Mom was a stupid child when she was a child

 child just in kindergarten, one day I pick him up and was about to put him in his arms, smelt a strong smell of feces and familiar.
  ”Pull your pants?” I whispered to him. “Mom, you must never tell the teacher.” He said with a red face. “The teacher smelled the smell and asked who it was. I didn’t dare to raise my hand. I was afraid that the children would laugh at me.” When
  I got home, I changed clothes for my child. When I found out that the stool was warmed up by him, it was hard and hard. It can be seen that the little guy sees multiple faces.
  When the family was preparing to rest at night, I said loudly to the gentleman: “Do you know? When I first went to school, I was afraid to lift my hand to the toilet and pulled it all over my trousers.” The gentleman took the message and said, “Oh, oh. What’s the matter? I just did this when I was at school. Later I learned that when I was in the toilet, I could raise my hand to report to the teacher. The school allowed it.” The
  child heard the conversation between us and hurriedly ran over, eyes bright. Brightly asked: “Mother and Dad, have you really pulled the pants?” The
  gentleman and I said in a row: “Yes, I’m pulling it, then I want to go to the bathroom and tell the teacher, I’ve never had such an anecdote. “The child happily held us both: “It turns out that Mom and Dad are the same as me.”
  Since then, the child has never pulled on his pants at school, and he knows how to bravely speak out when he encounters problems, and boldly Ask someone around you for help.
  Since then, I have learned that fear is not the child’s nature, but too much feeling has been denied by adults.
  first question after the children in elementary school, encountered handwriting is not good enough. Because the words are not well written, the homework is often rewritten, and the exams are often lost. Critics are not insignificant. After discussing with my child, I reported a calligraphy class to him. After practicing for a while, he wanted to retreat. “Mom, it’s hard to practice the words. I don’t want to practice the words any more.” He licked his mouth and looked at the difficulties.
  I thought about it and said to him: “Don’t look at my mother is a reporter now. I write a version of the article every day. When I was a child, I was often criticized by my teacher.” He said with surprise: “Mom, you are not from a young age.” Write an article?” “Isn’t it.” I told him frankly, “Mom can be stupid when I was a child. The mathematics exam failed, and the Chinese composition was not well written. But my mother read more and wrote more, and later I was admitted. At the university, I learned to write an article.”
  From then on, I insisted on getting up at 5 o’clock every day to read and write articles. After the child gets up in the morning, I often have been sitting in the study for more than an hour. He stood at the door of the study and looked at the back of my hard-working book. Gradually, the better his words are written, the more accurate the oral calculations are, and the essays have been praised by the teachers many times.
  In a Zhou Ji, he wrote: “Don’t look at my mother is a reporter. She was a stupid child when she was a child. But what about a stupid child? If you insist on not giving up, you can write a good article…”
  It turned out that it was nothing to shame to reveal your imperfections to the children. What is really shameful is that they are not talented and do not work hard with their children.
  child third grade, began to learn English. At first, he felt very funny, but he soon discovered that the language of “Foreigner” is too difficult to make: a word with multiple pronunciations; one pronunciation with multiple words.
  ”Mom, I am Chinese, why do you want to learn a foreign language?” He stood upright and asked confidently. I followed him: “Yes, why do you want to learn a foreign language? Let’s ask an English teacher together.” The
  English teacher found some original English animated cartoons, English original movies, English documentaries, and showed them to him. : “The picture is so good to look good?” He said: “Good-looking.” The teacher added: “You can’t understand or understand right now? But you have learned English, you can not only understand these movies, but also travel to these countries. Learning, you will see a different world.”
  I took the teacher’s words and said to the child: “Mom when I was a child, I was studying in the country, I didn’t learn English well, and the pronunciation is still not standard. Baby, from today, we will follow the teacher together. Learn to see who is progressing fast, okay?” He said with a red face: “Good!”
  I talked to him about it, and passed the pronunciation to the teacher every day, so that the teacher can correct it. Many times, he learned faster than me and read it.
  After a period of hard work, he has gotten excellent in several English exams. Once, he also said to me: “Mom, I have to learn English well, and I will go to Harvard to go to university in the future. I want to be friends with Plato, friends with Aristotle, and friends with truth (Harvard University’s school motto). ”
  So, if you don’t have time to accompany your child, you really have no time to be a human being, because the children bring us far more than you think.”
  is the parenting process and window dressing these trivial little things I learned that love a thousand times more important than education.
  Parents should not be eager to use their own prejudice to deny the child’s feelings, nor should they use anxious minds to judge the child’s actions, and should not use the so-called right to deprive the child of the experience. We must kneel down, resonate with the children in a humble and awe, and connect with the children, so that the children can be seen, understood, and respected, and establish a order and love that follows the inner feelings and self-will.
  Because what really affects a child’s life is not knowledge, but experience; what really happens with the child’s life is not to teach, but to emotional links with parents. Humility, empathy, and mutual assistance are precisely the qualities that Harvard University encourages students to have.