamanaka Yamanaka, so neither of them belonged to working hours to travel. In addition, the expenses in Kyoto are out of pocket and no public funds are used. When asked if he was dating Hequan, Daping responded: “The relationship between men and women … (Hequan) is an old man, and you don’t want to think how old he is?”

The opposition party in Japan is not interested in whether the two have a relationship, but instead accuses Izumi and Daping of traveling during working hours during official business trips, and it is likely that the cost of the tour comes from public expenses. At a press conference on the morning of the 12th, a reporter asked whether “Izumi’s behavior is public or private?” Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide said that he did not think there was a problem with Izumi. “Izumi ’s transportation in Kyoto is at his own expense. I have already paid for it. I heard Hequan responded appropriately. ”

According to reports, Izumi Izumi served as an official of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and has served as a senior assistant and assistant to the Prime Minister since Abe took office, and is considered one of the core figures in the Abe government. Not only that, He Quan won the trust of the Chief Cabinet Secretary Yiyi Wei, and was called the “blade” of Yiyiwei. During his tenure, he participated in many important tasks such as the transfer of US military bases in Okinawa and the construction of the main stadium for the Tokyo Olympics.