Throw away 70% useless

  I went to the 4S shop a few days ago to buy a private car that I have been waiting for for a long time. The clerk tried to recommend the high version of the car to me. He eloquently said that the car with high version has automatic parking and cruise control. Automatic induction lights, high-end audio, constant temperature air conditioning, car TV, GPS navigator and other equipment, I am confused. I buy a private car mainly for commuting to and from work, not out of the city, do not run high speed, do not need more high-end configuration, simple match on the line. In the end, I bought the “乞丐 version” of this model. Not to mention that this car is really safe to drive. Although there is no high-end configuration, it can fully meet my needs.
  In fact, I really like “simple life.” Last month, I bought a computer and spent only 2,000 yuan. The computer’s graphics card, sound card, and network card are all integrated on the motherboard. The memory and hard disk capacity are relatively small, and the CPU is outdated. My friend said that I bought a brand new “garbage”, and I don’t think so. I don’t play computer games or watch movies online. I just use computers to write articles, listen to music, and look at stock quotes. Matching is enough.
  One of my colleagues advocated “high-allocation life.” Last year, she couldn’t help but come up with all the savings. She also mortgaged 900,000 yuan in the bank and bought a set of high-end houses in the city. Colleagues often describe the happy life of her after she enters the mansion: after work, on the roof garden, her husband leisurely trims the flowers and plants, and she loves cooking. She carefully prepares lunch in the spacious kitchen. The children are in the piano. The piano music of Beethoven was played gracefully in the room… It was hard to wait until the house was delivered, and the colleague could start to enjoy happiness, but every morning she had to face the huge mortgage of the bank, the husband and wife In order to increase income, I have to spend my leisure time on overtime to earn money. My colleagues’ dreams of high-end life have been greatly discounted, and people have also lost a lot.
  Last week, my colleague came to my house to be a guest. Instead, she envied the freedom of living without a mortgage or car loan. Although my house does not have her luxury, but the window is clear, the simplicity is warm, and it is also a sheltered harbor. My car is not as good as her car, but it is more than enough to travel in the city. I told my colleagues that I am content with this kind of life.
  Life is alive, there is nothing wrong with the pursuit of high-end luxury, and you can do everything you can. I remember that my friend once sent me a very interesting text message: “A high-end mobile phone, 70% of the functions are useless; a high-end car, 70% of the speed is superfluous; a luxury villa, 70% The area is free; 70% of a house of clothing is idle and useless. Conclusion – Keep 30% of your life, ignore the remaining 70%, you have a happy life.” Can ignore Losing the remaining 70%, the simple and happy life is a kind of wisdom. In life, we often work hard for the extra 70%, regard life as a competition, and regard money and power as a pursuit of happiness. It’s a thorn and a thorn. In fact, living a simple life, not being covered by vanity, not being tempted by luxury, spending more time with parents, bringing more children, more with your lover, more with friends, enjoying the joy of life, reading the true meaning of life, This life is still full of happiness.