What is the use of a small bottle of camellia seed oil?

Some friends after buying back the camellia seed oil, asked if the camellia seed oil can be cooked in the cold, the answer is of course! In fact, camellia seed oil has more uses than other edible oils. Camellia seed oil does not contain erucic acid, cholesterol, aflatoxin and other additives, unsaturated fatty acids up to 90%, oleic acid up to 80% to 83%, linoleic acid up to 7% to 13%, and rich in protein and Vitamins are a true green health oil suitable for three high populations, pregnant women and infants. First, food usage Cold salad: Ordinary edible oil can not be used directly for cold salad without heating to heat.

However, oil tea seed oil can be directly used for cold salads and vegetarian dishes without heating. The sauce has a bright color, a smooth, refreshing, non-greasy character.

Hot frying: Oil and nutrition expert Zhao Liang pointed out that the cooking method of “hot pot cold oil” is the correct way to ensure the color and fragrance of the dishes. Hot fried food with camellia seed oil is not black, delicious, not greasy. Steaming: Blessed to eat steamed food! Add a spoonful of camellia seed oil before steaming or steaming, such as steamed fish or steamed egg, it will be more fragrant and bright, and the nutrients will be better preserved. Frying: When frying food, ordinary cooking oil will produce peroxide at high temperatures, which is extremely harmful to the human body. Camellia seed oil contains antioxidants (V-E) which can be continuously fried for 20 hours at 220 °C without deterioration.

It does not produce trans fatty acids, and the quality will not change. It is a more ideal and healthier fried and fried edible oil. . Soup dishes: Add a spoonful of camellia seed oil when cooking soup or soup, the soup will be more delicious and delicious. Second, food therapy Three high people: high blood pressure and lower cholesterol usage: take two tablespoons of camellia seed oil mixed rice in the morning, daily consumption of camellia seed oil to make meals, long-term beneficial to reduce three high. Diabetes: Diabetes Usage: Take appropriate amount of Camellia Seed Oil and fry guava leaves. Eat once a day to improve the symptoms of diabetic patients to some extent.

Maternal: Postpartum usage of pregnant women: cooking with oiled tea seed oil can clear liver and detoxify and eliminate belly fat during pregnancy, restore body; use oil tea seed oil squid soup can increase breast milk; maternal diet, can also kidney, promote wound healing. Infants and young children: When steaming eggs, add one or two drops of camellia seed oil, which can not only increase your baby’s appetite, but also promote your baby’s mental development. This is because infants and young children are in a period of rapid development of intelligence and body, and nutrients are urgently needed. Oil is one of the important nutrients. Medical research has shown that oleic acid and linoleic acid in Camellia oleifera can be converted into DHA (commonly known as “brain gold”) and EPA in the human body, which have an important role in promoting brain development and vision development.

Third, external usage Baby Eczema Red Butt: Camellia Seed Oil can provide various natural nutrients such as oleic acid and vitamin E for damaged skin, which is beneficial to improve baby eczema and stay away from red butt. Stretch marks in pregnant women: In addition to the nutritional supplements, the Camellia Seed Oil can supplement the pregnant women with food and diet. It can also relieve and dilute the stretch marks of pregnant women and rejuvenate the prenatal skin after the pregnant women produce them. . Moisturizing Beauty: For beauty lovers, Camellia Seed Oil can have the effect of moisturizing and beauty. It is said that the ancient Tang Dynasty Yang Guifei and the Empress Dowager Cixi in the Qing Dynasty used camellia seed oil as the secret device to keep the face old. .

In addition, for those who need to face the computer for a long time in modern work, Camellia Seed Oil also has its magical effect: after cleaning the face daily, use two drops of Camellia Seed Oil to evenly massage the face and other parts of the skin, which can alleviate the computer radiation to some extent. The damage caused by the skin. Hair care and hair care: Camellia seed oil can nourish hair care, after shampooing, drop two drops of camellia seed oil into conditioner, then wash, long-term adherence can make hair smooth and supple, improve hair dry, split, hot Dyeing damage and other issues.