Push you to see the end of the world

  In the countryside of the famous hot springs in Japan, I met the old Zheng couple. The hot spring is located halfway up the mountain. Lao Zheng is pushing the wheelchair with sweat on the ramp. The old Zheng wife with a gray curly hair sitting in the wheelchair smiles and smiles at each passing person.
  At the end of the cherry blossom season, the sakura and the weeping cherry sifted in a burst of white rain. The wheelchair stopped from time to time, and the old Zheng wife in the wheelchair opened her hands like a girl and happily caught the flowers. Her excited look infected me. I stepped forward and helped Lao Zheng stroller, thus knowing the story of the old couple who had walked tens of thousands of kilometers in wheelchairs for 9 years.
  Lao Zheng and his wife are all over 70 years old. This is the second time they have come to Japan. Lao Zheng’s wife had problems with her knees more than 10 years ago. Since 2009, she has had to rely on wheelchairs for a long time. In the year when I was in a wheelchair, Lao Zheng’s wife was like a beast in a cage. She lost her temper from time to time and offended all her relatives and friends and cared for her babysitter. In the second year, 63-year-old Zheng Zheng submitted a retirement application to his university. The dean of the department retained him, and offered a higher project allowance, and “threatened” him and said, “You can face your wife’s stinky face day and night.” Lao Zheng said with confidence: “She is now depressed. It’s entirely because the eye is not wide enough. When I go back, I will take her as a backpacker. I can do it with my physical strength. The Arctic Antarctic has to go.”
  For a while, Lao Zheng went to the gym to lift weights, run, and reserve physical fitness. He also encouraged his wife to lift dumbbells to force the wheels of the wheelchair when they were on the ramp. He learned how to save space on the luggage in order to replace the big box with a small box for easy operation; he also bought a repair tool to learn how to maintain and repair the wheelchair to the bicycle repair master; he even learned a foot massage to help his wife. Reduce the numbness caused by bumps in a wheelchair for a long time.
  Most of the time, both of them choose the way to travel by themselves. Lao Zheng’s wife especially likes cruises. At the beginning, Lao Zheng thought that she liked the romance of blowing the sea breeze and watching the sunset. She liked the openness, style and all kinds of amusement facilities of the cruise ship. Later, the wife told him that he could choose most cruises and store most of his luggage on the boat. When disembarking from the boat, Lao Zheng can take her light car and go straight to the boat every night to get a good night’s sleep. Lao Zheng was very moved and thought that this showed that after a few trips, his wife’s attention had shifted from his painful and stiff knee to another place. She can appreciate the hard work and hard work of others, indicating that her life is changing from a black and white image to a lively color image.
  They are 9 years old. Twelve long trips of more than one month each time created an unprecedented support and companionship model for them. In order to make his wife “strongly mentally strong”, Lao Zheng encouraged and promoted her to do all sorts of seemingly impossible things: hot springs, sledding, shearing wool, bowing and archery, and even joining the locals to dance in circular dances. Ranks. He also encouraged her to talk to people in simple English.
  At the age when it was supposed to be severely restricted, the Lao Zheng couple felt the disappearance of physical and age disorders. Travel has become a “broken machine” for them to break through the obstacles of life. They are learning new skills every day, and they have endless words.
  In 2015, the two went to the South Pole by a cruise ship and saw the penguins and the magnificent blue ice. In 2017, the two went to the most beautiful fjords in the Arctic and Norway, and saw the huge waves caused by the rolling sea lions and whale tails. I saw the ever-changing aurora dancing in the sky. Lao Zheng said that the two men went hand in hand to see the scenery at the end of the world, which is the best reward for this life.
  When I said goodbye to the old Zheng couple, they were already enjoying the pleasure of the hot spring bath: the water and the pool of green water, the pink petals are like a dream. They took off their shoes and socks like children, rolled up their trouser legs, leaned their heads against each other, and shared a small bottle of sake. After a long journey, there is no more moving moment than this: I am here to see the amazing scenery, just right, you are here too.