Get rid of the “mouse hand” and practice these tricks

  People who often brush mobile phones and play computer, if they have fingers and numbness and pain, take things suddenly and lose their hands, and even wake up at night, they must be alert to whether they have a “mouse hand”.
  Case: “mouse hand” error when cervical disease
  Recently, the Third Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical Outpatient Rehabilitation Medicine, come to seek treatment finger numbness text aunt to tell the doctor has been for some time, her life caused inconvenience . At first, she thought it was caused by cervical spondylosis, and she could not be improved after a period of treatment. “What should I do?” Wen Hao is very anxious. The doctor helped her to do a detailed examination and found that the situation described by Wen Hao was actually a “mouse hand.”
  Symptoms: Hand numbness, sudden loss of something
  ”mouse hand”, in fact, is the carpal tunnel syndrome, which is caused by the compression of the median nerve of the wrist and causes numbness and dysfunction of the fingers.” Department of Rehabilitation, Third Affiliated Hospital, Guangzhou Medical University Wang Runmei, deputy director technician, said that the “mouse hand” is good for people aged 30-60, more women than men, especially those who use computers and mobile phones for a long time, pregnant and postpartum mothers, rheumatism, rheumatoid disease, diabetes and People with wrist injuries, housewives or people who read books for a long time should be especially vigilant.
  This disease has obvious clinical manifestations, mainly the compression of the median nerve of the wrist, and the numbness and tingling of the index finger, middle finger and the ring finger of the ring finger (the side of the thumb on the thumb). People who suffer from “mouse hand” can suddenly lose their hand when taking something, and even wake up when the symptoms worsen at night. After waking up, they will get better after picking up their hands or picking up their hands. Not only does the finger hurt, but some people may also have pain in the elbows and shoulders.
  Rehabilitation: more practice this recipe
  for “mouse hand” of patients, Wang Run sister recommended daily can practice more at home to help recover the following recipe:
  The first one: Qu hand, his hands close to his chest merger, moving slowly up and down 30 times.
  The second measure: the arm is straight and shoulder-high, the palm is attached to the wall, and the fingers are straight and downward and rhythmically vibrating back and forth, each hand for 5 to 7 minutes.
  The third measure: strengthen the action.
  When doing the second trick, if there is no pain and numbness, you can continue to do this strengthening action – straighten your arms to the shoulders, palms against the wall, fingers straight down to the direction of the thumb, and rhythmically vibrate back and forth 1 Minutes, 5 to 7 minutes per hand.
  However, in order to get rid of the “mouse hand”, the most important thing is to let the wrist rest fully. Every day, you should avoid or reduce the wrist movement, such as cutting vegetables, playing mobile phones and typing, doing needlework, etc. In addition, you can usually Proper hot compresses help relieve symptoms.
  Judgment: with these three measures of self-examination
  It is the “mouse hand”, the text aunt is a start but when cervical spondylosis, take a detour treatment. This is not an individual phenomenon. Wang Runmei reminded that the diagnosis of “mouse hand” does need to be differentiated from cervical spondylosis, peripheral neuropathy caused by diabetes, peripheral nerve tumors, intracranial tumors and other diseases.
  How can I find the “mouse hand” early? She recommends using the following three strokes for preliminary self-examination:
  1. Flexing the wrist for about 1 minute or finger slamming the wrist, and the thumb, index finger and middle finger are positive for radiation pain.
  2. Acupressure test, which is positive for finger pain caused by finger compression at the median nerve compression point of the wrist.
  3. Stretching the wrist test to maintain the movement of the wrist overextension, and the person who is suffering from the pain soon becomes positive.
  Use the above three measures to self-examine, if it is determined to be positive, there may be a “mouse hand”, if necessary, under the guidance of a specialist, further do muscle potential measurement, X-ray examination or magnetic resonance examination to help diagnose as soon as possible.