Switching angles to see the rich

 The rich make money, usually for several reasons:
  1. Of course it is endowment. For example, I don’t have a star face, and I naturally can’t earn the appearance fee.
  2. We have not eaten the bitterness of eating. I still remember that “Carving Lord” said a sentence: “What is entrepreneurship? Entrepreneurship is practice. Its heart is a piece of instinct. No matter how difficult it is, this tone cannot be dispersed.” The spirit of hardship, many of us do not have, so we have to be convinced.
  3. Not afraid of risk. In the face of the same opportunity, you are afraid of taking risks because of fear of risk, others have succeeded because they dare to take risks. Why do you think “this world is unfair”?
  4. The wealth that the rich finally get is actually a small piece compared to the wealth he created. There is a concept in economics called “consumer surplus” – all innovation activities create a new wealth, which is “consumer surplus”. As time goes by, this wealth will gradually be attributed to consumers, not to the rich. What the rich can get is just a small amount of wealth in a time window.
  There may still be some people who think that I am poor and I can’t earn money. Therefore, it is not good for me to look at the rich to make money. Well, I will switch to your perspective now, you will find that you think it is wrong. Why? Because the improvement of the living conditions of the poor is largely dependent on the rich. Take Ma Yun, he surpassed Li Ka-shing to become the richest man in Asia, but the premise of his position as the richest man is that he wants to create a large number of employment opportunities, so that a large number of Taobao merchants have money to earn.
  Well, let’s assume that someone is asking us now: Let the poor’s life improve tenfold and the rich’s wealth increase by ten thousand times. These two results appear at the same time. Do we want it? Anyway, if I am poor, I will.
  With the evolution of the market economy, the contradiction between the rich and the poor will become larger and larger. Yes, if the contradiction between the rich and the poor is that the poor simply cannot eat enough, then this is indeed unfair. However, if the lives of the poor are improving, but the rich are improving faster, I think this is not a bad result.
  why? Because once we get rid of the scarcity economy, the difference between us and the rich is actually not as big as we think. If we poor people can also open a “QQ” of 30,000 yuan, it is actually quite good. The rich are screaming again, but buying a million-dollar Maybach, he seems to have hundreds of times the gap with us, but both cars can go on the highway, can drive to the suburbs to go wild, in fact, the gap is not So big.
  Therefore, society will not become unstable because of the gap between the rich and the poor. The key is whether the total amount of wealth is increasing.