Modern women’s view of marriage and love is becoming more and more “just”

  Our generation is a generation that is repressed and extremely rough. Now, I just want everyone to dress up and take yourself seriously. Even if there is no lens, I have to live in C.
  The attitude of modern women in marriage and love has become more and more clear. They are entering marriage because of emotional needs, rather than wanting a long-term meal ticket.
  Since the beginning of the pursuit of the “love of the daughters” such a reality show, people around me have given up the soap opera. The same is to see handsome men and women fall in love, live stars and love scenes can be more grounded and more realistic than the resulting script.
  In the second season of “The Love of Daughters”, the four girls of Zheng Shuang, Xu Wei, Chen Qiaoen and Guo Biting, although they have different personalities, have different native families, and their experiences are different. However, after several periods of chasing, I found this. The fact that 4 girls treat love is really similar.
  Shuang Cheng grew up: Little Princess and I have good partners when
  these four couples, the Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng is the most controversial couple. Zhang Heng, whose fame and wealth are not as good as his girlfriend, said that he wants to work hard to change everyone’s perception of him and be a good boyfriend. However, in the following programs, Zhang Heng was unable to switch freely among the three roles of boyfriend, agent and partner. Especially in a program, he and Zheng Shuang immediately fell to his face and said that they were disheartened when they had a disagreement at work. They also refused to communicate with Zheng Shuang, making the scene once embarrassing, and taking the onlooker’s father to the air. .
  At work, Zheng Shuang overturned the previous decision and dismissed the work of the entire team. Zhang Heng was not happy to understand, but he was cold and violent to his girlfriend, which made many people criticized. In fact, he can say all the dissatisfaction when discussing the work. Whether it is good or bad, he has to communicate with his girlfriend and partner Zheng Shuang, instead of pulling his face in the car and saying nothing, even Zheng Shuang shows weakness. He pulled his hand and ignored it.
  On the other hand, Zheng Shuang, after talking about two open loves, has obviously matured a lot. She knew that her boyfriend was angry, and she took the initiative to marry him, and the temperature was too soft to be able to do it. She felt that she had become famous earlier and had been held by others. She was afraid that she was too capricious, so she began to learn to consider the problem from the perspective of her boyfriend.
  Mature people know that it is a big taboo for couples to quarrel and not to admit each other. It is a proper way to open a good communication. Even Zheng’s father said that Zheng Shuang’s attitude toward Zhang Heng was unimaginable in the past, and she grew up.
  Love and work can of course have an intersection, but couples must have a mature approach. Cold violence and non-communication are definitely not a good way to solve problems. It not only hinders work, but also creates a barrier between love. At this point, Zheng Shuang is more mature than Zhang Heng. Her weakness and soft clothes are all signs of growing.
  ”Baby” Xu Lu: her lover must take into account the role and
  Xu Lu and Zhang En couple this season in the sweetest couple, they are still in love, often childish and sweet play some games. Everyone looked at the laughter, but Xu Dad’s heart was sour and sour, and even Xu Wei and Zhang Mingen called each other “baby” feel uncomfortable. The daughter who carefully raised her daughter, the little lover who fell in love with her life, was suddenly cut off by a strange young man. Xu’s father’s heart was lost, and all the fathers who raised their daughters could understand.
  However, on the one hand, this kind of boyfriend is strong, and on the other hand, the father who is sour into lemon, Xu Wei, who is sandwiched in the middle, is very intelligent, decisive and skillful to let the two men avoid the edge. For example, every time she enters the group filming, her boyfriend will give her a meal, but she did not tell her father; 520 on the day of the day, Zhang Mingen sent a calendar of Xu Wei, there are 100 between the couples should do In the matter, Xu Wei also secretly collected it. It turned out that she was right. Xu Dad later knew about it and threatened to draw every item of the calendar.
  There may not be people in the world who know more about their daughter than Dad. Xu Dad can easily tell Xu Wei’s debut time, the number of film and television dramas, and various childhood anecdotes. But in the future, he will not be able to give his father a few decades of happiness. . Under the “hidden” and “exhibition” elaborately arranged by Xu Wei, Zhang Mingen proved that he was capable of taking care of Xu Wei with practical actions. Although Xu Dad was unhappy, he secretly breathed a sigh of relief.
  I know that Dad is jealous and can’t give up and sweetheart with her boyfriend. Instead of letting the two favorite men face each other, it is better to melt each other into the other’s life. Xu Wei is not old, but she did it. Old and smart.
  Guo Biting & Chen Qiaoen: The light and mature women’s views on marriage and love are very
  close to Guo Bing and Xiang Zuo’s good deeds. I didn’t expect them to play the truth game before marriage. “There have been a few episodes of love” “Which one is the most memorable predecessor” “Why did you break up with your predecessor”… Every question is a big pit, and the answers of the two are very fierce. The predecessor is more than 5, almost married… Information The amount is so big that people can’t stand it.
  More exciting, Guo Biting also said that if the two break up in the future, it is likely that because of disagreement, Zuo also agrees with her. If you are not married, you will discuss the reasons why you may break up in the future. This is really unusual for a 35-year-old couple. In fact, the reason for the breakup of the “disagreement” they said is not a worry. In the big divorce data released in 2017, nearly 80% of the 90-year choice for divorce is the disagreement. Compared with physical defects and economic problems, young people nowadays are more and more concerned about whether two people can see each other and advance together.
  Before the wedding, Guo Biting also told her boyfriend about her fears: she was afraid of losing herself after taking care of her family after marriage. To be honest, a girl like Beauty Guo Biting is easy to make people feel prejudiced, and she feels that she can live a life without worry. Guo Biting is beautiful, but she is a very special girl. As the eldest daughter in the family, Guo Biting takes care of her parents and supports her sister. Her practices and thinking are very masculine and her sense of responsibility is strong.
  However, Xiang Zuo believes that girls should be taken care of by boys. They don’t have to be too tired and too tired to see their boyfriends disapprove of their own ideas. Some girls may be disappointed or even quarreled, but Guo Biting thinks very clearly: she is no longer like a girl. The ignorance and rashness of the time, met the right person at the right time, entering the marriage is the best choice, the other run-in can be given to time. It’s just that she doesn’t forget to play a “truthful adventure” with her boyfriend before getting married, so that she can clearly express her attitude – after marriage, she will never lose herself.
  Coincidentally, this “speaking ugly words in front” is also the style of the idol drama queen Chen Qiaoen.
  On the second day of just meeting the male guest Zeng Weichang, Chen Qiaoen also threw out the three major propositions of “speaking a few times in love”, “what is the most romantic thing I have done”, “why broke up”, and observed off-site Chen’s father also thinks she is rash. But the married woman around me understands her especially, because once a woman needs to be held by a man in her palm, she will become more and more rational in love.
  For example, Chen Qiaoen said that the most memorable part of the relationship ended up being because of the love of the distant land. Then she asked Zeng Weichang how to treat the long distance relationship? She still does not forget to add, not allowing the male guest to simply say “distance is not a problem” can be mixed, but to propose a specific approach.
  This method of showing attitudes before the interaction shows that the method of not wasting the other’s feelings seems to be a bit “just” and a bit tough, but it is actually worth promoting. For a mature woman like Guo Biting and Chen Qiaoen, love is not a rice, but a good dish. Of course, good, no, no, will not starve. Whether she is married or not, she is herself.
  More rational, more “just”
  modern women’s attitude in marriage and love has become more and more clear, they step into marriage, because of emotional needs, and not just a long-term meal ticket. At the moment when most people’s material conditions are acceptable, what can women be willing to step into marriage? I believe that the four female stars of this program have given the answer: love, understanding and support. Similarly, the four fathers also support their daughter’s point of view. I feel that after a woman gets married, she needs to have her own ideals and needs to be independent of her husband and family.
  It is interesting to see female stars in love, but it is also grounded. They are no different from us. In the face of the inextricable relationship between career, family, lover and elders, they will be confused and have headaches, but there will also be some little wisdom worth learning. Their concept of marriage and love is We offer a more diverse perspective:
  Zheng Bing, who is bold and bold, knows how to show weakness for love. The delicate baby Xu Wei calmly handles the contradictions between Weng and Yi, and the mature women Guo Biting and Chen Qiaoen advocate “being right in the first place”… These operations are enough to make people shine. Looking back at the divorce news that the entertainment circle has not broken in these years, we can easily see that: In fact, the quality of marriage is not directly related to the value, wealth and fame of a woman; and a failed feeling will not become The stain that cannot be erased in a woman’s life, only a woman with a mature and powerful heart, will be able to navigate the emotions.
  Perhaps it is difficult to say in the marriage life who is right or wrong. We do not reject the dependence of “willing to be single-minded, white-headed and not apart”, but a good marriage relationship must allow women to have independent personality and independent choice. The right to allow women to rationally “just” one time.