Don’t let high heels become “beautiful hidden dangers”

Ms. Wang has always been inexplicably weak in her knees, and she sometimes feels pain when going up and down the stairs. Going to the hospital for examination revealed that the patellofemoral arthritis and the knee meniscus were also damaged. She asked the doctor very incomprehensibly, she did not have a trauma, why did she have knee injury? The attending doctor noticed the fashionable high-heeled shoes on her feet at this time. The doctor let him take off and found that the forefoot was a big old man and the big toe was obviously turned out. Ms. Wang said that she did not go out without wearing high heels. The doctor told her that this high heel was the culprit causing low back pain.

Wearing high heels can easily induce knee arthritis

For women who love beauty, high heels are undoubtedly the perfect weapon to dress up. However, wearing high heels for a long time may be very hurtful. Chen Jianhua, a lecturer in the Second Orthopaedic Spine Surgery Ward of Shengjing Hospital affiliated to China Medical University, said that the height of high heels is generally about 4-6 cm, and young women may even choose higher. When wearing high heels, the pressure of the human tibia and joint will increase by 5 to 6 times due to the change of the negative gravity line, which is very easy to induce knee arthritis.

In addition, from the perspective of ergonomics, when the person is standing on the weight, the heel and the forefoot each bear half the weight, and the big toe bears the task of half the forefoot. While walking, the big toe and the second toe are responsible for the main load-bearing tasks. Put your feet in a pair of high-heeled, pointed-toe, hard-toed shoes, especially those high-heeled shoes that look like wine glasses, not only change the reasonable proportion of the foot to bear weight, but also make the toes squeeze, and can not alleviate the walking The impact of jumping, long-term squeeze of the thumb, it is easy to cause “flood valgus.”

It is also very harmful to the waist.

Chen Jianhua went on to point out that long-term wear of high heels, damage to the waist can not be ignored. One of the reasons why wearing high-heeled shoes can highlight a good figure is that wearing high-heeled shoes will promote the back of the buttocks. However, the cost of such “hip-up” is also enormous. Due to the S-shaped protrusion, the normal lordosis of the lumbar spine must be increased, so that the upper body can be slightly tilted back to maintain the balance of the original sagittal line. Changes in biomechanics increase the pressure on the intervertebral disc, especially in the posterior portion of the disc, which is extremely prone to protrude rearward under abnormal pressure, leading to lumbar disc herniation.

In addition, wearing high heels will tilt the center of gravity forward, prompting people to increase the lumbar physiologic curvature to adapt to this change. As a result, the position of the spine changes, and the lower back nerves are subjected to additional pressure, which can easily cause low back pain.

Keep in mind a few tips

Chen Jianhua finally reminded all female friends that beauty is understandable, but at the same time, do not ignore the health of the lumbar spine and lower limbs. Therefore, it is recommended that women who wear high heels for a long time should wear as little as possible. At the same time, do not choose shoes with too high a root, it is best to control within 4 to 6 cm, if it reaches 7, 8 cm, the pressure will be too high.

If you have pain in your toe bones or a woman who wears high heels for a long time, it is best to place an insole on the cheekbones to provide a good cushion and absorb the shocking impact of the ground on the soles of the feet.

In addition, after wearing high heels for a long time during the day, it is best to soak your feet in hot water for 10 to 15 minutes at night, then gently massage the nodules of the posterior lymph nodes of the knee with both hands, thereby accelerating blood reflux and metabolites.