Animated film sequel to steady income does not lose?

According to Boxofficemojo’s website, Disney’s first-day box office was $41.8 million, and the three-day box office on weekends is expected to exceed $130 million, breaking through the global release of Disney’s “Alice of the Year 2” on the 22nd. North America premiered the highest box office in November. At present, the Chinese box office of “Frozen 2” has also exceeded 300 million yuan. Previously, Disney (including Pixar)’s “Toy Story” and other animated film sequels have achieved good box office, why is the animated film sequel more successful?

In 2013, “Frozen” won the US$400 million and the world’s $1.27 billion box office. The audience has high hopes for “Frozen 2”. Boxofficemojo said that although the current “Frozen 2″ word of mouth is not as good as the previous one (the rotten tomato freshness 78%, the film critic site Metacritic 65 points, are lower than the first 90% freshness and 74 points), but this year Disney’s ” Lion King’s global $1.6 billion box office proves that media ratings have limited impact on loyal fans of animated films, so media such as the US Variety is also expecting the film to warm up the North American box office.

“Frozen 1” will become a milestone in the Disney animation business, mainly because the film subverts the classic “Prince Princess Match” mode and uses the “sister combination”. The independent female image created by the film is more in line with modern values. . “Coffin 2” continues this core design and continues to let Aisha and Anna team up to break the fog of the mysterious forest, explore the origins of Aesha’s magic, and promote the reconciliation between the Kingdom of Arundale and the Northern Horde. Although the sequel’s breakthrough in the plot is not as good as the previous one, a large number of original songs and dazzling ice and snow effects still satisfy the audience’s expectations for six years. “The Los Angeles Times” said, “It’s not so much the success of the story, but the success of the package. The film brings together a group of cute, familiar characters, as well as catchy songs. (This film ) One day will be moved to the Broadway stage.”

The success of “Frozen 2” and the unbeaten record of the “Toy Story” and “Superman Story” series of Disney (including Pixar), the sequel to the animated film sequel seems to be “stable and not paying” Buying and selling. Under the savvy operation of Disney’s IP, a blockbuster animated film is seen as a stable project that can be continuously explored. The market risk of this approach is much less than the development of a new work.

Compared with the sequel to live-action movie shooting, cartoons are not affected by factors such as cast, pay, and schedule. Technically, existing models and techniques can be used. Characters are set by directors and screenwriters. As a result, the sequel is still very attractive for underage viewers and parents with high viscosity in animated films. The source of attraction is the classic characters in IP – Aisha and Anna in “Frost”, the clownfish father and son in “Floating Story”, Hu Di and Buzz Lightyear in “Toy Story” . If these characters are able to be put in place, it is difficult for the sequel to an animated film to have a “rollover” situation.

However, not all Hollywood animated film sequels can be “sit back and relax”: for example, “Love Pets Secret 2” released in North America in June this year and “Angry Birds 2” released in August, the market performance of two animated films It is somewhat unsatisfactory than the previous one. “Love Pet Secret 2” further reveals the life of the pets after the owner leaves, but the plot design falls into the cliché, and the social marketing of the film ends makes the film a “popular warm film”, the global box office from the first 8.7 Billion dollars fell to 430 million; “Angry Bird 2” because the target audience is not clear, the content of the film content is confusing, and the protagonist fat red “decadence” is also contradictory with the predecessor story, which leads to the film box office from the first The ministry’s $350 million fell to 140 million.