Who can you change

There is a world-renowned tombstone in the tombstone forest in the basement of London’s world-renowned Westminster Cathedral. In fact, this is just a very ordinary tombstone. The rough granite texture and the shape are very ordinary. It is similar to the gravestones of more than 20 former British kings such as Henry III to George II with good texture and good workmanship, and Newton and Darwin The gravestones of celebrities like Dickens, Dickens, and so on, seem trivial. And it has no name, no birth year, no birth date, and even the intro text of the tomb owner.

However, it is such an anonymous tombstone that has become a world-renowned tombstone. To be precise, people are deeply shaken by the inscription on this tombstone. On this tombstone is a engraved phrase: When I was young, my imagination was never limited, and I dreamed of changing the world. When I matured, I realized that I couldn’t change the world. I shortened my vision and decided to change only my country. When I entered twilight, I found that I couldn’t change my country, and my last wish was just to change my family. However, this is not possible. When I was lying in bed and was about to die, I suddenly realized that if I only changed myself in the beginning, then as an example, I might change my family; with the help and encouragement of my family, I might do something for the country thing. And who knows? I might even change this world.

Many world dignitaries and celebrities were impressed when they saw the inscription. Some people say that this is a doctrine of life, and some people say that it is a kind of introspection of the soul. When the young Mandela saw the inscription, he suddenly felt a sense of indignation, claiming that he had found the golden key to change South Africa and even the entire world. After returning to South Africa, this ambitious young man who originally agreed to fill the racial discrimination gap with violence and violence suddenly changed his thinking and life style. He started by changing himself, changing his family and friends and family. After decades, he finally changed his country.

Many of us always complain when things are upset, and more often than not, when more people are failing, when we are not happy, most people always think that the world is full of injustice to ourselves, but only A small number of people can choose to face themselves when they encounter difficulties, and change the problem to solve the problem. With this attitude, you may really be able to change the outside world.