The next day, the blood is resurrected

On the way to the material transport to the event site, the car we were riding collided with another car. Fortunately, the people in the car are fine. The driver’s big brother said to us, “You are not moving in the car,” and got off the bus. After an hour of negotiations, the driver’s older brother returned to the car and told us that the traffic police and insurance company had been notified to collect the evidence on the spot. When he said that he called his own leader and reported the work on the phone, he could feel the tension in his speech. Helpless look and the hand that has been on the steering wheel, let me also sweat for him. The leader really licked his face on the phone.

While waiting for the traffic police and insurance company to come, colleague S said to me: “You should not have thought that you would be doing this kind of work?” “How come suddenly asked me this?” My head turned to her. “I thought you would resign in two or three days. In fact, you can choose better.” She said slowly. “When I just graduated, the leader came up and arranged a particularly difficult one. Task, I tried my best to get the project done, but the reality is that I was made a mess in the end. The leader publicly criticized me at the department meeting.

After that meeting, I decided to resign. At that time, I have already After writing a good resignation, I spent an afternoon writing it, and the words and sentences were considered no less than ten times.” “Then, the resignation did not succeed?” I asked. “When I was ready to take the resignation and knock on the door of the leadership office, I found that I was on a business trip that afternoon, so I can only wait until the next day to submit.

Who knows, after the night when I was unable to sleep on the opposite side, The next morning, I started early in the morning as usual. I went to the subway to squeeze the elevator to the company to punch the card. When I sat down at the station and took a sip of the buns I had loaded all the way, I suddenly felt that everything happened before. It’s nothing. Then I’ve been doing it and I’ve done the job right now.” In fact, S pokes my heart, this job is different from what I imagined before.

I used to be free from the judgment of happiness or not. There have been countless times to avoid the mentality, but perhaps like her As I said, when the sun rises the next day, I will feel that everything in the past is nothing. When we were busy eating dinner, we noticed that Big Brother was sending a WeChat to his wife. He explained to his wife the reason for his late work, and then said to the younger son at the video that “Dad will go home and tell you a story.” Whether it is me and my colleague S, or this hard-working driver, I think we are all similar.

There have been countless crashes before this Vientiane world, but countless times to get up in the sleepy eyes and run towards the life you want. Just like the night after the car accident, the next day I went to work with my colleague S as usual. I sat in the driver’s car and went to the event site to start a new day’s work. On the road, as if nothing happened, there is only a new direction in front of us.