The Secret of the Undead in Pittsburgh

The sound of the undead is strange and blurred

Maggie Beland, who lives in Pittsburgh, USA, and his wife, Josephine Belland, are typical couples of middle-class couples. Although they have no children for two years, they have a stable family income and have a house and a car. However, in September 2016, an accidental incident completely broke the calm of this small family.

On the same day, the Maggies and the couple were invited to participate in a friend’s housewarming party, during which they met a Hispanic female diviner named Sergei. In her early 30s, she showed some arrogant Tarot cards for fortune tellers, palms and the like in the guests, and was greeted by a few boring friends.

Maggie had studied pathology in the medical school before, and he disdained it, and he sneered at Sergey. Unexpectedly, this woman is not willing to show weakness, provocatively said to give Maggie a fortune.

Maggie sneaked out his hand, and Serge Moss held his hand and looked at his right hand. He not only accurately said the status quo of his life and work, but also told his younger brother who died of flu in his childhood.

The death of the younger brother is the hidden pain in Maji’s heart. Even his wife has never told him. It is expected that he will be “calculated” by a fortune-telling, which makes him quite surprised.

At this time, Sergei took advantage of his business card and enthusiastically invited the couple to their studio.

After two days, the confused and curious Maggie really took Josephine to the door, and Slag Moss certainly took the opportunity to blow the magic of magic, claiming to have inspiration, and showed himself a photo with some celebrities, Celebrities have spared no expense to ask her to communicate with the “Psychic” spells of yin and yang and the death of relatives and friends.

Seeing that the couple were dubious, Slot took them into the so-called “spiritual room” closed inside, and said that they would “psychic” for Maggie and his younger brother.

The three people sat around the round table with the crystal ball in the room. After the sneakers slammed the crystal ball in the dark light, suddenly a slight childish voice was heard in the mouth, calling the nickname of Maggie. Some childish things. Although Maggie was indifferent to his brother, his parents kept a recital of his life, so he was no stranger to his voice. Now I hear the sound of “Psychic” and I am more and more surprised.

Through this, Maggie’s attitude toward S. Moss took a 180-degree turn, not only frequent visits, but also frequently asked him to communicate with his younger brother and yin and yang, and even became fascinated with the so-called “psychic” spells.

Josephine didn’t mind her husband’s change at first, but gradually, she noticed that Maggie’s behavior was strange: a few nights waking up from her sleep, she actually saw Maggie wearing a Scout costume facelessly Traveling in the middle of the house.

At first Josephine thought that her husband was sleepwalking, but Maggie explained that she was learning “the soul is possessed.” “The Undead possession” is a “key” of Western spiritualism. Only with this ability, the wizard can freely enter and leave the so-called yin and yang.

One night later, I woke up from the slumber and Josephine found that the sleeping person was missing again. Looking east to see the underground storage room was locked, but she had to call the police for help. When the police forcibly opened the storage room, everyone saw that the small space did not know when to arrange it into a “spiritual room.” In the dim light, Maggie sat on the edge of the crystal ball. He even wore a golden wig and wore a large maternity dress.

Josephine had just stepped forward, only to see the opposite side of Maggie’s face, her eyes stunned and pointed her finger toward her faintly: “Sister, you are a bad woman! You deceived my Maggie.” Although it is very sharp The voice of the woman, but heard in Josephine is like a thunder, because the voice from her husband’s mouth is the voice of her familiar sister An Qi.

Heterosexual dark night bloody

It is said that An Qi was originally a girlfriend of Maggie’s medical school, because her love was opposed by her parents. After graduating from college, she resolutely cut off her family, married Maji and went to Pittsburgh to fight. One year later, An Qi was pregnant, and her sister Josephine excused her business to Pittsburgh to take care of her.

However, the world is impermanent, and An Qi, who was alone at home, wrestled and died of massive bleeding. Maggie was once in pain and unable to extricate himself. Fortunately, Josephine accompanied him, and Maggie gradually developed a subtle feeling for Josephine. The two concluded a tie.

After the marriage, the couple are harmonious, but they have been evading each other for An Qi. I don’t want to be brought out now because of “Psychic”, Josephine is particularly entangled.

After this incident happened, Maggie’s “dead possession” was more frequent, and it was a younger brother who was early, and an ex-wife An Qi. The state of confusion seriously affects work and life. In view of her husband’s mental disorder, Josephine even advised him to consult a psychologist. After examination, it was judged to be a rare multiple personality disorder, that is, psychological MPD, a difficult to cure personality division.

This time, Josephine was full of grievances and pointed to Sve Moss. He felt that her so-called “psychic” had harmed her husband, so she went to the door to discuss.

Listening to Josephine’s intentions, Sergey turned his eyelids and explained: “It may be that the two deceased are too close to Maggie’s relationship, and it is difficult for them to control themselves, so this double alternation will occur. The case of possession.”

Josephine eagerly pursued the method of cracking. S. Moss said in a moment: “The usual mana is difficult to take away the two undead undead, unless you use another spell to drive away the undead, but this way will consume a lot of my strength and strength. , so customers need to pay a lot of money.”

Josephine heard the anger: “What? You have harmed my husband now. This person is not a ghost. I have not sued you for compensation for mental damage. You ask us for money?” “Then I will I can’t do anything about it.” Sergey shrugged and replied indifferently.

This time Josephine couldn’t help but arguing with it, and even angrily even smashed it with Sgrid. As a result, the police heard the news and arrested Josephine on charges of violent attacks on civilian houses.

Soon, Maggie arrived at the police station to deliver the insurance and took Josephine home. He calmly told his wife that he had known his condition privately, and he was also informed that as the disease progressed, his “intermittent waking state” would be shorter and shorter, and if not treated, it would have serious consequences. Moreover, local law stipulates that patients should be allowed to go to a designated psychiatric nursing home for more than one year of closed treatment for the condition.

He told Josephine: “The reason why I am obsessed with psychic is because every time I experience the ‘dead possession, I can always feel what Angel of another world wants to tell me. Because she died when I was accidentally, I was not around. Therefore, I want to let S. Moss and I practise ‘Psychic’ in order to understand her wish before her life before she is completely out of control.”

Josephine was silent for a long time, and sighed and answered Maggie to find Sergey.

After calculation, Sgrid told Maggie that the midnight after three days was the “window period” that was most suitable for human and ghost communication in the psychic, and decided to switch to Maggie’s ability to communicate with Yin and Yang.

Three days later, Maggie went to visit, and Josephine, who stayed at home, turned around at night, so it was easy to get to the dawn, and he was falling asleep, but was awakened by a sudden knock on the door. Opening the door, she saw several serious police officers showing their documents, telling Swatch that they were found dead in the “Spiritual Room.”

Josephine subconsciously thought that Maggie’s illness suddenly caused tragedy and just wanted to defend her husband. But the police told her that the public camera records near the scene were read and that the night’s “Psychic” was followed by Maggie and Sergey bid farewell to leave, and soon after that, another person entered the Sgt moss residence, this person is Josephine.

Josephine was shocked and stunned, but he heard a sound behind him. Turning his head and seeing that Maggie didn’t know when to get out of the storage room, he was dressed in a weird pregnant woman, confused and melancholy.

Josephine immediately rushed over and grabbed Maggie’s arm and swayed and said, “Dear, wake up, please tell the police that I stayed at home last night and didn’t go to Scots.” With a glimmer of hope, she tried to wake up the unspoken husband to prove her innocence.

Maggie swayed under Josephine’s eager pull, his sluggish eyes slowly sweeping across the crowd, and finally settled in Josephine. Josephine looked at the numb husband, and his heart sank and subconsciously chilled.

Sure enough, Maggie spoke up, but he sent out An Qi, with a bit of blame and asked: “Sister, why do you want to take everything that belongs to me?”

It seemed to be a question from hell, and Josephine felt breathing stopped.

Mythical cracking

In addition to the surveillance video near the Sergean dying scene, the police quickly found Josephine in a coat with the blood of the deceased, and detected the sleeping pills in her drinking water. The piles pointed clearly. The police immediately detained Josephine, who had a hundred words of suspicion, with “significant suspicion.”

Josephine, who was staying in the detention center, recalled many strange and bizarre details. Everything seemed to be “psychic” and “psychic”.

Regarding the death of An Qi, Josephine did have an ulterior secret: the parents had deliberately let An Qi inherit the family business despite the fact that Josephine had taken care of the family industry and she secretly slandered her sister. His parents once deprived An Qi of his inheritance rights. However, parents heard that An Qi was pregnant and placed half of her equity in her.

This made Josephine feel that he had become futile for the family’s efforts for many years, and he was dissatisfied with his parents and his sister. It happened that she went to Pittsburgh to discuss business, and took the opportunity to privately convince her sister to transfer the equity. As a result, the sisters disputed and caused An Qi to wrestle. In the wrath of Josephine, regardless of his sister’s safety and longevity, Angel died of blood loss.

Although Josephine was guilty afterwards, when he arranged a funeral with Maggie, he found that Angel had transferred all his shares to his husband in the form of a will. In order to regain the equity, Josephine approached Maggie in the name of sympathy and comfort, and married him with the intention of controlling all family businesses after his parents died.

However, Josephine is extravagant and extravagant, and Maji is thrifty and introverted. Just when Josephine was tangled, she accidentally met the so-called wizard Sergei, so she had a plan. After privately investigating her husband’s family affairs, she bought a Tongsuge Moss Bureau and wanted to use Maji’s “Soul of the Undead” to induce her to sell shares. However, it was unexpected that the situation changed, and she was confused and was trapped in suspicion of murder.

After a few days, Maggie commissioned a lawyer to release Josephine. He told his wife that doctors have suggested going to a well-known psychiatric hospital in Ohio for closed treatment as soon as the condition worsens. At this time, he handed out the signed authorization to Josephine and entrusted her with full control and management of the shares under her name.

It was night, and Josephine, who was asleep, was awakened by the slightest sound, and opened his eyes. Only Maji, who was dressed as An Qi, stood upright by the bed. Josephine was so shocked that he sat up and asked, “An Qi, you, what do you want?”

“I want your life, dear.” Opposite “An Qi” sneered, but this time it was Maggie’s own voice. Josephine looked at her husband through the faint moonlight outside the window, his eyes sparkling with rational ferocity and triumph.

“It turns out that you have been driving crazy?” Josephine suddenly realized what he was asking. “For An Qi.” Maggie said to raise the dagger in his hand.

When it was said that it was too late, several police officers who had ambushed in advance rushed into the room and twisted Maggie. It turned out that after the appearance of his brother “Sound of the Undead”, Maggie went to Sergey out of curiosity to ask, but did not intend to find that she and her wife set up a private office. At first he was only angry at Josephine’s feelings of deceiving himself for the purpose of seeking property. However, in the process of private investigation, he learned that An Qi’s death was not a deliberate but unshirkable moral obligation. In his bidding, he bought a higher price of Sergei, and he will take a look at the so-called “dead possession.”