UFO “participating” in the NATO military exercise

At the end of September 1952, I went to the US Air Defense Command Headquarters to report to General Chidlow about UFO activities for several months.

We had an appointment with the Air Defense Command and we had regular briefings, but that summer we were busy like ants on hot pots, and the work was not on schedule. They still fully cooperate with our work, but we have not kept close communication with them as we hoped. After the report was finished that day, I had lunch with the “Blue Book” liaison officer of the Air Defense Command, Major General Verna Sadowski, and several other officers at the officers’ club. I had a hunch that I felt that these people were receiving Trapped in something. In the end, Sadowski finally spoke up. He said, “Listen, Lupu, are you telling us all the real UFO stories?”

I thought that what he meant was that I was telling a story about how to add vinegar, so I said that since he has a copy of most of our UFO reports, and he has read it, I should know that I am completely true.

Then another person inserted and said, “This is the problem. We do have many reports and we have read them, but we just don’t understand why intelligence agencies are not willing to accept certain things that are not known to us. The fact that things are flying around us, unless you are trying to cover up anything.”

Everyone present agrees with him. At this time, a radar operator spoke. He said that after reading dozens of radar reports, he concluded that these UFOs can only be interstellar ships, and nothing else. He began to give his own reasons. At this time, another radar operator joined the conversation.

The person said that he read every report, but every incident was interpreted as a weather phenomenon, even if the radar capture – visually visible events. In fact, he was not sure how we would receive such a UFO sighting report. He needed evidence to prove that the same object was observed with the naked eye. Do we have such evidence?

At this point, I went back to the discussion and the answer was: If you want evidence of certain technical parameters, I am sorry, we have not. But we do have reports that the radar captures exactly the same precise orientation as the UFO visible to the naked eye. In addition, in several other reports, the pilot had chased the UFO, and the pilot reported that the UFO flight process was exactly the same as the radar tracking.

A lieutenant colonel who sat quietly on the side suddenly inserted a carefully selected comment: “It seems that the blueprint project is facing the difficulties and what can be used as evidence.”

The words of the colonel are in the middle of the matter. He went on to say: “Everyone has a different understanding of what evidence is. Some people think that it takes only 5 to 10 hours of flight testing to accept a new type of aircraft. For them, this evidence That’s enough, because it proves that the plane can really fly. But other people can be upset. They think that the flight test can only be carried out for ten years and eight years. These people set a very unreasonable high standard for the evidence. The answer to the question lies between these two extremes.”

But as far as UFO is concerned, where is this key point?

After the colonel’s short speech ended, the scene was silent for about half a minute. Then someone asked: “Would you like to talk about what happened recently in the ‘main turnaround action?'”

In late September 1952, the Navy of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (“NATO”) conducted a military exercise codenamed “Main-Rolling Action” on the coast of the European continent. Just before the start of the operation, some people in the Pentagon joked that the Navy Intelligence Department should keep an eye on the UFO with a big eye, but no one really thought that UFO would appear. However, UFO once again proved its general existence, yes, it appeared at the exercise site.

On September 20th, a reporter on an aircraft carrier was filming a plane taking off. At this moment, he accidentally looked back at the flight deck below and found a group of pilots and deck staff looking up at what . He stepped back and looked up and found a silver sphere in the sky behind the fleet. That object looks great, even in the photo, it should not be small, so he took several photos. The photos were quickly washed out and the results were good. The top structure of the aircraft carrier was visible on each sheet. Judging from the size of an unknown object on several consecutive photos, it moves very fast.

The intelligence personnel on the ship analyzed the photos. The object looks like a hot air balloon, and from a size perspective, if it is a hot air balloon, it is likely to come from a nearby ship. So people asked through TBS (Talk BetweenShips, the inter-ship radio call): “Who has fired a balloon?”

The answer was: “No one has ever fired a balloon.”

The naval intelligence officers verified four times before and after, and determined that the ships near the aircraft carrier did not launch superheated balloons.

We have been asking for a non-stop behind the navy. The witnesses of the day – the pilot and the deck staff – were not uniform. Some insisted that the UFO was a balloon, but others were equally convinced that it was not a balloon. It’s too fast, and even if it looks like a balloon from a certain angle, it is different from the balloon that the crew used to get high air like a scientist.

I told the Ministry of Defense that if there were no things happening in the course of the exercises, we might not be so exhausted to find the answer to the UFO photos in the “Let’s Gossip Action”.

On the second day of the photo shoot, six pilots of the Royal Air Force piloted a fighter plane flying in the North Sea Airborne Formation and saw a flying object flying in the direction of the main to the fleet. It was a shiny ball-like object. Because it was impossible to determine whether it was “friendly”, they chased it and intercepted it, but after a minute or two, it disappeared in the eyes of everyone. When they approached the base, a pilot looked back and saw that the UFO was behind them, so he turned around and flew toward the UFO, but the UFO also turned around and flew away. In a few minutes, the Meteor was far away. Left behind.

Then, on the third day of the exercise, a UFO appeared near the fleet, this time over the Topcliffe airport in the UK. A Meteor fighter rushed into the air and successfully approached the UFO. Because the distance was close enough, it could be seen that the unknown object was a “silver-white circular” object, which seemed to “swing around its longitudinal axis.” But the UFO disappeared when the pilot planned to stay closer for better observation.

The Royal Air Force intelligence officer at the Pentagon told me that it was because of these sightings that the Royal Air Force officially recognized the existence of UFO.

The lunch time has been over for a long time after the “Let’s turn to the action” event, waiting for the waiter to clean up the table and cast a disgusting look at us. I just wanted to leave, and Major Sadoski spoke again. He repeated the original topic that caused this discussion: “Are you hiding from us?”

I said categorically: “There is no concealment.” We need more direct evidence, and before that, UFOs were still only UFOs.

All of you here are skeptical, reflecting the attitude of their group towards this matter.

I told them that we have a detailed plan for finding direct evidence. Once I return to the office of Major Sadorsky, I will introduce the plan in detail.

We walked out of the club, went to the crosswalk outside, and after discussing several witnesses, the group returned to Sadowski’s office. It is relatively safe here, I explained to them their plans.

First, the United States will launch the “Ivy Action” in November or December (Translator’s Note: The Eighth Nuclear Test of the United States during the Cold War, aimed at boosting the US nuclear arsenal to deal with the Soviet nuclear weapons program) (H-bomb). Although this was top secret at the time, it was probably the worst in the history of confidentiality work – almost universally known. Some people in the Pentagon take it for granted that certain creatures, whether Earth or non-Earth, are very interested in our activities in the Pacific, just as they did in the “Land-to-Look Action”. Therefore, the “Blue Book” project was approved to set up a reporting network in the pilot area to briefly introduce how to report and how to analyze the on-site report.

Second, the Blue Book is planning to develop a comprehensive system to track UFOs. He served as the deputy director of the product department under General Sanford and has been the commander of the UFO project for General Sanford, Garland, now replacing Colonel Dunn as the head of the American Aerospace Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC), who went to the Air War The college serves. Brigadier General Garland has always advocated increasing access to detailed information about UFOs, whether the information is positive or negative. The planned tracking system will replace the diffraction analysis grid camera that ATIC is still developing.

Third, we will do our best to bring together a group of scientists to spend a full week or two to study UFO issues.

When I left the ADC, Colonel Sadowski and other people were very satisfied that we were not just sitting there and playing with the UFO report.

In the fall of 1952, the number of reports continued to decrease, and by December it had fallen below the average of 30 per month, and 20% of them were classified as “unknown”.

We wanted to go to the Pacific to investigate the UFO during the hydrogen bomb test and was cancelled because there was no seat on the plane. But naval personnel and air force security personnel who participated in the hydrogen bomb test were all told to look for UFOs, and they also had the procedures to track and report UFOs. When they return to Dayton, we wait to be ready to quickly analyze any possible reports. But nothing happened in the end. There were no UFO sightings in the “Ivy Action” of the entire series of atomic bombs.

In December, the preparatory phase of our equipment program has been completed. In the past two months we have considered various possible options, including the distribution of simple wooden tracking devices to the locator of the ground observation force, or the creation of special radars or cameras. We discussed the issues with the Wright Patterson base on missile tracking equipment and consulted the camera technicians at the Air Force Air Reconnaissance Laboratory. Astronauts told us about the use of their equipment and technology. We also went to Rome, New York, and Boston to find people who designed Air Force electronics for help.

Our last plan was to set up a visual image point station throughout northern New Mexico. New Mexico was chosen because there are more UFO sighting reports in this area than in other parts of the United States. A sighting device similar to a bomb sight is installed at these visual image pointing stations. What the operator has to do is to track the UFO using the tracking device. The exact time the UFO appears and its azimuth and elevation are automatically recorded. The visual image pointing station will be connected to the internal telephone system, and as long as the tracker of a certain site discovers it, the other locators in the area will be notified in time. If two sites track the same object at the same time, we will immediately calculate its speed and height.

This visual image fixed-point network is connected to the existing radar defense system in the Abu Korki-Alam region. We will install a camera that is synchronized with the radar’s mobile antenna at each radar point. Therefore, if the radar detects the UFO, the operator presses the camera button and captures the area where the UFO is located. These cameras are actually astronomical telescopes, so even the smallest objects will be photographed.

In addition to this camera system, we also propose to set up array devices near the area, each group containing instruments for measuring nuclear radiation, any interference from the Earth’s magnetic poles and any objects that transfer heat will be monitored. These devices continuously send the information they collect to the central “UFO Command Station”, which also collects information directly from radar and visual image fixed-point stations.

The equipment plan will cost $250,000 as we plan to utilize as many instruments as possible and make it compatible with existing communication systems. After the installation is completed, the annual operating expenses are also $25,000. At first glance, it seems like it costs a lot of money, but if we compare the cost of the UFO project before the Air Force and the possible future costs, the price is not so high, especially considering that we will solve the UFO problem once and for all.

In December 1952, ATIC’s top management approved the plan, which was then submitted to Washington, and approved by General Sanford before being handed over to the higher-level Air Force officials of the Pentagon for review. There are indications that we may be approved.

But since the fall of 1952, the main work of the Blue Book program has become the collection of data we have collected over the past year and a half. We sorted out the best “UFOs” and also studied some aspects of UFO issues. This way we can bring together a group of scientists to review the data, and we provide them with all the information, not just the words.

All those who know the expert group meeting are eagerly hoping that the meeting will be held as soon as possible, because everyone is interested in what kind of views the expert group will publish. Although the team of scientists does not have the authority to make the final decision, if they believe that UFOs actually exist, their recommendations will be submitted to the president. Therefore, any opinions of these people we plan to convene are very important.

At the Pentagon and ATIC, people are betting on what kind of advice these experts will make. When I bet, the odds are 5:3, in favor of the UFO’s lead.