I love you, but I won’t sacrifice for you

On the high-speed train from Milan to Rome, we met a handsome Italian boy. He was carrying a brown briefcase, just getting off work, his face couldn’t cover his tiredness, and he looked very good. Seeing that we can’t move the box, he took the initiative to help, and after sitting down, everyone simply chatted.

He said that he was going to see his girlfriend, his girlfriend lived in Rome, and he lived in Milan. He had to take a one-and-a-half-hour slow train to the Milan Central Railway Station, take another three hours to reach the Rome Terminus, and finally take the train for another one and a half hours before arriving at his girlfriend’s residence. It takes about six or seven hours before and after, almost longer than the time I went back to Shenyang from Beijing.

We asked him how long he and his girlfriend met. He smiled shyly: “I have been in love for two years, and I have to see it once a week.” We are a little surprised, such a high frequency, so hard, it is clear that true love is no doubt. Peer friends are puzzled: “You are so in love, why don’t you just resign and sell the house to find another person?” “No.” The little boy immediately said, “Love is what you pay for, not In exchange for sacrifice, “In his opinion, for love, both parties are willing to pay, this is no problem, but if one party has owned everything for the other party, then he can’t do it, and his girlfriend can’t.” “This kind of love is very dangerous,” he added.

When the car arrived at the station, we watched him get off the bus and strode away. The orange sunset reflected in the handsome face, the blue eyes with a smile of expectation and joy, he could not wait to go to the loved one, his feelings for her are so clear and firm. However, he still said clearly: “I love her, but I will not sacrifice for her.”

A famous domestic film and television company selected a newcomer, one of the girls who is reading a senior, with good conditions, good temperament and self-contained aura. The company immediately decided to sign, even the drama has been printed out and only wait for the two parties to sign. As a result, on the eve of the contract, the girl cried and called, saying that her boyfriend had combined with her parents to pressure, saying that the entertainment circle was too complicated, and she could never sign a contract, so that she would get married after graduation. The company feels incredible. After all, this drama is an opportunity for newcomers to find out. The agent bitterly persuaded that the girl just sobbed and said that she wanted this opportunity, but she really loved her boyfriend and was afraid of losing him.

Two years later, the project was successfully released, and another newcomer selected eventually developed smoothly and the future was great. When the girl was pregnant for 3 months, her husband was detained for drinking and fighting, and the family had no money to pay compensation. The girl once again called the agent and asked with a hint of hope: “Sister, I regret it, I signed the contract with you after I gave birth, can I still have time?” The agent refused her euphemistically. She was very frustrated and cursed indignantly: “I gave up so much for him, he was so disappointing! I am so sorry for me!” The agent was speechless and had to hang up the phone silently.

Later, we often talked about this girl and couldn’t help but sigh the impermanence. After a long period of time, she and her husband did not get along with each other, the eternal topic that probably could not escape was “I have sacrificed so much for you at the beginning”. In fact, when she signed the contract, the result was not necessarily perfect. Maybe she still can’t play after the trial, maybe she lacks talent, and she may not be popular… Even if her marriage is not bad, she can’t help but think: What if I signed the company at that time? Throughout his life, who can escape the “if” torture?

“If I didn’t sacrifice for you” is like an eternal curse. The most unfortunate thing is not that there is no chance, but when the opportunity comes, I sacrificed everything for you. Then, we can never prove whether this sacrifice is worth it.

Life is like this. No matter which way you choose, you will be unstoppable. Is it better to choose another route? All the complaints and unwillingness are all expecting the other party to give more compensation to soothe your lost heart, and to pin your own satisfaction on others, but most of them can only exchange a sentence “Who is forcing you to sacrifice”. Then, the waves are reborn, and the resentment is difficult.

“Sacrifice” means inequality. Anyone who is unequal from the foundation will become a difficult knot. If you love someone, you can pay a lot, but you only have the bottom line. One step forward is to love you, and to take a step back is yourself.