British Prime Minister pulls votes with “bread butter”

After more than three years of “Brexit” tug-of-war, the British people were physically and mentally exhausted. The British ruling Conservative Party finally decided to shift its focus to “bread butter”. On November 24th, Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the campaign declaration, announcing that the income tax, value-added tax and national insurance rates would not be raised, and promised that the government would focus on bringing “real benefits” to the country. In, we are committed to reducing the cost of living for the people. The forthcoming British election on December 12 is an early election for Johnson to lead and achieve Brexit as soon as possible. It is also the third election in the UK in the past five years. According to British media reports, many Britons do not understand why they can’t prepare Christmas at home during this rainy and snowy season, but want to go out and vote more? More than three years ago, the dispute over Brexit and “Leaving Europe” has not been reduced at all in the UK, and now people just hope that the process will end soon.

Johnson portrays the “post-Brex” era

According to the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) on the 24th, although many analysts predict that Johnson will stay at 10 Downing Street in 2020, it is not easy for him to win this election. A recent video of Johnson’s recent visit to the flood-stricken areas of northern England was widely circulated on social networking sites. In the fortress of the opposition Labor Party, South Yorkshire, Johnson tried to approach a woman who was pushing a small wheelbarrow to repair her home and asked her how she was doing. She said: “I am fine, thank you, but I don’t want to talk to you, you didn’t help us…” And at a refugee shelter in the local community center, another woman refused to shake hands with the prime minister and questioned him: “Bao Why did you come to Lis after 5 days to see us?”

The British government’s slow response to the flood was widely criticized. Some families claimed that they did not receive any assistance within 48 hours of the disaster. The UK Environment Agency estimates that more than 800 homes have been flooded, and the media said the actual number could be twice that number. According to a survey conducted by a British polling agency in November this year, only 19% of the population expressed satisfaction with the government and 74% expressed dissatisfaction.

Perhaps it is these people’s complaints that reminded Johnson that the British “Sun” said on the 24th that Johnson will announce his life vision for the British people in the “post-Brex” era and promise to return to “bread and butter” in the new year. problem. His campaign manifesto will focus on “what preferential treatment is available to the diligent British,” and propose a series of measures to reduce the cost of living and public bills, and return the money to the voters’ pockets.

On the 24th local time, Johnson actually distributed a “people’s livelihood package” in the campaign declaration, including freezing a single tax, paying 58 billion pounds of compensation for women who are deferred, and adding 1 billion pounds to the school’s after-school children. The medical system has hired 50,000 nurses, an increase of 20,000 police officers, and millions of pounds of infrastructure investment.

The Conservative Party’s campaign declaration announced by Johnson on the 24th is the theme of “complete the Brexit and release the British potential”. Johnson said on the same day that he hopes the British will “get rid of the fate of the British Brexit series that seems to be invisible during this Christmas.” He promised to complete the Brexit by the end of January next year in order to spend the budget in 2020, “the areas that have been ignored in the past three years.” The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) said on the 24th that Johnson’s “Christmas gift” intended to be given to British voters is “fast and goodbye to Brex.” He said, “I want to give this country a Christmas gift early on, before Christmas on December 25, submit the Brexit agreement to the parliament and let the parliament begin to serve the people.” He promised that he would lead the UK to turn pages from the “chaos, delays and splits” of the past few years.

British voters are fed up with Brexit

Before the Conservative Party, other major political parties in the UK had announced their campaign manifestations. The largest opposition Labor Party in the UK has also made many commitments on the issue of people’s livelihood, such as investing 400 billion pounds as a “national transformation fund” to improve transportation, environment, education, etc., and install fiber-optic broadband for UK homes and businesses for free. Salary, etc. According to Agence France-Presse reported on the 23rd, Labor Party leader Corbin promised in the election declaration on the 22nd to promote the most radical reform plan for decades. Including nationalization, huge investment in public services, and enterprise reform, there are many radical policies, such as partializing the BT Group to provide free broadband for all, and the country takes over railway, water and postal services.

Hageman, a professor at the British School of Economics and Economics, said that in London, Scotland and other electoral districts sensitive to Brexit, the attitude of the party to Brexit will dominate the vote of voters, but in other regions, issues such as people’s livelihood will be the main reference for voters. index.

On the issue of Brexit, the Labor Party said it would negotiate a better Brexit agreement with the EU within six months and would resort to the “second referendum.” The Liberal Democrats advocate “stopping the Brexit”, and the Green Party tends to “leave Europe”. The biggest highlight of its declaration is its commitment to climate change in the UK. The British Brexit Party, which has received much attention before, not only said that it wants to completely withdraw from Europe, but also made a commitment to the UK’s trade agreements with its major trading partners.

“British voters are fed up with Brexit.” India’s “Free Press” commented on the 24th that many of them do not want another referendum to come back. Their focus is actually at home. Their main motivation against the EU is fear. The status of EU member states does not allow them to be the masters of domestic issues. The main reason they oppose staying in the EU is that membership means that workers from other European countries can enter at will. They worry that they are not working, they have no room to live, and the children have not learned.

The analysis believes that this election will still be the “two major parties” competition. According to the poll of the British “Financial Times”, as of the 23rd, the Conservative Party still ranked first in the survey, 43%, and the second Labor Party supported 29%. Hagman pointed out that the people have long been exhausted from Brexit. Therefore, the “second referendum” proposed by the Labor Party has become increasingly unpopular, and its voters’ opinions have split, resulting in the Labor Party’s support rate lags far behind the Conservative Party.

An unpopular election

Although the Conservative Party and the Labor Party have all proposed attractive life plans, the British Finance Institute questioned the credibility of the two major party investment plans on the 24th. “The huge Brexit dilemma”, the British “Financial Times” used this as a title, the December election was called a “stunning choice” by voters, and many people are now considering what kind of ending is they “more annoying” . Former British Conservative Party Minister Bols wrote in London’s Standard Evening News, “This is the only election in the modern history of Britain that the two candidates are not trustworthy. You won’t let one of them show you an hour. Children, let alone take charge of this country.” He said that the two political parties are now “at the same time crazy.” Halmos, head of public relations at the City of London, said that Brexit is a terrible dilemma. “Many people are upset about the current situation and hope that there will be no elections.”

This election will directly determine the future direction of Brexit. British politician Mike Smithson said that half of the British House of Commons seats 326. If the Conservative Party wins 322 or more seats, it is possible to complete the Brexit with the current Brexit agreement; once the Conservative Party seats are low At 312 seats, it is possible to hand over the Prime Minister’s seat to Corbin, and under the leadership of the Labor Party, negotiate with the EU again or hold a “second referendum”; and once the Conservative Party seats are less than 294 seats, the Brexit will face A major turning point.

India’s Free Press reported on the 24th that there was no election in the UK like the December storm that was full of “storms” and ominous signs. December is the month to greet and celebrate Christmas. Generally, voting and voting are not on the top. But this election can be said to be the most important one in the UK since World War II. It will affect relations with the European continent, affecting the country’s landscape and the vision of a global future. The British “Financial Times” asked, is it time to end the country’s Brexit psychology and politics? Or is it possible to end the Brexit that many people consider to be economic disasters and national shame?

The United Kingdom will have a sunset around 4 pm in December, plus the cold weather, rain and snow, and many other parties worry that this will affect the enthusiasm of people to vote at the polling station. In particular, on December 12th, many students have left their registered voting area, the school, which is a disadvantage for political parties such as the Labour Party, which urgently needs young people’s support.