Lemon and oysters are fighting

  My brother Xiao Xiao took the whole family to live in Jacksonville, USA. What he didn’t expect was that all the differences I had with him were centered around food.
  In the rented B&B, Xiao Xiao yells at me, and the leftovers of the soup are not thrown into the trash can. I pour it directly into the sink. There is a shredder at the sewer, which will crush the egg shell and the apple core. The rubbish bins piled up perishable food waste, which was hard to smell in the house, and the cleaners would protest when they cleaned up.
  Every time I cut the peel and peel the leaves, I have to stand in the pool for a long time, and I can’t get my hands. It is estimated that when he is determined to bite the scalp and throw food residue into the sewer, his heart will feel guilty. Waiting for me to look around again and again, ready to be unprepared, find a garbage bag to put the core and peel, the leftovers were taken over by Xiao Xiao, give him a demonstration。

  This action is not difficult, but I can’t learn it anyway, and I don’t want to learn. He doubts the legitimacy of this move. There is a bucket in the old home, which is specially used to put all kinds of leftovers and leftovers into the vegetable garden. At this moment, he also wants to keep the residue to the grass and garden outside. On the day we left, I regret that the landlord is not showing up. He has a lot of opinions to tell the landlord: How can you grow flowers and plants without planting vegetables? Leftovers can be fed to the chickens to feed the fish, or you can fill the yard, don’t throw the waterway, it’s too wasteful!
  In fact, I am not the kind of person who hoards garbage, and when I throw things, I have a quick hand. When I was young, I couldn’t see it. The pearl earrings and the shell necklace were thrown away by him. With the aesthetics of “I don’t love red dress and love”, I can’t see these things that corrode people’s will. The pearl shell is rubbish for him, and the leftovers are a treasure for him. From a young age, Xiao Xiao couldn’t stand it. I used a sharp shovel to squeak the sound of the bottom of the pot. From a young age, I always asked us to scrape the pot and scrape it to a grain of rice. Whoever does not have a hatred with the bottom of the pot is to fight against it. .
  The aunt went out for a walk and came back to pick up a lot of lemons. Xiao Xiao warned them that these seem to be planted outside, but they are all private property. They also have ownership on the land… In order to let the obedient listen, he will not hesitate to listen. “This state gun is legal, you take someone else’s things, be careful people shoot!”
  When I left, I couldn’t give up the lemon. I peeled the lemon and soaked the lemon meat. When passing the security check, Xiao Xiao had to help the water fall, and the hand grabbed the cup from his hand and drunk the lemonade. Xiao Xiao’s expression can be interpreted as: “And this kind of god operation?” can be made into an expression pack.
  However, not all foods can lead to cherished love. Once, the whole family was eating in a seaside shop. Xiao Xiao found that the oysters of a shop only sold two knives, which was very exciting. Xiao Xiao usually pays for the oysters that people eat, one hundred, not so fresh. Although expensive and unpalatable, oysters are better than the clothes worn by the ladies. They are expensive and uncomfortable. They can eat the emotions while eating and eating, and they become the mirrors and waters because they can’t.
  When Xiao Xiao discovered that the beauty of the flower cloud suddenly became within reach, did not grasp the fun? Xiao Xiaobian has a good time to settle accounts: too cheap! Eat it is to earn! Eat more money to make money on the ticket!
  He silently watched Xiao Xiao and ordered 6 oysters. When he slammed himself back into the lemon, Xiao Xiao looked at his sullen and amazed expression. The original copy was doubled and returned. Along the way, the expressions of the two people sent you, I sent you, frequently used, but it was not wasted.