The mystery of animal eyes

The Arctic Puffin is a seabird that inhabits the North Atlantic coast and has excellent underwater vision. In addition to the regular upper and lower eyelids, the Arctic Puffin has a third eyelid. When it sneaked into the underwater hunting, this transparent eyelid covered the cornea, like wearing a pair of diving glasses, making it 60 Under the deep water, it can also “see the autumn.”

Leopard gecko: my eyes are the most sensitive sensors in the world

The leopard gecko is a speckled lizard with eyes that are extremely sensitive. When humans are blinded by the sun in a deserted desert, the hunter’s pupils can find small beetles hidden under the slightly dithered sand, which takes only a few milliseconds. This magical recognition skill is still a mystery. Its vision system is even more sensitive than the most advanced cameras in humans.

Red-eyed tree frog: my eyes have a perfect magic cloak

The red-eyed tree frog mainly lives in the tropical rain forests of Central and South America. Its blood-red eyes are definitely a big hand in nature. Its pupil color is always warning: “Beware, I am poisonous.” Unusual eye color makes the predator I will hesitate to consider whether I want to poison the seemingly strange rain forest. Not only that, but the creator also gave it another clever trick: in its traditional eyelids, each eye has a small protective barrier that helps the red-eyed tree frog cover its scary when hunting. Eye color. However, despite this sly camouflage, this poor creature is a highly myopic patient who can only see things within 15 cm of himself.

Bald Eagle: I can see a mouse from 2000 meters high.

The white-headed sea eagle lives in the North American continent, and its visual perception is 4 to 8 times higher than that of human beings. It can see a mouse at a height of 2,000 meters without any effort. The secret is hidden in its retina: it has five times more visual cells than humans, as well as a fovea. This is a small fovea made up of closely packed cones, which is very useful for locating prey. It is these large number of cones in the eye that make the white-headed sea eagle see a prey in the water at 800 meters. Its precision of hunting is as high as 90%, which makes it worthy of the title of “King of Raptor”.