Innocent and angular

Listen to the sound of falling leaves

  If you have to use a word to describe it, the children’s book writer Yang Hongying feels that his life status is “the age is quiet.”
  She was seen in a two-storey apartment dedicated to hospitality. She used the underground elevator to pick up, but she didn’t see her first smell, and the hearty Sichuanese mandarin, I don’t know how to bring it. I still love the United States in the same way. I wear a jade ring on my hand. Into the door, most of the wall is her children’s books and portraits. Even though the house is not commonly used, flowers should be placed inside the house.
  Outside the floor-to-ceiling window, a tall ginkgo stands tall and casts a shadow on the curtains.
  Strange to say, no matter where she lives, there is always a ginkgo outside the window. Beijing is like this, and so is Chengdu. Her home in Chengdu is “like a forest.” When she walks in, she is covered with leaves and leaves. There are several vases in Jingdezhen in the house, and she is inserted in the plum. When I was a child, my father was riding a bicycle all the year round, sitting in front of Yang Hongying, sitting behind the little brother, and taking the brothers and sisters to see the flowers. In the spring, I went to the ground to pick pea pods, pick wild vegetables, enjoy the summer in the summer, smell the sweet-scented osmanthus in the fall, and harvest the osmanthus cake and the sweet-scented osmanthus wine. When it is winter, my father will take her to Meiyuan in Chengdu People’s Park. The hand-picked up the flowers of the plum blossoms on the ground. The crystal basin is filled with water and the petals are sprinkled on the water. So the whole winter will have the fragrance of the plum.
  Later, when grown up, Ginkgo biloba, lotus, and plum are the most popular plants in Yang Hongying’s works. In the “Fairy Honey” series, Yang Hongying wrote the honey teacher to the children to study in the evening, took them out of school, barefoot in the mud, feeling the warmth of the sun, until the sunset fell a little bit, full of sunset.
  “How many reds are there in the sunset?” said the nurse teacher.
  With such a question, the children stopped their own play and answered the words. “There is Zhu Hong.” “There is a duck egg yolk red.” “There is purple red.” “There is goldfish red.” “There is peach red.” “There is pale pink.” “There are shrimps red.”…
  Just as the father took her to see flower.
  In 2008, she moved from Chengdu to Beijing. The vegetation is no longer as rich as Chengdu, but there are still ginkgo. Beijing Ginkgo biloba season is just a few days, she is almost on a business trip, missed a lot, really mourning the pavilion area of ​​the emerald area covered with golden ginkgo. On the way to the airport, she suddenly called the driver to stop – seeing the yellow leaves that fell across the floor, she was determined to get off the car and step on it.
  This can’t help but remind people of her “Laughing Cat Diary.” In the book, the laughing cat meets Xiaobai and feels that Xiaobai is the “an unusual dog”. It is also like a glimpse. Xiaobai likes to walk on the fallen leaves and listen to the sound of stepping on the leaves.
“They are too young to look at their children.”

  The controversy is not without it.
  Although the children’s book written by Yang Hongying has been ranked first in the best-selling list of Chinese children’s literature for 20 years, she has been loved by countless children and has influenced at least two generations of Chinese children. She has created naughty horses, laughing cats, 冉冬阳, 吴缅, honey. The vivid image of the teacher and other series of children’s childhood memories, the educational concept of humanistic care and equal communication, and the younger generation of teachers and parents who grew up reading her works…
  but her writing and reality are close It is also more likely to be criticized. Children who see negative rumors are often more hurt than her. A small reader asked her very naively: “Aunt Yang Hongying, they all said that you copied, you copied it, I found it for a long time.” The child told her that she cried for one night and thought that “I am so The writer who likes it is plagiarism.”
  She thought about it, but later she felt that she had to stand up and protest.
  The shackles of Taurus are coming up. She told her lawyer that she would later rumor that she plagiarized, did not issue a lawyer’s letter, and directly prosecuted. Why? I clearly did not miss anything, obviously a person who wrote for the child wholeheartedly. Ten years ago, she pleaded with the media that rumored that “naughty horses and small jumps” copied foreign works, and finally apologized for the media that spread rumors, and returned her innocence.
  She is not born to be afraid of conflict, nor is it a good face – the person who reads her work probably has a gentle imagination of her, but the writer facing reality is not only a warm background.
  In the past controversy, she has rarely responded. “Children’s book writing is a very professional profession. People who work in this profession must at least understand children, understand children’s psychology, and understand children’s education. Because the main readers of children’s books are children of different ages. For those who are condescending to children, there is no fear of children, just superficial labeling. After a long time, the label will naturally fall.”
  She said she chose to believe in time. In her view, the long-term sales in the past 20 years have also proved some facts. Many times she is reluctant to be interviewed by the media, chooses a low-key, and chooses to have a relationship with only a small reader – that is the most important and reliable social relationship she thinks after she thinks.
  After the end of the primary school teacher’s career, Yang Hongying’s most frequent contact with the child became a signing ceremony and a “small cherry” meeting – “Little Cherry” is a self-proclaimed little reader who likes her.
  See the children who are coming in line, she will hug each other, ask a few more words or take a group photo; see the parents who patiently accompany the children in the long line, she will also know in her heart that this is a good parent who understands the child and knows how to support the child. . The editor who cooperated with Yang Hongying observed that she is an adult who knows very well what the child is thinking: a kindergarten class child told Yang Hongying that she was already in elementary school. She smiled and did not correct him – “He will say this, just I want to grow up quickly.”
  Yang Hongying, who faces children and adults, looks like two people, and the bones are actually innocent. Compared with the sluggishness of the adult society, the child’s heart seems to be closer to her: direct, true, and candid.
  ”Today’s children’s literature, the children’s reading market is chaotic, there is no terminal, it is in the middle of the link. Today, many of us go to read and promote, what do parents listen to, I say where is the terminal? Read The terminal is that the child is not you. You said that the book is not good, the book is not good, only the book that the experts said is good, has anyone asked the child if it is good? The child has no right to speak.”
  She believes that this is the main reason for her work to evaluate the two days. “One side is the child’s heartfelt love, and the other is the indifference and prejudice of the adult world. Adults feel offended to them and feel that we should tell the children what to read. As a result, the children ran to find it, and they liked it. So I made a lot of anger, and they put all their anger on me.”

  ”Some people think that children are not judged, what to eat?” I asked.
  ”That’s because they don’t understand children, they are too young to see children.” She was smashed.
Angular capital

  In China’s children’s book market, for every 100 children’s books sold, there are 4 works by Yang Hongying. Yang Hongying has enough capital and strength to keep the edges and corners. At the age of 57, she still believes that she is a person who is not so sleek and sleek. She has a 12-point self, only doing what she likes and seeing the person she wants to see.
  Behind her strength, she considers herself to be “sufficiently professional”: she is a children’s book writer who is loved by the children. When she first became a primary school teacher, she earned 39 yuan a month, but in order to write a scientific fairy tale to the children in the class, she borrowed money from her father and bought a whole set of Encyclopedia Britannica. In the fairy tale, what animal to write, she went to check the living habits and eating habits of the animals, and copied the cards full of ten drawers. At that time, there were not many people who knew what a science fairy tale was. She was inspired by Nils’s Goose Traveling Journey – this is known as “the first and only one in the history of world literature.” The children’s literature of the Nobel Prize for Literature is a story about the geography, flora and fauna, cultural monuments and customs of Sweden through the adventure story of the little boy Niels.

  The reading class, which is usually used as a self-study class, has become an experimental field for her to grasp the children’s interest in reading. She read the story she wrote to the children in the class. When the story was arrested, all the children in the classroom looked at her with a gaze, and the birds were silent. The story was unattractive, and the audience immediately whispered and smashed.
  Long-term face of the most direct test and feedback of small readers, gradually, she explored the so-called rhythm. For example, in the face of the younger children of the first grade, there are no more than three story characters and a plot of up to three rounds. She only recently learned that the milk powder that children eat is divided into one year old, two years old, three years old and four years old. “Children’s literature is even more so. It is very complicated and professional. It depends on the object and age.”
  Later, there was a publishing house. When the president saw Yang Hongying’s work, he couldn’t help but sigh with a few pages: “There is basically nothing extra in it, all of them are very arresting plots, so you have to read them.”
  Her daughter I once said that because the school and the family were only separated by a street, the mother used to watch the “female birthday”, and even secretly took the high-powered telescope every day to observe what happened in the class.
  Of course, this incident was told by her daughter Yang Hongying when she grew up. The daughter now remembers the most of her mother’s meal: In the sixth year of elementary school, Yang Hongying went home to cook at noon and at night, and the weekly recipes were posted in the refrigerator, and the breakfast was not heavy every day. When her daughter took a lunch break, it was her writing time.
  Today, as long as she is not on a business trip, she still has the habit of working for more than ten hours a day. Get up at 7:30 in the morning, spend half an hour thinking about what to do today – everyone who knows her work habits knows that the day’s arrangement can only be said to her on the same day, she only has a good day, never considers tomorrow or Things after far. If she enters the writing period, she will work from morning to 5 pm, in order to ensure the smoothness of the article. On the day of the interview, she said it for four or five hours, and suddenly realized that it was two or three in the afternoon, far from lunch time. She apologized to us: “I forgot to eat, I am embarrassed because I don’t eat at noon.”
  A systematic study of children’s psychology and children’s education theory is done after the children’s book editor. She focuses on the study of children’s reading psychology for nearly 30 years. Before that, the way she treated and understood her children was entirely out of a simple and true kindness. When I was a primary school teacher, there was a little girl in her class who was not very good-looking. She was very unconfident. In order to make her confident, she tried hard to find advantages in her, looking for a long time, Yang Hongying finally found a girl’s appearance:
  ”You see Teacher Yang, why do many people say that Yang’s eyes are like dolls? Because the eyelashes are long You are too. I think you are very beautiful, especially when your eyes are looking down, your eyelashes are longer than mine.”
  There are a pair of eyes that will be found – this is the biggest horse she has created. The advantage is that she is used to and is good at the way of communication, and she is also educating her daughter: “Contact with people, we must judge the advantage of this person very quickly.”
  The daughter who has become a family has now become her proud of the works. The presence. She is happy to share the video of her daughter’s temperamental amateur learning ballet with an educational story: her daughter is fat when she is young, Yang Hongying never says, only send her to learn ballet. Because she is too fat to wear a tight ballet suit, only her daughter is wearing a sportswear in the whole class. Yang Hongying gave her daughter a vaccination: “Sure someone laughs at you, but don’t be afraid, don’t compare with them. They will be actors in the future, but you just want to make yourself look better.”

  To some extent, Yang Hongying is lucky. In 2004, the Central Civilization Office set up a working group for the ideological and moral construction of minors. The director of the Civilization Office and the education experts personally read Yang Hongying’s “Naughty Bao Ma Xiao Jump Series”. As a result, Yang Hongying was elected “the first national advanced worker in ideological and moral construction work for minors.”
  Without a fair and impartial review, there is no such thing as “Ma Xiaotiao” is still being read today. This experience has made Yang Hongying grateful to this day. The era of publication of the work is the ecology of Chinese children’s literature publishing. From the original purely to the award-winning goal to the pursuit of “let the child fall in love with reading” transformation stage. “Building a complete autonomous reading system” and “healthy Chinese children’s reading ecology”, similar expressions she said several times. The healthy reading environment in her eyes is “both recommended reading and self-reading”: “Self-reading is to let children have an interest in reading and actively read. It is the highest level of children’s reading and is the most advocating. Therefore, we must have a fair and strict review system.” She repeatedly stressed.
  The times are also undergoing some changes. More than a decade ago, a reporter interviewed the school about the publication of “Beautiful Teacher”. The principal refused to accept it. Now, when the school interviewed the teacher, there appeared such a question: “Have you read Yang Hongying’s “Beautiful Teacher”? Please talk Talk about your opinion.”
  Her former readers have grown up. Once, four Peking University girls stood in the back row of her lecture site and were asked by a French reporter: “What do you think is a good children’s book?” The
  girl gave the answer: “Good children’s books, when I was a child I have read and grown up books that have not been forgotten.”
  Yang Hongying does not think that her works will lose value over time. In her view, Ma Xiaoyue witnessed the status quo of Chinese children’s survival and education since the new century in China, and “the writer who dares to write reality is the most courageous, most responsible, and the most risky and most vulnerable to underestimation. “.
  But another fact is that Yang Hongying’s undervalued value in the field of literature has all won back in the market. This year, she released her new work “Cherry Town” – a novel that combines the classic images of previous works, and Yang Hongying is a secret paradise for fans “Cherry”. The idea of ​​this secret paradise stems from a cooperative negotiation. Someone asked her, and now the Chinese children are growing up reading her books. I want to build a Chinese image with the classic image that the children in her works are familiar with. Disney. That is to say, one day in the future, the cherry town she wrote will probably become a brick, tile, and grass.

  What day did that write?
  ”If one day the children said that you wrote the book, we don’t like it anymore, I won’t write it.”
  ”Do you fear the coming of that day?”
  ”I don’t fear. I can write today…more than ten years ago People say that the Yang Hongying era is over. As a result, today, more and more readers are reading my books, many parents and teachers are. What makes me even more happy is that my little readers now have parents and hold them. The children come to my meeting.”
Dialogue Yang Hongying’s independent reading is the highest level of children’s reading

  People Weekly: Do you think the audience of your work should have an age limit?
  Yang Hongying: I am very clear. My book is accompanying your childhood. I hope that you will fall in love with reading by reading my book in childhood. Then there are more good books waiting for you. But because of the reading anxiety of Chinese parents, he must tell you that this book is recommended when the child has not fallen in love with reading. The book is recommended, you must read it. Which question do you like and which one do you like the most? Do you know what to say? Do not know at all. The question you have to solve first: Do you like it?
  One time, a mother took the boy to sign the sale and told me that the child did not like to read. The boy was seven or eight years old and bowed his head. It was very unhappy anyway. I immediately asked the boy a different sentence. What do you like to read? Just such a change. The child said that I like the weapon book. Mom has sentenced him to death and said that he does not love to read, but I always insist that no child does not love to read. Did the adult have asked the child what books he likes to read? I said that your child may be the future military strategist. Why did he like the weapon book? interest is the best teacher.
  Today, like the Great Leap Forward, we say how many books this child reads in a year. In fact, have you said how many books this child has fallen in a year? It is the most important thing to fall in love. The problem of children’s reading in China is the kind of false prosperity.
  People Weekly: What is your standard for judging good children’s books? How do you understand the “literature” of children’s literature?
  Yang Hongying: In fact, children’s readers are very simple, literary, a story, an image. You want a character, you can live in the hearts of people, people remember to live, it is literary. Can’t tell a story, can’t stand an image, talk about literary? The best children’s literature reading, I summed up, to meet the three needs of children’s reading, the first is imagination, the second is curiosity, and the lead of spiritual growth.

 To be honest, the writing of children’s books is easy to write down to the shallow writing. The most difficult thing is to explain in simple terms. It is necessary to say that the children’s book writers are working on these four words because the children’s books writers are special. Readers, their minds are still immature, their reading ability and understanding ability are limited, and children’s book writers can’t be willful. Marketing and hype are the most useless for children if they can rely on marketing and hype. They are still pure, just like the children in The Emperor’s New Clothes. Time can leave good works.
  For me, judging the standard of children’s books, one is that children like it, and the other is that they can stand the test of time. This is also the goal and direction I am fighting for.
  People Weekly: For example, adult judging literature, you will hope that the characters are complex, but your works are more typical in order to make children like and easy to accept. How do you think about this?
  Yang Hongying: You know that adults say ‘literature has complexity’, do you know what children say? The children said that they put the matter of writing adults on our children. Children can’t be complicated. Just like you see me today, I am not complicated. I am very simple. I never turn my head, it is very direct. The reason why I can write what my child likes is because my thinking is synchronous with my child’s. It is ridiculous to ask children’s literature to be complicated by the standards of adult literature.
  People Weekly: Have you ever thought about it, if you don’t write a children’s book one day, what else do you want to do?
  Yang Hongying: I will definitely focus on building a complete autonomous reading system. It also requires a fair review. Nowadays, it is easy for adults to think that “the child’s own favorite is not good.” There are also recommended works for children to look at abroad. The recommended principle is to respect and protect the children’s reading interest first. Therefore, the library’s borrowing volume and bookstore sales volume. It is a very important reference, and then it is reviewed by a highly credible organization composed of children’s education experts and librarians. It is recommended if the children like it and read it. I think I will rely on my own efforts to contribute to building a healthy reading ecology for Chinese children. Because I have a personal experience, if I listened to the partial beliefs and did not manage the Ma Xiaojui so responsibly, there must be no such thing as a small jump.
  People Weekly: If China’s education develops to a certain level in the future, everyone thinks that humanistic education is a natural situation. Is it possible that your book will lose reading value in that era?
  Yang Hongying: Good works will not lose its reading value because of the changes of the times. Writers of an era must have the responsibility of an era. My work reflects the fact that our current education in China is like this. The children of China today are such a state of existence.
  I never worry. I am a man without ambition. Some people say that I am a very pure writer. I write my own things. The little readers are supreme in my heart, because I am writing books for children. It is very simple. Others I really don’t want to. what.
  As for how adults look, today, as a parent to read my book, one advantage is that you are more likely to make friends with your children, you know your child better. All education, including how to be friends, begins with understanding and my book can help you understand your child. If a teacher is willing to read my book, your reward is: the child’s personality education is more important than the score; you only have to become a child’s favorite teacher, the homework you teach will be liked by the child.