Undoubtedly “IP+ Industry”

What sparks can the museum and the second element shine? Can digital art make non-legacy younger? How does the Geological Museum succeed in “powdering powder”?

These questions can be found in the “IP + industry” cooperation practice.

“IP+ Industry” is becoming a new outlet for industrial brand upgrading and cultural upgrading. Specifically, the cultural and creative industry is centered on IP and is accelerating integration with other industries. Wenchuang IP+ thousands of industries, fields, organizations, individuals and even thinking will stimulate the transformation of traditional enterprises, and cultural enterprises will also realize Leaping Development.

If cloud, big data, artificial intelligence, etc. are technically empowered for traditional industries, Wenchuang IP is “give the soul” for other industries. Wenchuang IP+ is becoming an important production factor, combined with the lifestyle of the digital economy era, and has produced many new models and new formats.

In terms of the creative industry in which the perfect world is located, we also integrate deeply with all walks of life and inject vitality into other industries through gamification. “IP+ Industry”: Breaking through the cooperation of the Dimensional Wall

Back to the first question, the Shaanxi History Museum and the second-level game “Yunmeng Four-Time Song” have deep integration, and the two sides created a “New Tang Feng” concept.

For example, “Yunmeng Four-Time Song” and Shaanxi History Museum have customized a number of “Fu Ling” (Note: Fu Ling is a game character), and “Shangguan Yuer” is a Fu Ling costume design filled with rich Tang style. The design of the accessories on the body is derived from the national treasure of the “grass flower and bird pattern silver sachet”.

In fact, Wenchuang IP development has already had a profound impact on the cultural and creative fields such as museums and cultural attractions. Wenchuang Store is becoming the “last exhibition hall” of many museums, and the museum + cultural creation frequently attracts public attention. Taking the “Net Red” Palace Museum as an example, in 2017, the income of the Palace Museum’s cultural and creative products reached 1.5 billion yuan. As of December 2018, the development of the Palace’s cultural and creative products exceeded 11,000; Beijing Park Wenchuang has also formed “One Park”. The layout of one shop and one product has nearly 5,000 types of development. For example, Beihai Park has launched the “Beihai Calendar” with inscriptions. Xiangshan Park has launched “Xiangshan Red Fish Notebook” with Chairman Mao’s greetings. Awkward “water marvel plush toy”…

Looking at the non-legacy protection, the non-legacy project Tang knife became the new weapon of the online game “Zhu Xian 3”, and the “Chinese Symbol” documentary recorded the whole process of Tang knife forging and game production. Tang Knife, a non-legacy project that has been almost forgotten, is being used by more young people through digital culture and art such as documentaries and games.

The first intangible cultural heritage of the country, Nanjing Confucius Temple and the new “Zhu Xian Mobile Games” also opened a new cross-border cooperation, and restored the real scene of the Confucius Temple historical district on both sides of the Qinhuai River to the game, whether it is Tianxiashu or Mingyuan Building. Or is it a painting on the Qinhuai River, everyone can get close to the game in the fairy world.

In the near future, Dunhuang will soon reach a new cooperation with the new “Zhu Xian Mobile Games”. The game has launched a new professional “Tianhua”. The main city of Tianhua is based on the Dunhuang landscape. The game also includes typical Dunhuang scenes such as Crescent Moon Spring. Through innovative gameplay, every player can participate in the action of Dunhuang mural protection. In addition, with the support of the China Children’s Culture and Art Promotion Association, a series of Dunhuang cultural protection actions including Dunhuang documentary filming, Dunhuang game theme music and dance creation and related public welfare activities will be launched.

Finally, look at the Geological Museum. According to the image of Yansi Longnan, the perfect world developed the animation IP “Dinosaur Hostel” and “Little Dinosaur”. This cooperation not only promotes the Anhui Geological Museum to become the benchmark of the geological museum, but also the “Dinosaur Hostel” IP. The Good Investment Value Award allows the ‘Little Dinosaurs’ to successfully “powder”.

After the cultural products created by Wenchuang Design and IP Licensing, the ordinary products can be inserted into the wings of cultural and creative design, and more classic cultures can be familiarized by young people and enter the new blue ocean of the industry. In these cooperations, Wenchuang enterprises have made traditional culture alive and ignited by means of IP design, game scene implantation, and innovative gameplay.

More than Wenchuang

“IP+ industry” is much more than that. The field of radiation also involves transportation, city cards and so on. In fact, IP construction is not only a cultural experience, but also a new solution to some social problems. In terms of activating social potential, Wenchuang IP has a very large space for exploration.

In the field of transportation, the 5G era has brought new opportunities for the development of the Internet of Things. Audio-visual entertainment is an important landing scene for air networking and car networking.

In the field of air networking, AVIC Media will cooperate with the Perfect World in cultural communication, cultural content production, cultural and creative development, etc. to jointly enhance the interactive entertainment system and IP value of the national aviation. The cooperation between the two parties will enhance the passenger experience of Air China passengers. From the online ticket purchase, waiting, and exiting the airport, the whole process is gamified and interesting.

In the Internet of Vehicles, Daimler AG and Perfect World will cooperate in two aspects: car game development and MBUX car entertainment system function development, guiding drivers to drive with gamification, and satisfying demand through intelligent car entertainment system. Improve driving safety.

In shaping city business cards, IP is an important means of urban brand marketing and can be an important window for the output of an attraction and even urban culture. In the creation of urban cultural IP, Wenchuang Enterprise is known for its creativity, and it polishes city business cards by counting various resources. Yunnan is known as the “Sidu”, and the old city government is cooperating with the Perfect World in creating business travel city cards and upgrading industrial culture.

In general, “IP+ industry” has a wide range of applications and great potential. The current Wenchuang design has long been a simple combination of patterns, texts and commodities, but a more precise blend of traditional elements and popular culture. . Wenchuang enterprises and traditional industries can achieve “IP+ industry” cooperation by creating unique IP, creative rebirth, strengthening cooperation and production in the whole industry chain. Multi-party linkage can be expected in the future

It is unavoidable that China’s “IP+ industry” is still facing difficulties such as uneven development, cultural barriers, serious homogeneity and lack of talents.

For example, at present, Wenchuang products face serious problems of intellectual property protection and homogenization. Many Wenchuang products still remain at the level of ordinary tourist souvenirs, and homogenized products such as refrigerator stickers, mugs and medals are rampant.

In addition, the cultural and creative industry is relatively special, and the talents needed must not only have a deep understanding of Chinese traditional culture, but also have design talents. At present, the link between talents and industry is broken, especially for secondary creative talents and compound talents.

In the face of the above shortcomings, Wenchuang Enterprises is also working together to explore solutions in the traditional industry. The Perfect World tries to promote the future development of “IP+ Industry” through the integration of production and education and platform construction.

In response to the current shortage of talents, the Perfect World reshapes education with industry, through the active practice of integration of production and education, to create the best growth platform for creative talents, cultivate creative talents for the creative industry and the whole society, and make more gamification Creative talents of thinking are integrated into traditional industries.

In the construction of the platform, the perfect world actively promotes the deep integration of culture and technology, capital and market, and established the perfect Wenchuang Park in Chengdu. The business of the settled enterprises is highly complementary, involving the upstream and downstream of the cultural industry, forming a trend of linkage and integration. The park adopts a deep incubation mechanism for the entire industry chain, providing a platform for cooperation for more “IP+ industries”.

In short, the trend of the industrial Internet has arrived. The cultural and creative industry is deeply integrated with all walks of life, empowering more B-ends and G-ends. The production method of IP+ industry is generating great productivity, and Wenchuang enterprises are constantly helping. Other industries create their own unique IP, which constantly boosts consumption upgrades.