Impressive sense of ritual

  A friend, his 13-year-old son, transferred to a famous private school this semester. In the eyes of the old Zhang, the admission notices of the sons and sisters of the school’s seniors are secondary. As a parent, he values ​​the heart-warming sense of the school.
  In this school, all student bedrooms have an ironing board and steam iron. Whether it’s attending the flag-raising ceremony on Monday, attending a school choir performance, or talking to the principal, the first thing is to iron the shirt and school uniform suit. The freshmen didn’t do this, and the seniors taught them by hand. On Sunday afternoons or evenings, the students took turns using steam irons, which were solemn and serious, awe and solemn, and flowed through their tender bodies and minds like tides.
  At the beginning, some parents felt that the school asked students such as the 12-year-old, especially the boys like the monkeys, to be a bit harsh. For this, the principal explained: All self-discipline comes from the “he law” at the beginning. There are systems that bind you and fulfill you, and encourage you to develop a habit of being awake, Zhou Zheng, and self-discipline, and children will benefit for the rest of their lives. The principal himself did the same, and he stipulated that any student could submit a written application requesting “talking to the principal”. He will also be in formal wear to meet with the students, no sloppy.
  The respect and awe of the sense of ritual, let the children perceive the gains of persistence. Everyone is punching cards for their New Year vision on the social platform and consciously accepting everyone’s supervision. Swearing to finish the original English text, report your reading progress and feelings every day; children who learn the national standard dance, dance video every day. Lao Zhang’s son is working hard to lose weight. He insists on running for 5 kilometers every day. From the cold wind to the spring blossoms, he runs his running route and pace every day.
  Those who persist in 100 days and then dull will understand how the sense of ritual in life overcomes the laziness, sloppyness, sloping grass and shackles rooted in everyone’s mind, and makes themselves as a pine and cypress, marching straight toward the sky.
  Lao Zhang still remembers his experience when he was in high school. In the rural middle schools more than 30 years ago, the candidates were immersed in the study all the time, and they did not care about personal hygiene. The hair was not washed or combed for many days, like a unkempt bird’s nest. Two days before the college entrance examination, the class teacher asked everyone to put down the books and go to the playground. When they arrived at the pool, everyone was shocked: the teachers prepared 20 brand new washbasins and asked the children to wash their hair for their companions. The teachers bought soap from their own pockets, and concentrated the thick soap in the warm water, and poured them on the children’s palms. They watched them foam and washed out the fluffy hair and clean hands. The children watched each other, pouting, and looking at themselves in the mirror with a little sly. Yes, but they washed their heads before the college entrance examination, but they can feel more effective than the swearing-in-the-job assembly, and they felt the greenness of the inner part of the poorly-stricken heart.