The new world has a sense: how to change the direction of the trend, will not be hurt by the trend?

From selling the class to the screen, the new world shows us the two sides of the fan marketing with their own living cases. If you use it well, it is a treasure. If you use it badly, you will be self-harming.

In the previous paragraph, we were brushed twice by the New World, one for the class and one for the class. Zhang Wei, the founder of the New World, has a mantra: Let us change the direction of the trend together. Unfortunately, this time it was not working, but it was hurt by the trend.

There are two reasons for paying attention to the New World incident: First, I also paid for it, commonly known as “harvested”, in the trend; second, an organization that relies on the creation of a popular life, and finally was hurt by the epidemic. This is indeed an intriguing and worthwhile topic.

The defeat of the new world: product power is the fuse

From selling the class to the screen, the new world shows us the two sides of the fan marketing with their own living cases. If you use it well, it is a treasure. If you use it badly, you will be self-harming.

Many people analyze the reasons, most of them focus on the criticism of their products. Many of the customers who have heard it say that it is not worthwhile. The voices of several minutes and ten minutes have the suspicion of fooling consumers.

Some people say that there is a problem with the way he sells, and there is a suspicion of pyramid schemes. Therefore, even Tencent, the investor of his own investment, can’t stand it anymore. Direct micro-envelope killing has affected the product experience, which triggered the withdrawal.

Whether it is a product perfunctory or a sales method, the micro-envelope can’t hear the lesson, but it can be attributed to the product force.

Many people overestimate the power of fan marketing, and feel that fans are purely emotional animals, without rational judgment, this is a big misunderstanding. Compared with traditional marketing, fan marketing emphasizes emotional connection, but product power is always the basic medium for fan fission. Even Lei Jun said that “the best product is marketing”. Especially for virtual products, it is invisible and invisible. There is no external form of interference such as packaging and feel. It is even more naked.

In short, the requirements of the Internet era have become higher, your products should be good enough, and must also meet the characteristics of detonating pop, such as single point of extreme, built-in topics, declaration attributes, trend appearance and so on.

Always remember that the product is the premise of the detonation and the final destination. If this is not done well, you can only lift the stone and lick your own feet.

Fans are the last straw to crush the camel

The sturdy fortress is also afraid of disintegrating from the inside. Once the people inside start to fight against the water, it will be ruined. Fans can create word of mouth, as well as destroy word of mouth.

Zhang Wei’s class, I heard the end from the beginning, and said that I couldn’t compare the course with the conscience, but I was completely worthy of the three or forty dollars. Although the time of each lesson is not long, I can hear that Zhang Wei has been prepared, and there are many highlights.

The reason why the fans are anti-water, of course, the product force is hard to blame, after all, not the ultimate, and the fan’s expectations are a little far away; another important reason is that WeChat’s suspicion of its pyramid scheme and the one-sided fall from the media The recollection of the IQ tax, which makes fans suddenly wake up, feels like being a fool, and the anger of love and hate can be imagined.

In this crisis, fans could have come forward at the crucial moment to cheer for the brand. Do you remember the “mouse door” incident in Haidilao? As a catering company, people were photographed in the kitchen, and the public relations crisis faced by Haidilao was much larger than that of the New World. But the difference is that Haidilao magically turned defeat, and the crisis was the root cause. It is based on the good reputation and a large number of iron powder accumulated in the sea fishing, as well as its strong public relations capabilities. It was the support of the fans that changed the direction of public opinion and successfully shifted the focus of the topic.

On the other hand, in the new world, not only did fans have no support for them, but they also fought with the public. Compared with ordinary consumers and onlookers, fans have much greater volume and influence, and it is easier to crush this camel.

Create a trend with fans, so you won’t be hurt by the trend.

The new world gives us inspiration, in addition to paying attention to products, I think the most important point is: always with your fans, fans, especially hardcore fans, is the strong backing of the brand, but also the source of brand innovation and vitality.

Hardcore fans are also known as super users, and well-known brands we know are super users:

IKEA has super users who are called “IKEA hackers.” These people never assemble the furniture according to the product manual provided by IKEA, but modify the furniture according to their own hobbies and ideas. However, they did not expect to stir up the DIY trend, which provided a good spread for the IKEA brand.

Lego bricks have super users, they buy Lego, use their imagination, just to spell out the amazing works. And LEGO will actively cooperate with these super users to incorporate these works into their product sequences, and the profits obtained are divided into super users.

Xiaomi also has super users. After the new version of Xiaomi MIUI is updated every week, these super users will actively feedback the use of feelings, test system vulnerabilities, propose new functional ideas, and even some people actively provide code… Xiaomi will gradually improve according to these opinions in future system upgrades.


Fans are supporters of the brand. They not only buy products, but also contribute their time and energy to make suggestions and flags for the brand.

The well-known domestic game brand Raytheon, each time before the release of new products will find a group of fans for public beta, in the heavyweight product 911 public beta, there are fans who are not satisfied with the product’s single copper tube design, and bluntly said that if this is the case The design is not going to be listed, and it will not be purchased when it is listed. Although according to the Raytheon technical team’s analysis, single copper tube cooling is enough, but they respect the opinions of fans. As a result, although the product rectification delayed the time to market, it brought them an unexpected buying spree.

Imagine if the new world products were also tested before the launch of the line and listened to the opinions of the fans. Will the results be different?