Battlefield Rose Love, Love Heroes in the Sangqiu Stance

Olena Fallaci, a 20th Century News interview with the Queen, has been fighting death for her entire life. In the 1970s and 1980s, when Farachi’s fame reached its zenith, her tit-for-tat interview techniques were in full swing. Her most famous international politicians including Israeli Prime Minister Sharon and U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger had learned her skills. .

But who would have thought that such a world-renowned chief female reporter was so humble and sad in front of the only man she ever loved. Recently, Fallac’s biographer Arico wrote a biography for her in the style of “Farachi Biography of the World’s First Female Reporter” in the style of Farach.

Fall in love
Olinena Farage was born on June 29, 1930 in a rebellious family in Florence, Italy. His mother, Tosca, was the orphan of an anarchist, and his father, Edward, resisted Mussolini’s tyranny. Arrested multiple times. Parents who desire freedom focus on developing their children’s bravery and perseverance. Under the influence of the family, Faraki joined the resistance group when he was 10 years old.

After growing up, Fallaci became a journalist. She volunteered to go deep into war-torn areas such as Vietnam and the Middle East. She was injured many times by shrapnel, but never resigned. Her years of adventure have earned her the title of “Battlefield Rose.” This “battlefield rose” interviewed international figures such as Kissinger, Imam Khomeini, Deng Xiaoping, and Gandhi. No matter how noble and arrogant the interviewee was, she showed excitement and prudence in front of her. Great “enemy”.

Faraci, who walked through the bullet forest, remembers what his mother said when he was a child. He must not be a wife or mother, and become a trivial slave. And she also believes that the chain of love is the heaviest fetter of freedom, so she swears like the moon and the goddess Artemis that she will never marry people, have no children, maintain chastity, act decisively, and walk in a fighting posture , Running in the mountains and forests and water edge.

However, when Faraci heard that the leader and political activist of the Greek Resistance Alekos was in the iron prison, in order to get his own book, he took a hunger strike and eventually won the “fruit” of victory with his several coma. With an inexplicable feeling in her heart, she began to yearn for a conversation with the man he had never met.

Fallac gathers information about Aleksos: After he was arrested for overthrowing the dictatorship, he was imprisoned in a 1.5-meter-wide and 3-meter-long concrete cell. Cruel criminal law, endless torture, waiting for the execution of the death penalty for three days and three nights … When the military regime deterred him from domestic and foreign public opinion and pardoned him, Alekos did not sign, confessed, and scornfully declared to the other party “whether it is The charges or forgiveness are imposed by you! ” The military regime did not shoot Alekos just to prevent him from becoming a hero.

Aleks’ experience is in full compliance with Farachi’s imagination of heroes! On August 23, 1973, Alekos was released from prison, and Faraci couldn’t wait to interview him. When she just walked out of the train station in Athens, she saw a Greek man with a scar on his face, holding a large bouquet of roses, walking towards her with a firm step: “Hello, you are finally here!” The voice was deep and full, with an indescribable affinity, and a sense of love passed over her heart like an electric shock.

Their interview took place in the darkened little house of Alekos. During the interview, Fallaci lost his light for the first time, and an ambiguous atmosphere permeated the air, making people dizzy. It was late in the blink of an eye, and the sadness of parting permeated the hearts of the two. Aleks escorted Falachi to the subway station to her hotel, and the last subway was slowly coming. Suddenly, Faraki exclaimed, “I left the recorder in your room!”

What a terrible excuse! It’s not like Farach said that he has a unique personality, but at this moment she is so eager to stay with this man. This sweet lie made Alekos stunned.

Alecs held the petite Faraci in his arms, and the two hugged each other and returned to the dark cabin. Sitting at Aleks’s bed and reading his poems, Faraci was in a state of rush. Alekos, watching her aside, suddenly embraced her into her thick arms, and the warm and frantic kiss stirred the air around them, and they were lingering in the humble cot.

This woman who always believes that “the chain of love is the heaviest fetter of freedom”, when love finally arrived, she was defeated. For love at this time, she would rather not have freedom, and would rather carry the heaviest chains!

Love in Athens
Fallaci fell into the love network of Alecos. This wild rose full of thorns, after blooming for 43 years, finally waited for the man who tamed her. Although 34-year-old Aleks is short and handsome, he exudes passion and bravery, which deeply conforms to Farachi’s inner standard and ignites the fire of love lurking in her heart.

On Valentine’s Day in 1974, Faraci and Aleks dated on the beach. Careful Faraci saw that Alekos’s trench coat pockets were bulging, and he couldn’t help feeling that there must be a gift he wanted to give himself. Since the first time he met and gave a rose, the man has never expressed romance. However, Alekos said rather grimly, “I have a bomb in my pocket, and I am always ready to share with the enemy!”

This did not scare Farage. Although a little bit lost, Alex’s pride of seeing death makes Farage worship him more. Love is magic. When a woman falls in love, even the sharp rose thorns will soften into soft fingers. In front of Alecos, Farachi seemed more like a mother, and she helped the man with no regrets.

One day in March 1974, when Falachi and Alecos were walking on the streets of Athens, years of battlefield life made Falachi aware that someone was following them, and the danger was approaching. With Yu Guang, she found a dark corner across the street, and a black hole muzzle aimed at Alecos. At the close of the moment, Falaki strove to Alecos. The bullets whistled, and Alekos was saved, but Faraci’s arm hit by the bullet was dripping with blood.

Without gratitude or consolation, Alekos just said coldly: “The revolution always bleeds!” However, Faraci has been unable to take into account Alekos’ indifference, and she is more worried about his safety. In Greece, Paparopoulos, the dictator of the military government, could assassinate him at any time. Therefore, after returning to Italy, Faraci used all social relations and finally transferred Alecos to Rome, the Italian capital, and continued the revolution in this relatively safe place.

In Rome, Farazzi and Alecos lived a relatively peaceful life. However, when the spark of passion is exhausted and love is gradually integrated into life, a woman will always become a blind, as always, a giver; and a man will often become a natural taker. Fallaci’s love is such a quagmire. As she got deeper and deeper, Alekos stood on the shore indifferent.

When Aleks was upset, Faraki was often the object of his venting and sarcasm. One day, Alekos and his comrades met in the apartment, and while the talk was in full swing, Faraci came in with coffee. Aleks believes that Farachi interrupted his topic, and ridiculed Faraci in front of everyone: “This old woman is as stupid as a pig!”

The people present were stunned, and Faraci’s face was ashamed, but she still broke up and said embarrassingly: “Alecos sometimes like a naughty boy, likes to joke!” However, after Faraci walked out of the door , Tears burst out.

After his sadness, Farachi always embraced Aleks with his motherhood, forgiving this sometimes almost rogue man. Once, Alekos was about to go out the next day, and he asked Faraci to send him a car immediately. This was an unreasonable request. At that time, Farage’s income source was mainly manuscripts and the economy was not affluent. Especially after living with Alecott, the burden of life was all on her, and she had no savings .

However, in the face of Alekos’s tough attitude, Faraki retreated. She borrowed money from friends and even took out her mother’s few savings. In the evening, an off-road vehicle was finally driven back from the car dealer. Holding a brand new steering wheel, Alekos was full of emotions, and Faraci’s eyes were full of pets.

When the thorny rose of Falacci faced Aleks, the thorns on his body were gone. But Alekos constantly pierced his lover’s forgiving heart with a sharp thorn. In March 1975, two years after falling in love with Alecos, Fallaci became pregnant. That year, she was 46 years old, and although she had vowed not to have children in her life, when her young life sprouted in the womb, her heart was full of joy.

She wrote a book, “Letter to an Unborn Child,” in a rare, soothing tone for the baby in her belly, which recorded her sadness and joy after pregnancy. Is the unborn child a boy or a girl? What does it look like? Fallaci looks forward to guessing: “If you are born as a man, I want you to be the kind of man I often dream of: to empathize with the weak and to despise the arrogant; to be generous and generous to those who love you , Fight against those desperate deaths who want to dominate you … ”

However, when Faraci told the good news to Alekos, who had dived back to Athens, with great joy, the phone was silent for a long time and said, “How do we share the tire costs, otherwise we will each share half of it, and my Half of it you put on first! ”

Alekos’ words deeply hurt Faraci, but she could not bear to kill “the unforgettable emotional experience of this sperm and the imagination of this egg’s natural pregnancy”. She came to Athens with an uneasy mood, and it wasn’t the warm hug after a long absence that met her, but a sharp sarcasm: “You haven’t killed the child yet, are you afraid I won’t pay half the cost?

Falaki was furious, and the fiercest quarrel had occurred since he knew Alecs. The rough Alekos flew up and kicked on Faraki’s already swollen stomach. The pain ran through the whole body of Faraki like a shock. The blood ran down his thigh. She fell to the ground and groaned in pain. But he went away.

Despair and pain gnawed at Faraj’s heart, and she struggled to go to the hospital alone, and the doctor told her with regret that she had an abortion. This unborn child was killed by his father, and died with his womb! This result made Falachi sad and distressed. She forced her home from the hospital and groaned on the bed.

Deep in her heart, where the child has been, there will always be a gap that can no longer be repaired. Even in her twilight years, she will still send out a heartbreaking emotion, “in this life, only women who have been jealous of children”.

When Aleks returned, Fallaci had already packed her bags, and she was leaving this man who only brought her danger and harm. Alekos just looked at her silently, without begging or retaining. He just said indifferently, “You are free, and I respect your choice!”

The door slammed shut behind him. This section started in Athens, and finally the only love in Athens made Falachi to grieve.

Amami ends
I thought time and space could forget this love. However, after returning to Rome, Farachi noticed that his thoughts grew like wild grass. She couldn’t forget the man who hurt her, and could not forget the days when she was born and died together. One day, two days … changed from resentment to deep thoughts and worries about Alekos.

Fallaci thought that Aleks was Don Quixote and she was his faithful servant, Sancho Punch. Her mission is to follow her host’s nightmares, talk about it, endure the unbearable pain, and fly to the unattainable planet and the enemies of imagination. In June 1975, I was deeply concerned that Alachis’ Falachi came to Athens again after breaking up with him for a month, and fluttered into his arms and dreamed: “Even if you hurt me, I will not allow myself to hurt you Thoughts; even if you have betrayed me, I will not allow myself to betray you. ”

In the face of this infatuated woman, Alekos’s words are still sharp: “I have no intention of simply pursuing the joy of love life, if only to seek personal joy, there are countless women in the world that can satisfy my desire.” This is The real Aleks, he longed for the biting love, but also needed his comrades in the same boat.

There is no sweet talk, there is no Qingqing me or me, Fallac, a woman who is obsessed with love, takes a stance of “Sanqiu” and resolutely reconnects fate with this passionate fighter who sees death.

At this time, the Greek parliamentary election was in full swing, and Alekos resolutely participated in the election. He was running campaign speeches everywhere, and Falachi was with him. She was his nanny, taking care of his life, and his bodyguard, always ready to use his body to block the bullets that were shot from the dark to Alecos.

On the podium Aleks generously stated: “My only ambition is to trade my life for the end of dictatorship. My only wish is to be the last dead in this struggle. I don’t want to live longer than others , But to contribute more than others … “At the podium, Faraci looked at her lover with admiration, and she appreciated the poetry of Alecos and the eloquence of his speech.

Every time he listened to Alekos’s speech, Farachi had one more understanding and worship of him, and one more tolerance of his waywardness and stubbornness. Fallaci is determined to do everything in his power to help Alecos run, even if he gives his life for it. She returned to Italy to raise money for Alecos’ campaign. She persuaded Nanni, then the Italian Socialist Party’s chairman, many times. Her sincerity and determination moved Nanni to raise a 5 million lira campaign.

On May 1, 1976, Faraci happily came to Athens with his campaign money and rushed to 10 Uliagmeni Street to meet Alecos. However, just as Farage saw Alecos from a distance, a black car slammed into Alecos, and saw that he had been hit for seven or eight meters, and then fell heavily to the ground. The car fled and ran away. , Faraci madly rushed to Aleks …

Aleks died. He died in a murder of a military regime, and his steps abruptly stopped in the pursuit of freedom and justice. Falachi cried and cried while holding his body. Although he killed the only child in her life, he is still her favorite. Love originally meant to hurt each other and tolerate each other, including hugging and remembering again after separation.

The tortured Falachi retired to New York, USA, remembering the bits and pieces with Alecs alone. In the feelings of memories and misses, Alekos became alive. Fallaci devoted himself to writing a book about Aleks. During his creation, Faraci separated himself from the world, didn’t answer the phone, didn’t talk, just kept writing, even dreaming about the book in his sleep. To stay inspired, more than 60 cigarettes a day almost killed her desire to eat.

Finally, after more than three years, in 1979, a more than 400,000-word long documentary literary work “Man” was released. In two years alone, 1.5 million copies were sold in Italy and won the Italian Velegio Prize for Literature. In her passionate pen, Alekos was born again flesh and blood, like a monument in a different style, and it will never be destroyed.

On September 17, 2006, the maverick world’s first female journalist died of breast cancer. She ended her life with a period of life and followed her love.