8 whimsical Mars movies

  With the development of astronomy, we already know that Mars is actually a dry, cold, ridiculous barren land. However, the red planet on the screen often has life, and they are often bizarre, mysterious, or hilarious. Below, let’s talk about a few movies about Mars that have a very outrageous story. Although the Mars they describe is seriously inconsistent with reality, it is still quite good as an entertainment film.
  The Angry Red Planet (1959), the angry red planet,
  focuses on the dangers that astronauts from the Earth encounter on Mars. There are many monsters on Mars in the film, such as the mutated cannibal plant, which looks like a mixture of mice and spiders. These Martian creatures are hostile to tourists from the Earth. It can be said that the name of the film is the core of the story. In the end, some astronauts finally returned to Earth with luck, and Mars life left a warning to the Earth people: “Never come again.”
  The film’s special effects combine real-life shooting and hand-drawn animation, and also paint everything on Mars. There was a dazzling orange-red color. But in general, Angry Red Planet is not a very good movie. It looks rudimentary and belongs to the type of B-level film. However, exquisite snacks are used to eating, you can also change the taste, eat coarse grains.
  Robinson Crusoe on Mars (1964)
  The film’s creation comes from Daniel Defoe’s classic novel Robinson Crusoe, but his protagonist Draper is trapped on Mars. Mars has many aliens and their mining slaves. So, it is full of danger. Despite this, Draper found liquid water for drinking here and found it could barely breathe in the thin atmosphere of Mars. He also discovered more wonderful things: marvelous stones that burn and provide oxygen, and Mars plants that can be eaten or woven. With this, Draper not only survived, but also lived a small life – with a pot, a dining table, a plate, a hot bath in the hot springs of Mars, and a bagpipe. This film tells us that life is hard, and there is no need to lose the mood.
  However, in addition to these outrageous settings, the film’s other description of Mars is quite reliable. Draper then met another “Friday” on Mars – a human slave who escaped. They soon established friendships and dealt with the hard natural environment of Mars, as well as aliens.
  Santa Claus conquers Martians Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964)
  Children on Mars are obsessed with the Earth TV show that promotes Santa’s virtues. So the Martians expeditioned the Earth and kidnapped Santa Claus and forced him to build a toy factory on Mars. However, Mars in this film seems to be an easy-to-build stage, and Martians are wearing green clothes. Compared to the background, these costumes are very Christmas.
  In the end, Santa, with the help of two Earth children and a Martian, conquered the Martians by bringing fun, happiness and Christmas to Martian children. However, this film is often rated as one of the worst movies in history. Although it is rotten, it belongs to the kind of movie that is “wonderful and good” and is considered to be one of the treasures of the wonderful movie.
  The Mars Adventures The Wizard of Mars (1965)
  is a B-level sci-fi horror movie, also a “bad and good”, inspired by the famous 1939 movie “OZ National Adventures” (again Translated “The Wizard of Oz”, but the scene of the story was moved to Mars, the original magical OZ country became a boring desert in this movie.
  ”Here is the haunted city of Mars, and you will come if you have the courage!” said the wizard on Mars. The sorcerer is the Hollywood power actor John Carradine. Interestingly, Carradine has played many interesting B-level horror movies in his career, and the name of the movie is very attractive, such as “Billy Boy and Vampire”, “Countryman in Haunted House” and “Dr. “Wait.
  Mars Mission Mission Mars (1968)
  The famous science fiction film “2001: Space Roaming” was also released in 1968, but in contrast, the cost of “Mars Mission” is very low. Despite this, the film has a very complicated story.
  The three American astronauts wore uniforms like elastic tights, wore helmets that were not sealed at all, and went to space for the first US mission to land on Mars. On the way, they discovered the bodies of two Soviet astronauts floating in space, indicating that the Soviet mission to Mars failed for unknown reasons. After landing on Mars, they found a frozen Soviet astronaut. Subsequently, they were attacked by Martian monsters. This Mars monster looks like a plant with a plate-shaped end that absorbs energy from the sun. They also have a big red eye that can make a dazzling light… This
  film is also a B-rated style. In addition to this, the film also uses the Soviet-American Cold War as a story background. At the end of the film, an American astronaut and the Soviet astronaut who woke up from the freezing and awakening lived back to Earth, which conveyed a desire to end the Cold War.
  Mars Mission Mission to Mars (2000)
  Note that you should not be confused with the “Mars Mission” released in 1968, which has a “to” in its original English name. The film tells that in 2020, a group of astronauts led by commander Luke suddenly encountered a mysterious accident when they were on Mars: a huge storm generated from the surface of Mars killed everyone except Luke. After the storm subsided, a huge Martian face-shaped building appeared on a nearby hill.
  However, the rescue team also suffered many hardships, but they eventually arrived at Mars. The rescue team found Luke on Mars, and Luke found that the sound waves from the building of this Martian face shape contained information about the human DNA map. At the end of the movie, these astronauts also found a three-dimensional image in a huge darkroom, indicating that Mars had been hit by asteroids in the past, Martians have taken the spacecraft to evacuate, a spaceship to the Earth, and finally these Martians evolved. Become a human on earth. Finally, an astronaut in the rescue team accepted an invitation from the Martians to take the spacecraft to the new planet where the Martians moved.
  In this film, the astronauts’ exploration area is located in the Seitonia area of ​​Mars. In reality, there is indeed a hill that looks like a human face. Some skeptics believe that it is the ruins left by the high-smart life on Mars. However, according to the latest high-definition photos, the scientists found that there is nothing but a rocky hill. The “Mars face” is just the illusion of the angle of view and the angle of light.
  Mars needs mom Mars Needs Moms! (2011)
  This 3D motion capture animated film tells the story of a child going to Mars to save his mother. His mother was kidnapped by Martians because the Martians would not take care of the children, so they invented the robot nanny and hijacked their mother from the earth, extracted her memories and experiences, and then entered the robot nanny program. However, the mother will forget everything after the memory is extracted. So, with the help of a Martian girl, the child launched an impossible task to rescue her mother.
  Since this is a Disney movie for kids, there is no terror in this film, and the Martians are very cute. Although the setting is very interesting, the film is a film that is very bad at the box office and evaluation. A short comment from Douban says: “Mars does not need a mother, the Earth does not need this movie.”
  Alien Battlefield John Carter (2012)
  Remember this movie? The Disney movie cost a lot, but the box office was fiasco, which caused Disney to lose nearly $200 million, one of the most lost movies in Hollywood history. But the film still has a bright spot: the eye-catching visual effect of luxury. The Mars described in this film has a huge city, a winged aircraft, a green-skinned Martian with four arms, and more eye-catching things. However, after reading this film, you will understand that it is really difficult to tell a simple story.