Don’t get used to leaving behind

A friend opened a wedding studio and quietly operated for several months before being discovered by everyone. Someone joked in the group and said, “You do your own wedding, how to open your business is not a good idea. Anyway, tell the big guy to send a flower basket or something?”

My friend said in a low-key haha: “I just make it casually, just make a fool, there is no need to preach.” I understand his mood, just like when I was a child in a composition competition, I was so nervous that I was going to die, or I had to pretend Pretend, pretend I don’t care. Behind this carelessness lies hidden self-confidence. I’m afraid that if I mess up, I will lose face.

According to Murphy’s Law: The more you worry about a bad thing, the more likely it is to happen. Sure enough, within half a year, my friend’s casually-made wedding studio hastily ended.

The personality of another friend of mine who opened a restaurant is just the opposite. He is so big that he runs a restaurant and loses weight in one stage.

I remember one year, he opened a Greek-style restaurant, and invited various foodies to taste the restaurant before opening. As a foodie, I was fortunate to be invited.

I remember the day of the dish-testing ceremony, he asked the kitchen to serve us a total of more than 40 dishes … eyes and taste buds were overwhelming, like a luxurious Western-style Manhan dinner. In the end, the friend ’s perfectionism broke out, and he waved his hand: “Today ’s photos are gone, today ’s dishes are not ready, and you will be troubled to try again after improving.”

He is improving rapidly, actively and enthusiastically. He wrote on QQ: Do n’t ask me for food, drink, fun, and make full preparations for opening.

On the day of opening, he followed the traditional customs, cut ribbons, set off firecrackers, and tried for free, which was very lively … Unfortunately, the restaurant he opened still did not escape the fate of failure. But his friend did not give up. He really wanted to do something in the restaurant industry. He summed up the failure and raised money to open the next restaurant in a lively manner. He was still enthusiastic and insisted on the opening ceremony.

After a long time of tossing with a friend, he suddenly seemed to open up in a certain year, and opened several restaurants one after another, all applauding and applauding. And every restaurant he runs is full of ritual. His restaurant is located on a scenic river, or on a mountainside overlooking the city at night. On the wall and floor of the restaurant, white poems are used to create moving verses. Every night, singers with different styles are invited to sing … Sure enough, any kind of restaurant is opened by anyone.

However, what I want to say is that paying attention to the ritual sense has never been the key to determining the success or failure of a person’s entrepreneurship. With or without the opening ceremony, the results may be different. However, the sense of ritual is the true confession of a cause from the heart. how to say? Some things are like this. What you do does n’t mean true love, but if you do n’t explain it, you do n’t love it.

Those who are willing to give a fresh start to a new career may be more brave, more sincere, and therefore closer to success than those who are habitually trying to stay abreast of failure. The attitude of rebirth and rebirth is a spur to the person doing things.

So, you want to do one thing well, and do n’t use “I just make it casually, make fun of myself”. If you do n’t believe you will succeed, who can believe you? The opening ceremony is not just a scene of burning money. Sometimes, people need to use it for self-promotion, self-suggestion, and use it to show the world and themselves the confidence, strength, and conviction to do this.

Of course, the ceremony was worse than that. At the time of writing this article, I saw a news: a man in Yangzhou bought a BMW for himself, he also had to perform a ceremony to celebrate the celebration, and the incense was set off. When you accidentally ordered the fuel tank, BMW was burned into scrap iron … this is nothing to find trouble and extremely sad!