Femtosecond imaging: can take pictures in the corner

  In life, have you found that the camera can only capture things within the lens of the camera. For hidden corners like the corner, the camera is “unable to start”, while the femtosecond imaging technology allows the camera to see people in the corner.
  Femtoseconds, also called femtoseconds, 1 femtosecond is equal to the negative 15th of a second. Femtosecond imaging technology means that the camera emits a femtosecond laser and takes a picture every 1 femtosecond, which means that in 1 second, a femtosecond camera can take trillions of pictures!
  How does this camera realistically reproduce corner objects? This principle is the same as radar detection technology. Radar emits electromagnetic waves and directly receives the echoes reflected by the target, thereby obtaining the target’s azimuth, altitude and other information. The femtosecond imaging technology is a technology that processes the laser light waves that are reflected and refracted multiple times to obtain the target position.
  To put it simply, suppose a model is placed at the corner of the room. The camera emits laser light on the open door. The laser light that hits the door will be scattered in all directions. Some photons are directly reflected back to the camera, and some photons are scattered and hit the model The photons that hit the model continue to scatter. After multiple scattering, very few individual photons may return to the camera. Of course, these two photons may only have a small light spot on the picture.
  But the scientists fired the laser millions of times and took countless light spots, so there will be a lot of light spots on the countless pictures, because the time and position of each light spot returning to the camera are different Scientists use complex computer algorithms to analyze which point on the model the light point corresponds to, and finally get the approximate outline of the model.
  Why use a laser? This is because the laser energy is high, and as long as it is a photon scattered in one direction, it will not “scatter”. So after several reflections, there are still photons that can be reflected back to the camera, but ordinary light does not have this ability. In several scatterings, they will be scattered in the air and not returned to the camera.
  In the movie, we can see the Iron Man who flies and fights inconspicuously; we can see Captain America with extraordinary speed of action, but femtosecond imaging technology is a “superman” who can see corner objects in real life.
  What happens when femtosecond imaging is used in life? Vehicles equipped with femtosecond imaging technology may be able to easily see cars around the corner to avoid collisions; firefighters can also use femtosecond imaging technology to find people trapped in the floor and search for survivors; femtosecond Imaging technology can also be used to detect hidden objects …
  Although the images captured by femtosecond imaging technology are still slightly blurred, with the development of science, femtosecond imaging technology will finally bring us clear contours of corner objects.