Uniqlo inherits the power of Miao embroidery project

Culture is born of people and continues because of human life. Traditional culture and spirit contain infinite wisdom and value. Through the inheritance of generations, it has evolved and evolved to bring inspiration and strength to contemporary people. Uniqlo and China Soong Ching Ling Foundation jointly launched the Miao embroidery project, which inherits the power of the new students to transmit the power of excellent embroidery. The humanistic spirit precipitated in traditional culture, through the power of clothing, constantly inspires young people to create a better life with innovation and creativity. More possibilities. Endeavour, cohesion, integration, new life, maternal love Uniqlo hopes to inspire the life of the contemporary people through the five positive forces in the Miao embroidery culture, and also create more job opportunities for the embroidered mothers. The Miao embroidery project combined with Uniqlo’s seven-year full-product recycling and recycling project will enable the garment industry to contribute to the development of a better society. Background of the project

1. Project introduction and significance

In 2018, Uniqlo and China Soong Ching Ling Foundation went to Xiangxi to donate their loved ones, felt the beauty of Miao embroidery traditional culture, and got a better understanding of the dilemma faced by local embroidered mothers. Uniqlo and China Soong Ching Ling Foundation hope to combine the advantages and resources of both sides. More social forces create more job opportunities for embroidered mothers and help people pursue their good life. Therefore, in 2019, Uniqlo once again cooperated with the Chinese Soong Ching Ling Foundation to jointly launch the Miao embroidery project “Inheriting the Power of Newborns to Deliver Superior Embroidery”, tapping the positive forces in China’s Miao embroidery culture, bringing inspiration to contemporary young people and helping China to improve poverty. The policy has been better settled, creating jobs for more than 400 embroidered mothers in Xiangxi, and even mobilizing Uniqlo’s seven-year full-product recycling and recycling program to encourage consumers to go to any store to donate their loved ones.

2. “Inheriting the creative concept of the new generation of excellent embroidery”

Miao embroidery sees the mountain embroidered mountains, see the water embroidered water, in a needle and a line, records the simple life wisdom and philosophy. The emotions of endeavor, new life, integration, cohesion, and maternal love passed down from generation to generation are also the positive forces of society that contemporary needs. Endeavor is a never-ending self-challenge; new students are endless innovations; integration is the openness and tolerance of each and every one; cohesiveness is the sincere cooperation of mutual cooperation; maternal love is the happiness energy that protects nature. Uniqlo excavates these five positive forces in traditional Miao embroidery patterns, hoping to inspire contemporary people’s lives, and constantly inspire contemporary young people to use innovation and creativity to make traditional culture reborn in modern and future life. Uniqlo continued to practice the seven-year all-product recycling and public welfare project linkage, and used the familiar means of donating love clothing to convey the power of “excellent embroidery” with practical actions.

Project planning and execution

1. Miao embroidery pattern & peripheral product creative design

For TN to communicate well with consumers, Uniqlo is inspired by traditional Miao embroidery, and selects five of the most representative patterns. It designs five Miao embroidery patterns with modern and traditional creative methods. Extending the UNIQLO Miao embroidery brand for UNIQLO consumers, including Uniqlo shopping bags, Miao embroidery canvas bags, Miao embroidery badges, etc. More than 700 UNIQLO stores have become the link point of traditional Miao embroidery culture and modern consumers, representing five different The Miao embroidered badge of strength is also “exchanged” into the hands of urban consumers through the donation of love clothing.

2. Embroidering the character and spirit

Uniqlo cooperated with China Soong Ching Ling Foundation to select five outstanding Miao embroidery inheritors in Xiangxi area. Through the shooting of posters and videos of character stories, we used the personal experience of embroidered mothers to interpret the five kinds of endeavor, maternal love, cohesion, new life and fusion. Power, from the perspective of modern life, interpret the continuation of the emotions and strengths of traditional Miao embroidery in contemporary life, and at the same time build more emotional resonance with urban consumers.

3. Integrated communication

Star help: Jing Boran, the global brand ambassador of Uniqlo, who has been committed to charity and public welfare, also hopes to help the society develop through its own strength, which also coincides with Uniqlo’s sustainable development vision. Jing Boran actively participated in the shooting of posters and videos of the Miao embroidery project, using the influence of stars and fan effects, calling on the public to actively participate in the action, understanding the art of Miao embroidery, helping the new students of traditional culture, and transmitting the power of “excellent embroidery” to make life better.

Self-owned media voice: Uniqlo official microblogging with #传传承生新生的优绣的力量#, mentioning rhythmically releasing posters and videos of five embroidered characters, causing consumers’ attention and discussion, invitation Consumers pay attention to the offline activities on July 18th and come to the store to donate love clothes. At the same time, the on-line Miao embroidery project H5 encourages consumers to donate clothes to the UNIQLO line store, obtain the Miao embroidery badge, and pass on their own strength to improve the life of the embroidered mother. More than 30,000 “excellent embroidery” power transmitters have been harvested in three weeks. At the same time, consumers are also actively sharing their power stories on Weibo, inspiring more people with their own stories.

Authoritative media concentrated reports: In three weeks, the intensive praise and in-depth reports of more than 400 mainstream authoritative media have also attracted wide attention from all walks of life.

Authoritative public welfare organizations work together: As the co-sponsor of the Miao embroidery project, the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation has repeatedly linked with Uniqlo online to further develop the power of public welfare and expand the influence of mainstream value.

4. Project Launch Conference and Miao Embroidery Exhibition

On July 18th, the launching ceremony of the “Inheritance of Freshmen” Miao Embroidery Project was held in the global flagship store of Huaihai Zhonglu Road in Uniqlo. The event site not only displayed the posters and videos of the embroidered mother, but also exhibited the exquisite Miao embroidery exhibits representing the five different strengths of the Miao nationality. The Xiangxi embroidered mothers were invited to personally perform the embroidered display of Miao embroidery, which explained the charm of traditional culture from many angles. At the same time, UNIQLO’s sustainable development achievements in the past seven years were reviewed and displayed.

At the event, Pan Ning, CEO of UNIQLO Greater China, Wu Pinhui, Chief Marketing Officer of Uniqlo Greater China, Tang Jiuhong, Deputy Secretary General of China Soong Ching Ling Foundation, Jing Boran, UNIQLO Global Brand Spokesperson, and Yi Hua, representative of Yi Nian, attended the discussion. The embroidery project brings the essence of traditional culture into the life of the contemporary people. With the humanistic spirit of traditional culture, it encourages young people to create more possibilities for innovation and creativity. At the same time, more people are called to participate in the Miao embroidery project, donate love clothes, help the traditional culture, and use the power of clothing to make the society develop in a better direction.

After the press conference, the Miao Embroidery Exhibition will continue to be exhibited for 5 weeks on the 5th floor of the global flagship store of Huaihai Zhonglu in UNIQLO, allowing more consumers to experience the charm of traditional culture while donating love clothes and passing “Excellent Embroidery”. “the power of.

5. Love clothing recycling

The Miao Embroidery Project and Uniqlo have combined the seven-year full-product recycling and recycling project to maximize the power of clothing. Uniqlo started the whole product recycling and recycling project in 2012. With clothing as the carrier and the power of love, the life of 3.4 million old clothes has been continued, and 300,000 families feel the power and warmth of clothing. From now on, consumers will donate five pieces of love clothing to any store in UNIQLO China mainland, that is, they will have the opportunity to exchange for a miao embroidered badge to help the new students of traditional culture and pass on the power of “excellent embroidery”! Project Evaluation

Communication effect

Within three weeks, more than 350 authoritative media including the First Finance, Harvard Professional Review, People’s Daily, Yu, Sohu, Sina, Phoenix, Tencent, and Netease conducted in-depth coverage of the Miao embroidery project; the total exposure of the project has exceeded 8.4 billion, reading more than 26 million, embroidered mother video playback nearly 1 million. Shanghai Huaihai Zhonglu Uniqlo’s global flagship store Miao embroidery exhibition attracted more than a thousand consumers to visit and donate clothes.

2. Social repercussions

The UNIQLO project “Inheriting Freshmen and Delivering the Power of Excellent Embroidery” has won unanimous praise from all walks of life. Tang Jiuhong, deputy secretary-general of the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation, said that the project has helped the traditional Miao embroidery skills to play a role in precision poverty alleviation in an innovative way; the on-site media also said that the project is another masterpiece of Chinese and foreign cultural integration and innovative public welfare models; In cooperation with the Hunan Miao Embroidery Cooperative, Uniqlo has provided more than 400 embroidered mothers with sustainable job opportunities, which has increased the income of the embroidered mother by 1,300 yuan and promoted regional and social development. Uniqlo always adheres to the concept of “LifeWear is suitable for life” and hopes to unite the power of the public and help the development of a beautiful society.