Cleansing tips

  To make up, you must understand how to remove makeup. Strictly speaking, makeup remover is the main part of skin care. The front end of skin care must be handled well, and subsequent maintenance is a plus.
Features of different makeup remover products & remover principle

  Cleansing Oil: Cleansing oil is the principle of “oil-soluble oil”, which dissolves the oil in the make-up and let it fall off the surface. After the emulsifier meets the water, all the dirt is washed away. The fat accounts for about 80% of the formula, and the remaining 20% ​​is an emulsifier.
  Make-up remover / eye and lip make-up remover: make-up remover / eye and lip make-up remover is generally used with surfactants and polyols, texture like lotion, but also with silicone spirit with polyol, surfactant, just use a cotton pad With a wipe, you can achieve the effect of makeup removal, fast and convenient.
  The surfactant used is generally an ester component grafted with a hydrophilic group, which has a dissolving function of an oil ester, and at the same time, falls off when exposed to water. The high proportion of polyols in the formulation can act as a “cosolvent”.
  Cleansing Milk / Makeup Remover: The cleansing cream / cleansing cream formula is the same as the cream, then the use of stearyl alcohol to make its texture non-rogue, and vice versa, the milk is milk. It is the ability to create oily makeup with grease or synthetic esters. It is then emulsified by emulsifier and emulsified to remove all the dirt. After washing, the skin is not lubricated.
  Makeup Remover Gel / Gel: Formulated with no oil and the best refreshing. There are generally two formulating structures. The first one uses a small molecule surfactant + polyol + polymer gel to form a gel texture. The makeup remover mechanism is the same as makeup remover water, but often the formula of the gel is insufficient, and the makeup is encountered. Water, resulting in poor cleansing power, need to be cleaned twice to ensure skin cleanliness.
  The second is to directly use the emulsifier with polyol as the main force of makeup removal. It does not use the general cognitive small molecule surface activity, and has sufficient cleansing power, and also has the function of emulsification acne to achieve the effect of cleansing and cleansing.
The standard for selecting makeup removers

  This needs to be chosen according to the degree of makeup.
  Sunscreen + BB Cream: Use one or both of them, use the makeup remover alone, the best cleaning and refreshing, no need for secondary cleansing.
  Sunscreen + Cream + Foundation: Choose cleansing oil or high cleansing makeup remover (the formula does not contain polymer glue), remember to gently massage for more than 1 minute when removing makeup.
  Sunscreen + Isolation + Eye Makeup: Use Cleansing Oil to solve all makeup at once. Many girls will choose makeup remover, but the makeup remover market is mixed. If you feel that your face and eyes are very dry after using for a period of time, don’t doubt if your moisturizing is not in place, stop the makeup remover and choose cleansing oil (vegetable oil or mineral oil formula). ), the problem is solved.
How long does it take to completely remove makeup?

  In general, the light makeup person recommends a massage for 1 minute from the inside out, and the makeup artist should stay for 3 minutes to ensure that the waterproof makeup is all floating out. In addition, if the blackheads are severe, the makeup remover can be applied to the nose for 5 to 10 minutes, and the emulsifier can be used to emulsify the pores and acne.
Does makeup remover cause closed mouth and acne?

  Whether the makeup remover product is acne or not, mainly in the cleaning power and fat selection, if there is a situation that causes closure and acne, it may be due to the following two points:
  First, the cleansing power is not good. Once the makeup on the skin can’t be thoroughly cleaned, it will of course lead to a lot of skin conditions. The simple and rude reaction is to close the mouth and vaccinate.
  The second is the synthetic ester formula. If the whole bottle is a synthetic ester-based product, it is a prone acne skin. The “not ok oil” will drive into the skin while the hair is being massaged. The hair follicle will be repelled like foreign body invasion, which will cause inflammation of the hair follicle. Produces small pimples and acne.
  Avoid the problem: choose mineral oil or a product formulated with vegetable oil. After cleansing, use amino acid cleansing products again.