Human civilization on the “checkerboard”

  For a long time, many people claimed to have witnessed aliens visiting the earth and even had different degrees of contact with aliens. In the mouth of the so-called “witnesses”, we learned that aliens visit the earth only to the earth. make friends.
  Recently, some scientists have suggested that aliens may be using the celestial bodies as “chess pieces” to fight against the dark energy of the universe. The earth is only a “pawn” of extraterrestrial civilization.
  Why do we become the “chess” of extraterrestrial civilization? Why do extraterrestrial civilizations need us to fight against dark energy? How do they get our energy? Next, we will discuss them one by one.
  Three levels of civilization
  we are treated as the most important reason “pawn”, most likely because the level is higher than extraterrestrial civilization. In 1964, the Soviet astronomer Nikola Caldashev divided the various civilizations into three levels according to how much advanced civilization can control energy: the first level is the parent star civilization, and this kind of civilization can only control the planet where the civilization is located. Energy, or the energy of the planet and surrounding satellites; the second level is the planetary civilization, which can control the energy of the stars in the planetary system, including other planets in the system; the third-order civilization is Caldasev The highest level in the hierarchy, also known as the stellar civilization, this level of civilization can control the energy of the entire Milky Way, or the full energy output of the Milky Way.
  Under this grading standard, human civilization was only rated 0.73. Because we can only use the oil formed by the evolution of ancient creatures in the earth’s crust, but we can’t control when and where it is generated; we can only intercept the river flow by building dams, but we still can’t avoid the floods; we can only predict The time and place of disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes cannot prevent them from continuing to endanger human survival… As long as any of nuclear war, extreme weather disasters, and super geological activities occur, it is possible to destroy the entire human civilization. And the extraterrestrial civilizations above us, they are the absolute masters on the planet, they can control the river, the weather, the creatures and even the crustal activities as they please; or they are the controllers of the entire star system, using their advanced technology. The galaxy is used as a chessboard, with a low-level civilization. What makes people discouraged is that our human civilization happens to be a “low” class civilization.
  How to fight against dark energy?
  One scientist said: “Any advanced civilization should have thought of all foreseeable expansion of the universe caused by the harsh reality that they will not sit idly while the universe will not quietly past them.”
  Push of the dark energy Then, the universe began to accelerate, and the celestial system in the universe began to move in the opposite direction. Due to the expansion, the volume of the universe becomes larger and the density becomes smaller. It is very likely that there will be a “blank isolation zone”. There is no substance or energy, and there is no energy that can be utilized by extraterrestrial civilization. In order to continue and proliferate as much as possible, extraterrestrial civilizations focus on celestial bodies with enormous energy, but they are not all inclusive. On the one hand, the celestial body much smaller than the earth, the energy produced by the radiation cannot function; on the other hand, the celestial body much larger than the earth is likely to be too close to the supernova, and the supernova is too powerful for its gravity, extraterrestrial civilization. The hope of not being able to overcome the gravitational pull of supernovae, the energy of celestial bodies, and the development of them into “batteries” can only be lost. Only celestial bodies of moderate size, mass, and density will be captured by the “critical” extraterrestrial civilization and brought back to the parent galaxy. Local and foreign civilizations have accumulated enough celestial bodies to gather enough energy to compete with dark energy.
  Celestial body that is “locked”
  Some people ask: How does extraterrestrial civilization capture celestial bodies? Not only scientists, science fiction writers are thinking about this issue, and in 1960 Mr. Freeman Dyson proposed the most satisfying theory: Dyson Ball.
  Dyson Ball is an artificial celestial body used to wrap stars and extract stellar energy. It is like a huge net made up of millions of solar satellites that completely enclose the stars and get almost all the energy of the stars. The extraterrestrial civilization first determines a suitable celestial body, and then builds a shell-like orbital structure around the celestial body. At this time, the celestial body is locked and cannot be broken. At this time, the extraterrestrial civilization collects all the energy output by the celestial body. Finally, the collected energy will be transmitted to its own parent star through certain channels, and use these energy sources to continue its civilization. If extraterrestrial civilizations have determined that the Earth is a suitable celestial body, then the Earth is locked and our energy may be being acquired by them.
  We have been searching for extraterrestrial civilizations through different channels in an effort to prove their existence. Dyson Ball may give us a hint: Can we prove the existence of extraterrestrial civilization by searching for such artificial objects? But through the way that Dyson Ball collects the energy of other celestial bodies to continue its own civilization, there is also a time limit, because the celestial bodies will eventually die. It is impossible to continue to develop by acquiring Dyson’s ball to collect other celestial energies to continue its civilization. Therefore, the way to discover extraterrestrial civilization through Dyson’s ball may not work.