Interlaced like a mountain, Apple is no exception

US President Trump recently visited Apple’s Austin factory and later voiced on social media, hoping to let Apple participate in the US 5G construction. For a time, it has caused widespread international discussion. Public opinion generally believes that for technology and industry, political will cannot be wishful thinking.

The development of technology and industry has its own rules. This is a long-term accumulation process that requires a huge price. It cannot be achieved overnight, and it is even more impossible to take it for granted.

Communication system equipment, the United States once had its own glory, Motorola, Lucent have been world-renowned companies, Bell Labs has been the same as God. But in the brutal competition of more than two decades, these companies have gradually lost their competitiveness: Motorola has basically withdrawn from the communications equipment manufacturing industry, and Lucent has been merged by the Nokia Systems Division. Today, the world’s mobile communication systems are mainly concentrated in five companies: Huawei, Nokia, Ericsson, ZTE, and Samsung. Samsung has a strong comprehensive capability and has strong capabilities in the chip and terminal fields, but it hopes to make a difference in the system field and it is also difficult.

Nowadays, in an area that you are not familiar with, if you want to make a difference, you not only need to invest for a long time, but you may face many failures. There will also be conflicts between management mechanisms and evaluation mechanisms. A company that makes consumer electronics products and a company that makes communication equipment are completely different in terms of culture, style, and evaluation mechanism. Companies that have used both system equipment and terminal products in the world have chosen to use only terminals or systems.

The classic example is Intel, which is very powerful in computer chips. It lacks technology, no shortage of money, and no shortage of talents. However, in the field of mobile phone chips, it has twice exited and suffered huge losses. It’s really “interlaced like a mountain.”

Although Apple is a very successful consumer electronics company, there is still a big gap in its technology accumulation. Until today, Apple has never built a mobile communication network. For network planning, core network construction, base station construction, and network engineering, I am afraid to start from scratch. Moreover, due to the small number of related patents in the field of communication technology, Apple has to pay a large amount of patent fees to Huawei every year. Therefore, to take a step back, if you turn to 5G network construction, Apple is not short of money, but the technology, talents, experience, and management mechanisms that are lacking are not cultivated overnight.

Even in the launch of 5G mobile phones, Apple eventually abandoned the 5G baseband because of Intel, and until now the 5G mobile phone of the former has not been developed. It can be said that in the 5G era, Apple has fallen behind its competitors, and it can still catch up. This is still an unknown number.

In addition, in the process of forming 5G standards, as a mobile phone company, Apple has not shown much technical strength or played an important position in the relevant standards organizations. It should be said that in business and terminal products, Apple’s strength is unremarkable.

suspect. However, modern technology development and commercial competition are becoming more and more fierce, and various fields are constantly being subdivided. Most companies will choose to deepen their fields in the new development law. Protect your own competitive advantage in this field. Therefore, we have not seen the impulse of Apple to enter the development of 5G equipment.

Of course, Apple also acquired Intel’s communications baseband division, and also began to do some pre-research and accumulation of related technologies. Maybe there will be some work on 5G terminals in the future, and even in the future, in the 6G field, Apple may also make more investment. However, it is really not a sentence for American politicians to realize that Apple is now participating in the US 5G construction.