To survive the pregnancy, you must know!

  In the autumn health, the older generation summed up a lot of experience, like “Spring and Autumn,” I am afraid that every Chinese person has heard this sentence when they are young. To some extent, there is a certain scientific truth. But is it appropriate for pregnant women?
  Whether it is “autumn frozen” depends on people. This pregnant woman with weaker body constitution, especially pregnant women with bronchitis, asthma and allergic rhinitis, is sensitive to climate change, especially when the weather changes greatly in the morning and evening, so it is easy to catch a cold, so you can’t follow the trend blindly. Especially if the temperature in autumn falls rapidly, pregnant women still insist on “autumn freezing”. If they don’t keep warm in time, it is easy to cause colds and fever, which is not worth the candle. Pregnant mothers must master the temperature changes, increase or decrease clothes in time, or need to properly warm, not blindly freeze themselves.
  One trick is that when the outdoor temperature is lower than 2-5 degrees Celsius indoors, pregnant women do not have to add clothes when they go out. If the indoor and outdoor temperature difference exceeds 7 degrees Celsius, add clothing.
  In the early stages of pregnancy: because of the inability to adapt to pregnancy and various pregnancy reactions, the pregnant mother’s body is relatively fragile and vulnerable to disease invasion. For pregnant mothers in the first trimester, warmer than freezing.
  By the middle of pregnancy, all aspects of pregnant mothers have been adapted, and the body’s resistance is stronger than in the early days. You can try “autumn freezing.” In autumn, you can wear cotton close-fitting clothes and absorb sweat easily. As the temperature drops, it can be gradually added.
  In the third trimester, with the growth of the fetus in the belly, the pregnant mother is inconvenient to move, staying at home for a relatively long time, when going out, pay attention to the indoor and outdoor temperature difference, the outside wear must be more than indoors.
  In the fall season, in addition to paying attention to dressing, in the diet, pregnant mothers also need some “out of date”.
  Autumn is the harvest season. A variety of gourmet fruits are on the market. Like the crabs that people love to eat, it is delicious on the table. It is a big meal on the table. Some pregnant moms are especially fond of them. They always want to have a good time. However, during pregnancy, it is necessary to slightly suppress your appetite. Do not eat crabs too much, because crabs and other aquatic products have the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, which may not affect pregnant women and may lead to miscarriage.
  Autumn is still the season when grapes are on the market. Some pregnant mothers especially like this kind of fruit with a lot of sugar, but we must pay attention to the amount of control. Grapes contain more glucose, and excessive intake can cause gestational diabetes or excessive fetal growth. Pregnant mothers must be careful.
  Autumn is high and refreshing. It is the peak of tourism. Ascending to the top and enjoying the boating, these sports can express their feelings and cultivate their sentiments, but they are still stronger than pregnant mothers. Pregnant mother sports, or take a walk on the land, indoor yoga, to avoid accidents.
Magical pregnancy weight loss method, relying on not reliable?

  On this day, I met a new thing at the midwife clinic.
  A pregnant mother who is pregnant soon to consult: “Little Red Sister, I want to use this pregnancy to lose weight, I don’t know if I can?” I
  really can’t do it, I just can’t think of it. During pregnancy, all pregnant mothers let go of their belly and open their mouths. For fear of “starving” baby, how can they think of losing weight?
  The pregnant mother explained: “I am fat and fat. After pregnancy, is the fetus not taking nutrition from me? If these nutrients are absorbed by the fetus, will I not lose weight? When I have finished giving birth, I will Slim.”
  Looking at the seemingly impossible task, but listening to the pregnant mother explained, it seems a bit reasonable.
  This kind of thinking is certainly good, but it is not easy to really do it. Weight management during pregnancy is not simple and needs to be carried out under the guidance of an expert. If you are dieting freely, a slight deviation will be detrimental to fetal development.
  Losing weight during pregnancy is not feasible. The fetus changes, develops, and grows every day in the pregnant mother’s belly, such as weight gain, limb growth, organ development, and so on. Pregnant mothers must ensure adequate nutrition to maintain the fetus and normal, and only then can the fetus develop better. Think about it, the fetus is in need of nutrition, but the pregnant mother has to lose weight, is this not the opposite?
  However, during pregnancy, you can control your weight. Don’t let your weight increase too fast. It is normal for weight gain to increase by 10 to 13.5 kg during the entire pregnancy. The weight of the pregnant mother increased from 13 weeks pregnant to before labor, and the weight increased at an average rate of 350 grams per week. At 13-28 weeks of gestation, the increase in weight of pregnant women is mainly due to their own weight gain. After 28 weeks of gestation, the weight gain of the fetus is the main factor. Nutrition is only enough, the baby can fully develop.
  Of course, excessive diet, there is no additional benefit to the fetus, in addition to let the pregnant mother fat, fetal development is too large, also has an impact on childbirth. In addition, the young women nowadays are usually well-nourished and do not need to add any additional nutrients during pregnancy.
  Control weight during pregnancy, mainly control the intake of foods such as sugar and high fat, rice, pasta and other foods. Choose animal foods, choose chickens, fish, shrimps, eggs, milk with relatively low fat, choose pigs, cows, and mutton with relatively high fat content, and increase some bean foods appropriately. Guarantee the supply of protein, but also control the amount of fat.
  Pregnant mothers should also be careful not to drink more sugary drinks and juices. You can eat more fruits and vegetables, choose fruits with less sugar, not only relieve hunger, but also increase the intake of vitamins and organic matter.
  Some pregnant mothers like to eat snacks, while watching TV and eating, unwittingly eating a lot of food, this habit is very bad, easy to cause excess nutrients.
  In order to control weight, proper exercise is necessary. Walking, cycling, swimming, dancing, maternity exercises, yoga during pregnancy, etc. are all possible.
Pregnant women remember: three Qin three lazy three do not do!

  Pregnancy, completely different from before, there are many places for pregnant women to pay attention to. In the midwife clinic, I often recommend to some pregnant women, during pregnancy, to do three diligence, three lazy three.
  The first lazy: lazy makeup.
  The beauty of the heart is there for everyone, and the girls are more beautiful. However, during pregnancy, it is best to be lazy, do not make up, there are chemicals in the cosmetics, although some cosmetics are labeled “pregnant women available”, but it still contains chemical agents, no matter how much, chemical agents are harmful to the body. of. These contents are almost harmless to adults, but there is still a small life in the stomach during pregnancy. In order not to affect the development of the fetus, it is best not to wear makeup during pregnancy. Apply nail polish and dye your hair.
  The second lazy: cleaning the housework.
  When women are not pregnant, women must be responsible for housework. If the room is large, it will take a long time. During pregnancy, you can be lazy and do less, or do not do housework, like wiping the floor, washing dishes, washing clothes, will pull the body, carelessly, will affect the uterus. Let the stomach be squeezed. If you stand for a long time, it will cause edema in the lower body. As for the heavy lifting and the housework to be ascended, you should not do it. If you accidentally, it may cause miscarriage.
  The third lazy: less into the kitchen.
  Pregnant mothers don’t want to take the work of cooking on their own body. The cooking of Chinese food, the smoke is big, the pollution is too much. From the perspective of insurance, pregnant mothers rarely breathe these soot smells, which is good for the fetus.
  After talking about three lazy, talk about three diligence.
  The first diligence: diligent eating and drinking.
  During pregnancy, many pregnant women have poor appetite, and the pregnancy reaction during pregnancy makes pregnant mothers afraid to let go of eating and drinking. There are also some pregnant women who have frequent urination and frequent urine after pregnancy and do not dare to drink more water. In fact, this is all wrong. During pregnancy, pregnant mothers should eat and drink diligently. Within one day, they can eat four or five meals, and the water should be fully supplemented.
  The second diligence: walking around.
  Urban women are basically reluctant to move and sit in the office. Back home, I also watched TV on the sofa. After pregnancy, don’t do this, you have to be active. Keep at least one hour of exercise every day, whether it is a walk in the community or a yoga session in the gym.
  The third is diligent and sleeps hard.
  Speaking of night owls, many women will be on the list, go home at night, have dinner, watch movies and TV shows, play mobile phones, and soon arrive at 11 o’clock, sleep at most seven or eight hours a day. When you are pregnant, you have to go to bed, sleep is a rest, and it is also the best protection for the fetus. If the pregnant mother stays up late as usual, it is not good for her own health and has an impact on the development of the fetus.
  Finally, let’s talk about three not doing. Three is not simple: don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t eat harmful food.
  The first two of the majority of pregnant women can comply, that is, the third point some pregnant mothers do not understand. In normal times, the fried, pickled, and pigmented foods that we often eat are actually not nutritious. They only stimulate the taste, which makes us feel good and harmful to the fetus.