What is the “private traffic”

  In September last year, Huang Hepi Beauty Beauty Blogger and Cosmetics VNK launched the first personal IP eye shadow tray, which was sold at the personal website of Mao Mao. It sold for 5 minutes and sold out of stock. The revenue exceeded RMB million. One month later, I joined hands with the makeup brush brand, and the personal IP makeup brush with a unit price of 149 yuan broke the million sales in 30 seconds, while his personal online store had a revenue of about 3 million yuan in half a year. In other words, private domain traffic takes only 30 seconds, which creates a daily 2 month performance.
  What is private domain traffic?
  From the attribute point of view, private domain traffic has four characteristics, first, the user is his own; second, can be used repeatedly; third, can be used free of charge; fourth, can directly reach the user. Corresponding to the private domain traffic is the public domain traffic, and the two distinguishing features of the public domain traffic are that the traffic is owned by the platform, the user only flows, and the traffic pool is funnel-shaped; it needs to be used for payment, and the more expensive it is to buy ( As shown in the figure, see page 26).
  Private domain traffic refers to WeChat’s personal number and community in most contexts, but the definition of private domain traffic is not limited to this. In addition to WeChat, other platforms also have certain private domain attributes. If you sort by the private domain attribute of the platform, the first one should be WeChat, the second one is fast, the third is QQ, and the fourth is vibrating. The fifth place is station B.
  The above value ranking reflects the development of private domain traffic on various platforms at this stage. There is no doubt that WeChat is the largest private domain traffic carrying platform. Second is the fast hand, the fast hand has a relatively large potential in the sinking market. The third is QQ. QQ currently has certain advantages in low-age users and middle-age users. The number of students using QQ is significantly higher than that of using WeChat. Some users are netizens who are older. They have already Formed the habit of doing business with QQ office. The number of users of the vibrato and B stations has risen rapidly in the past two years, and the two platforms are basically more focused on video attributes.
  However, when it comes to private domain traffic, it is mainly the personal number and community of WeChat. why? First, WeChat is a social platform. The high-frequency attributes of social and user duration are the two advantages of WeChat. According to the relevant data, the average user usage time of WeChat is about 70 minutes, which is the longest on all platforms. Secondly, WeChat covers the widest range of users, and its monthly life has reached 1.1 billion. In addition, platform attributes are also a big reason. WeChat is an open platform that emphasizes decentralization, which leaves a lot of free space for third parties. In addition, mature WeChat payment enables transactions on the WeChat platform to form a closed loop.
  The traffic is focused on the WeChat personal number and also benefits from the personal characteristics of the personal number. The personal number can be used to expose some products through the circle of friends, and can also establish group and private chat. The personal number provides a perfect infrastructure for the merchant to establish transactions. Therefore, the WeChat personal number has become the most important carrier of private domain traffic. Other platforms such as fast hand, vibrato, B station, etc., can also obtain a large amount of traffic under the premise that the content is well done.
  It must be recognized that the so-called private domain traffic is actually built on the public domain traffic platform. If the platform is a large river, then the private domain is a small pond in front of its own house, but it is not “independence”, but closely related to the ecology of the entire large platform. On the one hand, private domain traffic cannot exist independently from the platform. On the other hand, it means that private domain traffic needs to operate a good platform relationship, otherwise there will be certain risks.
  Why is private domain traffic hot?
  The most fundamental reason for the rise of private domain traffic in 2019 is the loss of traffic costs due to the disappearance of the Internet demographic dividend. Private domain traffic first appeared in the Taobao ecosystem, but it has been tepid for quite a long time. Privately, some people are doing private traffic, but the concept itself is rarely mentioned. Not long ago, the new list released the semi-annual report of the content industry, and statistics on related articles related to private domain traffic in the database, and found that the reading volume increased by six times compared with the beginning of the year, which shows the popularity of private domain traffic in the past six months. . Since 2018, the growth of mobile Internet users has been greatly slowed down. The key words for the whole 2018 are fission growth and sinking. In fact, the sinking market can be regarded as the last wave of traffic dividends of the entire mobile Internet. Whether it is fission growth or sinking the market, it is actually infiltrating into places with lower flow values.
  The rise of the concept of private domain traffic in 2019 is closely related to the depletion of traffic, from flow to retention. The flow of the former refers to the flow of water, while the latter refers to the retention of retention. The whole market has also changed. In the past, it was traffic thinking, such as the purchase of 10,000 yuan of traffic, which may eventually bring about 20,000 yuan of conversion, which can maintain the normal development of the business. However, with the increase in traffic costs, the investment of 10,000 yuan, and finally only 5,000 yuan conversion, which will lead to unsustainable business model.
  The value of the private domain traffic of
  the nature of the private domain traffic is SCRM, namely socialization customer relationship management. The value of private domain traffic is summarized in one sentence. Through the management of user relationships, the conversion rate and the repurchase rate are improved, thereby reducing the marketing cost of the enterprise, maximizing the lifetime value of the user, and ultimately improving the operating efficiency and profit level of the enterprise.
  There is a difference between private domain traffic and micro-business. Relying on the circle of friends and personal number for merchandising, the earliest starts with micro-business. In the past few years, Weishang has obtained a lot of profits through this model, but the micro-business is in the negative of public opinion. The reason is that the micro-business is not standardized, including product quality problems, lack of after-sales problems, and multi-level distribution. Into the MLM mode, etc. If the micro-business is not standardized in operation, the core of Weishang’s business is to transfer the channel from offline to online. The focus has changed from offline stores to online people, and people are regarded as a flow node. Thereby improving operational efficiency in the retail sector. Objectively speaking, the private domain traffic currently discussed borrows the patterns and styles explored by the micro-business, but it needs to make qualitative changes in the normative nature of the operation.
  Play private domain traffic of
  the core domain of private micro-channel flow is now private domain traffic layout already have a comprehensive set of modes, including a personal number + community + public number + + applet five in one mall. First of all, the most important thing is the personal number. The personal number is exposed through the circle of friends, and the person is set to create a daily message in the circle of friends, such as publishing a person’s daily emotions and sorrows, so that the user can generate the operator behind the personal number. A clearer understanding, which enhances the trust of users and facilitates the entire transaction.
  In terms of community, it is more suitable for one-to-many interaction, and through a certain marketing means to create a pressing atmosphere to promote user purchase, and through various means to do fission, free access to users, this is the main value of the community. In terms of the public number, WeChat divides the public number into two types: subscription number and service number. The subscription number emphasizes the value of the content, obtains the user by outputting high-quality content, and then uses the user to realize the traffic. The service number has more development interfaces, and the service number is more valuable for enterprise merchants. For example, the push function can be used as a marketing touch, the tool development can be a service, and the template message can be used as a service tracking. The service number itself is equivalent to a light app, and the user only needs to pay attention to it without downloading, which greatly reduces the cost of the customer. The brand value and import value of the service number are gradually increasing and are becoming a very important part of private domain traffic.

  The small program was first proposed by WeChat. As a new tool system, it has a very large experience optimization compared to H5, and the business development of small programs requires official review, and also gives users a stronger sense of trust. Before the small program, a large number of transactions were completed through the H5 mall. At present, everyone has chosen the small program mall more, but H5 Mall still has its advantages, it is self-controllable and easy to modify.
  The systematic play of private domain traffic is a trend, such as the perfect diary, they created a small ball of beauty makeup, through the circle of friends and community to send beauty tutorials, product information, promotions, etc., and then enhance their transformation and Order. Private domain traffic is not zero cost. Its biggest cost comes from operating costs, that is, labor costs. Of course, it also includes the cost of some operating activities. In a way, you can understand that private traffic is turning the past marketing budget into an operating budget. As for the cost of private domain traffic compared to the public domain traffic, it is difficult to define, but some time ago, Tencent Smart Retail and BCG have done some research on offline retail, they believe that through the operation of private domain traffic, The turnover of the entire store can rise by more than 30% year-on-year.
  However, private domain traffic also carries certain risks. On July 2, Micro-Envelope banned a WeChat personal number that is said to have millions of fans. They said that the reason for the ban was because of the use of various marketing plug-ins, which destroyed the entire WeChat ecosystem. Private domain traffic is a double-edged sword for WeChat platform. On the one hand, if marketing behavior is rampant, it will reduce the user experience within WeChat ecosystem. At present, some users have abandoned the circle of friends, which is unfavorable for the development of the entire WeChat ecosystem. On the other hand, consumption has become a very important part of contemporary social life. If a large number of consumption and trading behaviors occur within the WeChat ecosystem, the value of WeChat will be further enhanced. Therefore, WeChat officially is also strengthening the research and development of Enterprise WeChat while cracking down on WeChat marketing. In terms of private domain traffic, WeChat officials believe that congestion is not as good as it is, and the official will intentionally divert private domain traffic to corporate WeChat.
  The development of enterprise WeChat is a good thing for private domain traffic, because if there is no official license, the risk of doing private domain traffic is always there. If the official introduction of a basic tool, it will greatly reduce operational risks, especially for big brands, private The scale operation of domain traffic will become more logical.
  Test the water flow giant private domain
  concept of private domain traffic was first proposed by Ali, but Ali is a platform to perform ad cash flow through the sale, if it encourages businesses to do private domain traffic, in fact, it is different with the existing business logic It may reduce its demand for public domain traffic. This is one of the important reasons why we analyze why private domain traffic has not developed well in Ali’s ecology. Of course, Ali itself is also advocating private domain traffic, the logic may be by making the entire plate bigger, and finally depositing a large number of transactions to themselves.
  In the past few years, Ali has done a lot of things in Taobao’s content, including the Taobao headlines and the relatively hot Taobao live broadcast in the past two years. It is hoped that the introduction of content will enhance the use of Ali’s eco users. In the past, when we were shopping on Taobao or Tmall, we basically used it when there was demand. Now, through some content construction, Ali creates demand when users don’t need it, thus increasing the number of transactions on the platform.
  It is foreseeable that private domain traffic will become the focus of enterprise development in the next 5-10 years, especially in the economic downturn, the revitalization of stock is an important driving force for a company to survive. Who can play private domain traffic, who will be more competitive in the future.