Onlookers Nobel Prize: the border of science

  In the field of knowledge, there are no awards that have more worldwide prestige than the Nobel Prize in Natural Science.
  In an era when humans gradually lose the value and meaning of integration, the Nobel Prize awarded to the fields of physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine has a more universal truth – this is in the peace prize, the literary prize, and even the later economy. It is difficult to exist in the award.
  The award-winning achievements of the Nobel Prize in Natural Science not only promote scientific and technological progress, social development, but also help humans understand themselves. Detailed knowledge about the laws and mechanisms governing nature may be difficult to put into the field of application immediately, but it can make humans more aware of their position in the universe and be more modest and objective. As Bryce Pascal said: “The true greatness of mankind is to achieve his own insignificance.”
  For the country, the probability or quantity of the Nobel Prize in Natural Science is proportional to the population, and the population intelligence/educational level. A strong positive relationship has a positive relationship with the degree of economic development and a positive relationship with the degree of freedom of social thought.
  The scientific research results are consistent with the economic situation: the first-class economic development level means first-class scientific research and results. At the same time, when the scientists won the Nobel Prize in Natural Science, the results of their research were based on the results of their research 20 years ago. This led to the acquisition of the Nobel Prize for Natural Science, which basically lags behind the level of economic development for about 20 years.
  The World Science Center has undergone many shifts, from which we can see the flow of knowledge, technology, and talent, as well as the growth and decline of economic strength among developed countries. The third world countries are also charging from the edge, eager to take the crown of truth.