CT5 stunningly presents the Cadillac brand night

  On October 20th, “Fairy Cadillac Brand Night” was grandly held in Beijing Cadillac Center. With the new American style car Cadillac CT5 stunning appearance and Cadillac full car lineup debut, Chinese music sings Tian Wang Lin Junjie, Tian Hao sings Han The red, omnipotent song king Xiao Jingteng and his lion LION jointly presented a star-studded audio-visual festival. As the spokesperson of Cadillac CT5, Lin Junjie, the first live performance of the theme song with the deep cooperation of Cadillac – “Wonderland” (Wonderland).
  The Cadillac CT5 is undoubtedly the focus of this brand night stage. The new car will start at RMB 300,000 and will be equipped with 20 high-value standard configurations. It will be delivered to customers all over the country during the year. As the global strategic model of Cadillac’s layout of the mid-size luxury sedan market, the CT5 fully demonstrates the deep heritage and innovative style of Cadillac’s luxury rear-wheel drive sedan, with stunning design, exquisite cockpit layout, excellent precision and extraordinary control. The unprecedented intelligent travel experience has become a new force that will lead Cadillac to continue to attack the mid-size luxury sedan market.
  The Cadillac CT5 features the industry-leading Smart Propulsion technology, featuring the eighth-generation Ecotec engine, the new 2.0T variable-cylinder turbocharged engine and the new 10-speed manual transmission gearbox, combined with superior chassis tuning. The school brings more flexible, precise and stable control performance. The “My Mode My Driving Mode” introduced in the first innovation allows the driver to implement a variety of personalized vehicle settings, so that every driving can truly “do what you want”.
  The new rear-drive sedan, the Cadillac CT4, which will be launched next year, is also a glimpse of the Cadillac brand night. At this point, Cadillac has taken the lead in building a “new American luxury SUV matrix” consisting of XT4, a new generation of XT5, XT6 and Escalade, and CT4 will build a “new American luxury rear-drive sedan family” with CT5 and the new generation CT6. . Cadillac will complete a new round of product launch in 2020 and cover all major segments of luxury cars.
“Shen car” became larger Wuling Hongguang PLUS listed

  Wuling Hongguang PLUS, a new member of the “China God Car” family Wuling Hongguang, was officially launched on October 16th. The new car is equipped with a 1.5T engine and is matched with a 6MT gearbox. The price is only 65,800-79,800 yuan.
  Wuling Hongguang PLUS is a product developed based on the CN150 front-mounted rear drive platform. This is the new widest platform of the Wuling brand. It has the advantages of high ductility and high efficiency modularity. It is in the body structure, chassis tuning, power performance, and car. The internal space, work materials, safety quality and other aspects have been substantially improved.
  Wuling Hongguang PLUS also adopts a new “parallel rectangle” design language. The body lines use elements such as micro-curves and parallel rectangles. With the suspended roof design, the whole car is stylish. “Slack cockpit in parallel space” creates a simple and reliable visual effect. The black piano paint panel in the central control area is matched with the 8-inch large screen, which brings a strong sense of new era design.
  The new 1.5T turbocharged engine is equipped with a maximum torque of 250N·m. The excellent low-torque performance can fully meet the daily travel and heavy-duty cargo transportation needs of users. The widest body size of the 1840mm class not only makes the passengers more comfortable, but also makes the loading space larger and the freight efficiency higher. The new car adopts the “2+2+3” and “2+3+3” seat layouts, and will be followed by a five-seat version of “2+3”.
  The Wuling Hongguang series has been sold worldwide since its launch in 2010 and has won the trust of 4.56 million owners. Today, Wuling Hongguang PLUS will be positioned as a “wide-body commercial vehicle” to meet the ever-evolving needs of users with “newer, stronger and bigger” products.