Uterine defense war

Uterine fibroids are a common cause of women. If there is a surgery that can be used without surgery or bleeding, you just have to lie down and listen to music and chat with the doctor. The fibroids are “destroyed”. Can this be true?

What is the “knife” of the sea knife?

Chen Bing, director of the Haifu Center of the Sixth People’s Hospital of Shenyang City, introduced the “Haifu Focused Ultrasonic Knife”, referred to as the Haifu Knife, which is characterized by “severing the mountain and hitting the tumor”. This special “scalpel” is the mouse in the doctor’s hand.

“The sea knife is a non-invasive treatment method. It mainly uses the physical properties such as tissue penetration and focusability of ultrasound to accurately focus the infinite beam of low-energy ultrasound emitted by the ultrasonic transducer on the target tissue in vivo. The focus energy is instantly amplified by a thousand and ten thousand times.” Director Chen Bing further explained that the principle of sea-assisted surgery is very simple, just as the sunlight can be focused by a convex lens, and the ultrasound can also be focused. The high temperature effect produced by the sea knife makes the coagulative necrosis of the tumor tissue, blocks the blood supply of the tumor, makes the tumor tissue lose its activity, and is finally absorbed by the body, “in situ ablation”.

Green therapy is best for “uterine defense”

From Dachuang to minimally invasive, to non-invasive, it is the trend of medical development. Director Chen Bing said that Haifudao focused ultrasound ablation surgery can play a certain role in the treatment of benign and malignant tumor diseases. Currently, the scope of treatment for cancer involves liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, soft tissue tumor, osteosarcoma, etc., but its most widely used is in gynecology. field.

“Gynecological diseases can harm women’s reproductive function, and the recurrence rate is very high. Uterine fibroids can be said to bear the brunt, also known as gynecological first tumor; another common gynecological disease is adenomyosis, dysmenorrhea, increased menstrual flow, so that patients suffer more Great pain, although it is a benign disease, it has the name of ‘immortal cancer. It is difficult to prevent radical cure except for the removal of the uterus. For these two diseases, the green therapy of the sea knife is effective and can Keep the uterus, avoid adhesion after surgery, and do not affect fertility.” Director Chen Bing said.

Obvious advantages for the pregnant population

Ms. Liu, 31, had had 5 fibroids removed after surgery. This year, she again found multiple uterine fibroids. Many hospitals said that it is best to have hysterectomy. In order to preserve the uterus, she chose Haifu ablation.

“Worried about the formation of wounds and scars on the uterus after surgery to remove the uterus or surgery, many women with fertility needs are afraid of treating gynecological diseases.” Director Chen Bing said that the energy of ultrasound penetrates the human body is very low, in areas other than the focus. Does not cause any harm to the normal tissues of the human body. Select laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery, pregnancy can be pregnant after half a year to one year; if it is open surgery, it can only be pregnant 2 years after surgery; and the sea handrail can usually be pregnant after 3 months. And compared with the characteristics of uterine fibroids easy to relapse, Haifu knife has an advantage, that is, it can be treated multiple times. Director Chen Bing finally said that although the sea knife is good, it also has indications. It must be evaluated by the doctor’s professional system before surgery.